Genpact & Christ University win Rajagiri NBQ 2014

The finals began with much friction with both corporate & student teams vying for a decisive victory.

Nov 17, 2014 12:11 IST India Infoline News Service

The RNBQ 2014 finale saw an exciting showdown when both corporate and student teams fought for first place. 16 two member teams comprising of 8 student teams & 8 corporate teams took part in the semifinals held at the Rajagiri Center for Business Studies. Renowned quiz master Rohit Nair presided over the event. With 3.8 lakhs as prize money to be won and stiff competition from all quarters, Genpact & Christ University finally emerged the winners.  TCS Chennai & Walnut Knowledge Solutions made runner ups from the corporate teams while MES Bangalore and IIT Madras were runner ups from the student team.
For the semifinals of RNBQ 2014, 16 teams were shortlisted from the online and offline prelims held during October 2014 where over 550 teams competed for a chance to partake.  Another 4 teams of 2 corporate and 2 student teams were shortlisted at a final prelims held during the day.
The corporate semi-final took place between Genpac, MobMe, Infosys, Sai Mitra Constructions, Capgemini, TCS Chennai, Defense Accounts Navy and Walnut Knowledge Solutions. The quizzing began in three unique segments. First was the textual phase where participants had to answer questions based upon a passage given to them. Next was a visual phase where competitors watched video clips or pictures where they received clues to their questions. Finally there was the buzzer round which was a free for all between all competitors. After a nail biting match, only three corporate teams were able to move on and Walnut Knowledge Solutions showed its dominance through a large lead with Genpact and TCS Chennai bringing up the rear.
The student teams saw LIBA, Christ University, IIM Indore, IIT Madras, MES Bangalore, St.Thomas College Pala, NIT Calicut and Government Law College battle it out. Following the same format as the corporate semi-finals MES Bangalore took a strong early lead and answered over half the questions. The visual round saw some of the other teams recover and fight back which resulted in a three way tie between IIM Indore, IIT Madras and NIT Calicut. The tie was broken in a sudden death quizzing where IIT Madras won by answering within two seconds of the question beginning to be uttered, thereby joining Christ University and MES in the finals
The finals began with much friction with both corporate & student teams vying for a decisive victory. While all the participants were eager to take the prize and bragging rights, in the end the corporate winner was Genpact. The second and third place winners were TCS Chennai and Walnut Knowledge Solutions respectively. From the student teams the winner was Christ University with MES Bangalore and IIT Madras bringing up second and third place respectively.
Commenting on the Rajagiri National Business Quiz, Dr. Joseph Injody-Principal of Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies said, "I am very proud to see that Rajagiri NBQ has come a long way since its inception in 2010. It has grasped the attention of all inquisitive minds through its interesting format and large prize money. Congratulations to the well deserved winners of Rajagiri NBQ 2014.Until next year's Rajagiri NBQ, I wish the quizzers the best of luck to sharpen their minds and their speed to compete for number one again!" 
The valedictory ceremony saw chief guest Mr KG Girish Babu, CEO of Technopark - Trivandrum, partake in awarding the winners. Joining him were Director of Rajagiri Institution, Father Doctor Antony Kariyil CMI, Dr Joseph Injodey, Principal, Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies and Dr Rosemary Varghese, Assistant PGP chairperson of Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies. The winning teams were awarded a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees each while the 2nd runner ups were awarded a cash prize of 50,000 rupees each. The 3rd runner ups were awarded a cash prize of 15000 rupees each. The reaming teams who participated in the semi - finals were awarded 5000 rupees each. Event  co - sponsor ebay graciously gave away ebay gift vouchers to the audience who gave correct answers to the questions that quiz master Rohit Nair posed to them.
After an entertaining day of thrill, anticipation and excitement, RNBQ 2014 came to a close having drained everyone of their energy but still hungry for more.

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