Vardhman Concrete Ltd Management Discussions.

The key issues of the Management Discussion and Analysis are given below.

Industry Structure and Developments

With various initiatives by the Government of India, the Management is expecting a boost in the overall development of Industry.

Opportunities and Threats

Continuing increase in demand of low housing and slum rehabilitation projects are opportunity of growth to the Company. The major barrier to the growth of the Company is the cost of procurement of input materials and labour.

Segment wise performance

The Company is operating in only one segment.

Business Outlook

The Management of the Company is optimistic towards the growth and future of the Company.

Risk and Concerns

As per the Management of the Company, the major risk and concerns that might affect the overall Growth and Development of the Company is the inflation and interest rates.

Internal control systems and their adequacy

Considering the size of the Company, the Management of Company is of the opinion that the internal control systems are adequate. However the Management of the Company is always striving to improve and develop the Internal Control Systems.

Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance

During the year under review the Company earned revenue from its operations and the management is of the opinion that the Company will be able to sustain and be able to increase the same in future years.

Material developments in Human Resources / Industrial Relations front, including number of people employed

The Company has in place a policy for Human Resource Management and the Board of Directors is assigned with the responsibility to maintain Industrial relationship.

The Company currently has no employees.

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