108 Mantras for Financial Success

A compilation of a set of 108 'mantras' for financial success, easy to understand and elucidated with comic illustrations. They cover nearly all key aspects of financial dealings for an individual. Incidentally, the number 108 has mythological significance too. There are 108 earthly human desires, 108 lies that humans say and 108 human delusions. Coincidentally, 108 points define the Sree Yantra, which is IIFL logo. The Sree Yantra is Goddess Lakshmi's tool to make money and these Mantras will help you preserve and grow your money.

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Title: 108 Mantras For Financial Success.
Pages: 109
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 99

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SECTION 1-Procedural

1. Read The fine print before you sign

2. Evaluate your advisor/relationship manager

3. Power of attorney (POA)…Give responsibly

4. Give clear instructions to your advisor/relationship manager

5. Never pay cash to your advisor /agent

6. Avoid dealing with multiple banks and brokers

7. Demand draft/Delivery Instructions…don’t let it slip

8. Be on time…even for payments 

9. Statements, contract notes …Trust but verify

10. Safeguard your documents.

11. Suspicious movement? Investigate!

12. Right complaints….write complaints!

13. Password ..your top secret.

14. Keep your profile updated

15. Complete formalities while closing your account

16. Technology is an enabler

17. Be aware of online risk

18. Credit cards: Safeguard Against Fraud

SECTION 2-Financial planning

19. In investing, it pays to start early

20. Port folio manager …Choose with care

21. Make an investment plan

22. Assess your risk appetite

23. Invest with a long time perspective

24. Save For the raing day

25. Buy value with margin of safety

26. There is no free lunch

27. For major expenses ,plan in advance

28. Borrow but within limits]

29. Money Available …Don’t take credit.

30. Get the macro picture right

31. House wives Beware!

32. Trust only Expert advice ,especially if your old

33. Plan,but do not evade taxes

34. Don’t ignore inflation

35. Diversify across asset classes

36. Gold is a hedge against inflation

37. Think twice before getting locked-in

38. Watch your portfolio

39. Rebalance your portfolio to stay on track

40. Let some opportunities pass

41. Do not mistake luck for skill

42. When you lose ,Don’t lose the lesson

43. Unwieldy portfolio is unyielding

44. Bubbles will burst play safe

SECTION 3-Equities and Commodities

45. Trade through registered brokers only

46. Trading through a sub-broker ?Check credentials

47. Good research helps ….good brokerage is not all .

48. Go the Demant way …save tress, Troubles and spaces

49. Avoid off market transactions

50. Invest in business that you understand

51. Study business potential and prospects

52. Avoid Companies with dubious Management

53. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose

54. Trade in future & Options with care

55. Guaranteed returns in equities ?It’s a lie! \

56. Do not blindly follow FIIs or MFs

57. Suggestions abound ..value your opinion too

58. Never trade on insider information

59. Great names are not always good investments

60. Not all IPOs make money

61. Avoid penny and Z category stocks

62. Commodities trading is not for all

63. Diversify equity exposure across sectors

64. Don’t get misled by approvals from government

65. Don’t rely on technical analysis alone

66. Past performance does not predict future performance

67. Sell when market flares up irrationally

68. Don’t marry your stocks ..sell when the time comes

69. When it rains, everything gets wet

70. Don’t blindly chase low multiple stocks

71. Beating the markets Is difficult

72. Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent

73. Stay away from the operator-driven counters

74. Understand risks in day trading

75. Know when to stay out of the markets

76. Do not risk too much in any one trade

77. Short selling is not for small investors

78. Know when you will sell before you buy a stock

79. Adhere to a stop loss while trading

80. Be A bargain hunter among quality Stocks

81. Averaging is not a foolproof way to make money

82. The ‘Bigger fool’ theory may not always work

SECTION 4-Insurance and Mutual Funds

83. Inactive account ?Freeze it now, use it later

84. Get a slice of Life insurance

85. Hone

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