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Vinati Organics Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of speciality organic intermediates and monomers and polymers. It manufactures iso butyl benzene, the prime raw material for the manufacture of ibuprofen, a vital bulk drug. The companys manufacturing facilities are located at Mahad and Lote Parashuram, Maharashtra. Incorporated in Jun.89, Vinati Organics Ltd is promoted by Maharashtra Petrochemicals Corporation (MPCL) and Vinati Enterprises, a partnership firm where Vinod Saraf was the principal partner. Vinati Organics came out with a public issue in Nov.91 to set up a plant to manufacture 1200 tpa of iso butyl benzene, in Mahad (Raigad district), Maharashtra. Commercial production commenced in Jul.92. The company has a technical collaboration with Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP), France, one of the largest licensors in the field of petroleum refining and petrochemical processes and catalysts. IFP has provided technical assistance to reputed petrochemical units like Indian Petrochemical Corporation and Indian Institute of Petroleum.The company has spent Rs.27.95 lacs for pilot plant of Benzaldehyde and Benzoic Acid.During the year 1999-2000, the Company acquired 22 acres of land costing Rs.150.30 lacs at Lote, Khed District of Maharashtra for diversification plan to manufacture fine chemicals mainly Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate (SMAS) which is produced by few manufacturers in the world whereas no manufacturers in India and Acrylamido Methyl propane Sulfonic Acid (ATBS) is being produced by only two companies in the World.Vinati Organics is only the third company in the world to produce Acrylamido Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid and started commercial production in October 2002 with the installed capacity of 1000 MT. During FY 2014-15, the company launched Isobutyl Benzene (IBB) and Acrylamido -2 Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid (ATBS) and Isobutylene (IB) and High Purity Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (HPMTBE) products. The companys HPMTBE is a clear colorless liquid with a 99.90% purity level. It has competitive advantage of being strong solvating power and has applications in pharmaceutical industry and in organic metallic compounds.During FY 2015-16, the Company has started diversifying its product portfolio by adding products like HPMTBE; couple of customized products and IB based derivatives like TB Amine, PTBBA. The companys N-Tertiary Octyl Acrylamide (TOA) is used in personal care products like hair gel and creams, adhesives and enhanced oil recovery.

  • Executive Chairman

    Vinod Saraf
  • Managing Director & CEO

  • Director (Corporate Strategy)

    Viral Saraf Mittal
  • Independent Director

    Mona Bhide
  • Independent Director

    Lakshmi Kantam
  • Independent Director

    Adesh Kumar Gupta
  • WTD & Additional Director

    Jayesh Ashar

Registered Office

B-12 & B-13/1,
MIDC Industrial Area Mahad,Raigad,


C-101 247 Park,
Vikhroli West,Mumbai - 400083