Himalchuli Food Products Ltd Management Discussions.


The Company is not carrying out any specific business. Considering the fact that the Company has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future and taking into account the management assessment of improvement in the economic condition in general. The Company is getting its revenue out of commission.

Financial performance & review

The Company made a loss of Rs. (6,32,039)/- during current financial year as against loss of Rs. (95,692)/- during the previous year.

Segment wise performance

As there is no particular operational activity, hence segment wise performance is not applicable.


Due to change in the business activity from food business to other activity forecasting outlook is not wise since any particular business not yet started. The Directors are under the process of exploring other avenues of diversifying into new areas of business.

Risk Management

Your Company has no specific risks other than normal business problems which are explained above.

Internal Controls

The Company has adequate internal control procedures and has well defined business processes to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the efforts that go in managing various assets and interests of the Company.


Your Company has no subsidiary Companies.