Unjha Formulations Ltd Management Discussions.

We are pleasure to submitting here a Management discussion and analysis report on the business of the company. The overall performance of the Company has been encouraging during the year under review. We have covered to include discussions on all specified matters to the extent relevant or either limit that in our opinion are imposed by the company own competitive position. The company completed the year with sales turnover of Rs.10.60 Cr. (in respect of its existing activities).We believe that our business is backed up by necessary skills and expertise. Our financial performance is generally representatives in our core operations and quality of products.



Our operations are structures into following sub-divisions (pharma) and managerially to perform its own duties and functions and support is provided that a corporate level as required, data on volumes and turnover, a summary is given below:

Pharma sub-divisions F.Y.2019-20 F.Y.2018-19
Sales Rs. Sales Rs.
Human & Veterinary Medicines 1573673 1573673
Anchor Items 2826186 4443132
Ayurvedic Items 92264825 101949635
Isabgol Husk 7810702 6252884
Packing Materials 47362 NIL
Raw Materials 55000 NIL
Total 10,60,19,210 11,29,52,453

We recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Our aim is to build sound customer relationships through creation of value for them, and in the process to earn an equitable return for ourselves. Quality is built into products through appropriate manufacturing technology and work methods.

The prospects for the Pharma Industry appear to be bright in the long term as well as short term.The Sales of Ayurvedic items based formulations was 85% of total Turnover in 201920. The company has continued Manufacturing Agreement with Nicholas Piramal India Limited & Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd. The company has also continued manufacturing agreement with Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Limited for sales of Isabgol Husk based products and other veterinary products on Loan License basis. During the year under review company has continued contract for manufacturing of Isabgol based formulation LAXOVEL Group of products (Isabgol based flavoured formulation) with M/s. Kinedex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.



Ayurvedic Division (Isabgol based products) Continued revamping and widening of distribution of network help the division in garnering a greater market share.

Overseas Market

Your company has chalked up an aggressive plan to explore the wide overseas market, Owing to this efforts company is hopeful of adding new customers in the current year.

Product Development

As a result of consistent product development efforts, various new innovative medicines major highlight of which were-Fibron-SF Orange Powder.UFL is quality conscious providing latest technology for improved performance and this trend will continue keeping a step ahead of competition.



We believe that safe and healthy working conditions in factory and offices are as necessary and important as production, productivity and quality.



Your company considers its human resources as on of its most important assets & potential. It is only through motivated creative and employees, that we can achieve our aims. Involvement commitment, teamwork and continuous updating of skills and knowledge, training of personnel are integral to our objectives of advancing highly professionals, productive culture. Permanent employment totals 17 of which officers and workers account.



There are no further areas of risks or concerns outside the usual course of business. The company has introduced a detailed Internal Control System and continuously reviewed with a view to improvement. We here taken all care to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our sincere thanks are due to all employees and team - mates, particularly to Division Heads, whose dedicated and hard work allowed these results to be achieved. We are grateful to our bankers and concern authorities, for their continued support and to our customers for their faith and confidence. We commit ourselves to their fullest satisfaction.



Statement in the Management Discussion and Analysis Report which seek to describe the companys objective, projections, expectations or predictions may be considered to be "forward - looking statements", within the meaning of applicable securities, laws and regulations. Actual results could differ materially from any expressed or implied.

For and on behalf of the Management team.

Mayank Patel (Managing Director&CEO)