Kaiser Corporation Ltd Management Discussions.


The company has diversi ed into various segments related to Engineering Goods, Electric Heat Tracing and Turnkey Projects through its subsidiary and has strong legacy of fair, transparent and ethical business practices. The sector is witnessing exponential traf c growth and the company through its subsidiary has been systematically investing for the product development to increase the capacity in its existing infrastructure to create new products.


The large opportunities exist in the industry and the demand for the companys products and services have increased. The Financial Year 2018-19 has started with the hope of the economy getting revived due to policies expected to be implemented by the government. The effect on the business scenario has yet to be felt.

The Regulatory Authorities are following more stringent compliances norms for approving various business activities. It also creates greater challenges. The market conditions have become more competitive and costs are continuously increasing . The challenges are there from well-established large organized companies who can compete with other companies at low prices.


There is adequate internal control system in the company through internal Audit and regular operations review.

Maintenance of records showing full particulars of xed assets and physical veri cation of such assets from time to time designed to cover all items.

Periodical physical veri cation of stocks during the year and adjustment of discrepancies between the physical veri cation and the books are recorded appropriately.

Generation of various reports to monitor various statutory and other compliances.


During the year the sales turnover was Rs. 1608 lacks as against Rs. 2268 lacks for the previous year. The Turnover shows a substantial decline over the previous period. Considering the overall improvements in the sectors related to the Engineering Goods, Electric Heat Tracing and Turnkey Projects , it will give improved results in the current year.


The human capital of the company has been motivated and committed to bring good operating performance. The company continues to put concerted efforts in recruiting quality people. Development programmes remains the Key focus areas for the company.


Certain statements made in the Management Analysis and Report relating to Companys projections, outlook, expectations, estimates etc., may constitute forward looking statement considering the applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ from such projections etc.

Several factors could make a significant difference to the companys operations. These include climatic conditions, economic conditions , Government regulations and taxation, natural calamity etc., which are beyond the Control of the company.