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The larger entities fall short to realize that recruitment process of entry level workers who work at the bottom of the job pyramid is equally important as they lay a strong foundation for the company to advance.

Aug 23, 2016 12:08 IST Integron Human Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. Narayan |

Mr. Narayan, Founder & President, Integron India
“Motivated manpower is the most important thing.” - Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani
The development of a company, industry or a nation depends on the strength of the manpower involved in building the same and to construct a strong base there has to be a refinement in the recruitment and maintenance process. Most of the multi-nationals, manufacturers and industry head honchos seek help from various staffing providers or consultants who assist in the selection of the best employees. However, more attention and priority is given to the hiring of the top management whereas minimal consideration is showcased towards entry level workers. The fact being that most of the companies are unwilling to onboard blue collar workers directly due to compliance issues, they, therefore, hire a labour contractor who provides manpower.
The larger entities fall short to realize that recruitment process of entry level workers who work at the bottom of the job pyramid is equally important as they lay a strong foundation for the company to advance. Through a detailed study of the complexities involved in the staffing industry, the methods followed and with suggestive measures, we aim to bring improvement in the recruiting process and maintenance of the supporting staff.
Overview of Staffing Companies: The staffing industry in India is highly fragmented and provides services in varied streams such as Finance, Sales, Engineering, Information Technology and Management.


The changing business dynamics is leading to a gradual shift in employment structure with more and more jobs being created, the only hurdle is that they are non-tenured.


The temporization is rising and can be easily seen from a look at the entrance of the offices with increased use of private security and housekeeping staff, tenders issued by various government entities over the recent times, manpower hiring policy in many of the social programs, etc.
Issues prevailing in the sector: There are certain obstacles arising due to the temporary nature of the staffing industry. The reality is that most of the agencies or labour contractors follow unethical or immoral work culture which indirectly creates a disturbance in the entire sector. These labour contractors outsource employees but do not take any responsibility of their furtherance. When the employees do not receive feedback on their work, are not paid on time or feel disconnected from the agency and company they end up absconding or taking up other odd jobs. This, in turn, makes companies re-hire new agencies but the complexity continues.
Suggestive Measures: I believe Staffing Companies should not restrict themselves to just outsourcing of employees and companies should look for staffing solutions who can work hand in hand for better management of workers.

The alliance can be improved by:
  • Regular counselling and workshops: Staffing providers should conduct regular workshops with the candidates they deploy to other companies. Counselling can help understand the pain areas of the employees thereby proceeding towards new reforms. Whereas workshops will help the employees upgrade their skills with new learning.
  • Review of performances: The timely review of performance helps the candidates perform better. Marking out their strengths and weaknesses helps the employees in self-development thereby improvise their job skills.
  • Audit of services: Just like reviewing the performance of candidates it is equally important to review the services provided by the staffing partners. This way the companies will also get a detailed structure of how the staffing agency is contributing to the development of current staff.
  • Transparency: It is extremely crucial for any organization to follow this code of conduct. Keeping transparency with your clients helps boost the trust levels and provides a clear picture of the tasks executed. It is considered as a healthy practice in the operations.
Outsourcing employees are not sufficient and staffing agencies need to extend their services. To erase the problems from the roots it is essential that agencies address the needs and problems of the workers along with understanding the company requirements. Developing a holistic approach can help resolve the queries as well as contribute to overall development of the sector. We at Integron Human Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. have adopted the above approach which has helped us built an environment for skilled training.
The author is the Founder & President of Integron Human Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.

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