Petrol and fuel prices rise in Meghalaya after state government raises taxes

Petrol had a 13.5 % tax, or Rs. 11 per liter, whichever was higher. James PK Sangma stated that it has been changed to 13.5 % or Rs12.50 per liter, whichever is higher.

August 25, 2022 12:25 IST | India Infoline News Service
According to James PK Sangma, the state's revenue minister, the Meghalaya government raised the cost of gasoline and diesel. For petrol, the highest of 13.5% tax or Rs11 per liter applied. The new tariff, according to him, is 13.5% or Rs. 12.50 per liter, whichever is higher.
Diesel had a 5% tax, or Rs4 per liter, whichever was higher. He stated that the new price is % or Rs5.50 per liter, whichever is greater. "As you may know, the price of gasoline and diesel has increased in the state of Assam. In response, the state government in this location adjusts its rates for gasoline and diesel to benefit from the price discrepancy "After the cabinet approved the revisions on Wednesday, Sangma made the statement.
As a result, the price of gasoline in Shillong would be Rs96.83 and in Byrnihat it would be Rs95.1. He stated that the price of diesel will be Rs83.5 per liter in Byrnihat and Rs84.72 in Shillong. The proposal to empower the Second National Judicial Compensation Commission (SNJPC) to determine the pay structure of judicial personnel, including post-retirement benefits and allowances for all categories, was also accepted by the government.

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