GrabOn to revolutionize with Buzz Me feature

Buzz Me feature, a personalized anytime notification popping-up on the desktop for providing coupon users with the best deals.

Jul 02, 2015 07:07 IST India Infoline News Service

GrabOn, the fastest growing coupon company in the Indian market, looks set to revolutionize the mechanics of the coupon industry with the launch of its V3 today. The latest version will include the ground-breaking Buzz Me feature, a personalized anytime notification popping-up on the desktop for providing coupon users with the best deals. This unique feature can function without the need to register or download any app/plug-in. Moreover, the Buzz Me feature will also automatically adjust to any browser/interface upgrades, eliminating the need for manual updating and simplifying the userexperience.

The Buzz Me feature, which was developed to make the shopping experience and interface in India more user-friendly, is the first-of-its-kind to be launched in the e-commerce space globally. The feature is designed specifically for enhancing the satisfaction quotient of online shoppers who prefer on-the-go shopping and want a website that understands all their shopping needs. Buzz Me automatically alerts users with a small notification on their desktops of any great dealsthey can avail. Developed after in-depth market research bycreative developers and UI experts, Buzz Me will consider the users’ preferences as well as time/seasonal sensitivity toautomatically recognize the current seasonal sales and send out notifications to land the best and latest coupons and deals in a snap.

Mr. Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO, GrabOn, said, “We understand how busy online users are. They dislike spending too much time searching for redeemable coupons, and roadblocks such as user privacy issues, browser load time, stickiness, annoying nag of ‘click me’, subscription policy etc. irk them to no end. This feature will be a life-saver for our users and help them to be on top of their personal life with notifications that wouldnot interrupt their workflow.”

GrabOn has the distinction of being the fastest growing coupon company in India, with over 4 million unique visitors a month and an Alexa rank of 294. The organisation established itself as a major player in the coupon market with an estimated market value (GMV) of $80 million per year. While GrabOn has associations with over 2300 online merchants and 5000+ coupons on offer, the website’s user-oriented approach has also boosted its success story, with users redeeming around 4.3 million coupons monthly.

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