Zero B Kitchen Mate now with revolutionary ESS technology

Zero B Kitchen Mate is safe as voltage cuts off if the current and voltage increase from the specified limit.

Mar 30, 2016 09:03 IST India Infoline News Service

Ion Exchange (India) Limited, India’s largest water management company under its flagship brand ZERO B introduces Kitchen Mate, a phenomenal breakthrough world over in the reverse osmosis based home water purification with ESS (Electrolytic System Sanitizer) technology first of its kind that protect storage tank water from slime formation 24 x7. This 7 stage RO water purifier helps to remove heavy metals, chemical impurities, micro-organisms and other contaminants from the water and gives crystal clear pure drinking water. Kitchen mate is a perfect choice for designer kitchens as it fits under the sink thereby saving valuable kitchen space.

Zero B Kitchen Mate is safe as voltage cuts off if the current and voltage increase from the specified limit. With this launch Ion Exchange reiterates its commitment towards its customers by understanding and catering to their specific needs through innovation in technology.

Speaking at the launch Rajesh Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Ion Exchange (India) Limited said, "Increasing awareness about health and primary concern about purity of water has triggered the demand for clean and safe drinking water. Keeping this in mind, we designed the stylish range of Kitchen Mate RO water purifiers for Indian homes. The product ensures pure and healthy drinking water irrespective of the harsh water conditions in different regions. All water purifiers by Ion Exchange are equipped with latest technologies not just for the convenience of our customers’ health but also for a greener and sustainable society.”

Zero B Kitchen Mate RO removes all dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, etc. present in water by 90% and thus converts saline water into clear natural tasting water. It also removes harmful minerals like arsenic, fluoride and lead. The product comes with a high capacity cartridge that disinfects water to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The elegant stainless steel finish body is perfectfor modular kitchens. Another noteworthy feature of the product is its auto-flush timer that periodically flushes the membrane to remove the salts deposited on the membrane therefore enhances the life of membrane.

At Ion Exchange, we know the importance water plays in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and the ones you care for. We have made it our goal to provide you with an adequate amount of life-sustaining safe and fresh-tasting water every day.

Apart from India’s first technology in water purifier ESS that will protect tank water 24 x 7 by preventing bacteria formation this has loaded with more features for customer benefits such as Intelligent Auto Fill which will ensure that the RO purifier never runs out of pure & safe drinking water. This has been equipped with Double Safety which provides additional safety by offering 100% germicidal protection. TLC value, ensures pump cut off whenever the tanks fill up, Pressure booster pump provides constant water pressure to the system. Dry Run Protection* avoids unnecessary wastage of power and shuts off when there is no water.

Kitchen mate comes with Hydropneumatic Tank, with storage capacity of 8 ltrs, provides pressurized water at a very high flow rate from the faucet.

Product output water is certified by USEPA drinking water standard and IS 10500

Zero B Kitchenmate RO process nullifies the requirement for UV, UF of any other treatment for drinking process.

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