jain marmo industries ltd share price Management discussions

1. Industry Structure and Development Outlook

The industry is expected to achieve average annual growth and many new players are expected to be stepping into the industry.

2. Opportunities and Threats, Risks and Concerns

The growth of the industry provides the necessary opportunities for the company to grow. However the industry is under constant pressure due to changing mining policies on part of the government & increased competition from new units.

3. Segment Wise Performance

Segment wise performance of the company is given in notes on accounts to the balance sheet.

4. Internal Control &their adequacy

The company has adequate control systems. These systems and procedures are reviewed at regular intervals through internal audits, statutory audits and audit committee.

5. Operations

Sales Income for the year ended 2021 amounted to 153.61 lacs as against 144.88 for the previous year. Sales were affected largely due to the buyers postponing their decision to buy homes as awaiting the new RERA implementation. The Management however views this phenomenon as a short term blip and is optimistic of growth at a faster rate in the years to come looking to the buoyancy in the market sentiments and attractive real estate prices.


The Company has incurred net loss after tax of 9.83 lacs for the year ended 31stMarch 2022 as against net loss after tax of 09.00 lacs for the Previous year. Yours share in the Company now commands a healthy book value of 12.08 and the EPS stands at (0.31) per share for the year2021-22

6. Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Your companys industrial relations continued to be harmonious during the year under review. Your company continues to focus on maintaining employee motivation at a high level. The employee strength of your company as on 31.03.2021 was Eleven.

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