engineers india ltd share price Directors report

Dear Shareholders,

The Directors present the 58th Annual Report of Engineers India Limited (the Company or Your Company or EIL) along with Audited Standalone and Consolidated Financial Statements of Accounts, the Auditors Report and Review of the Accounts by the Comptroller & Auditor General of India for the Financial Year ended March 31, 2023.

2022-23 in Retrospect

Your Company sustained its good performance during FY 2022-23. The key highlights of the financial performance of the Company for the year, as stated in the audited financial statement, along with the corresponding performance for the previous year are as under:

Financial Performance

Sl. No. Description For 2022-23 For 2021-22
i) Consultancy & Engineering Contracts 141791 145750
ii) Turnkey Contracts 186585 141290
iii) Other Income 16912 13673
TOTAL INCOME 345288 300713
i) Cost of rendering services 298762 253610
ii) Depreciation & Amortization 2522 2319
Total 301284 255929
C. PROFIT BEFORE TAX (A-B) 44004 44784
D. Provision for Current tax 9223 11668
E. Provision for Deferred Tax 554 (957)
F. Earlier Year Tax Adjustments, Short/(Excess) 12 (367)
G. PROFIT FOR THE YEAR (C-D-E-F) 34215 34440

Segment wise Performance

Consultancy & Engineering Projects For 2022-23 For 2021-22
Segment Revenue
Consultancy & Engineering Projects 141791 145750
Turnkey Projects 186585 141290
Total 328376 287040


Segment Profit From Operations
Consultancy & Engineering Projects 38309 40849
Turnkey Projects 5211 3565
Total(A) 43520 44414
Interest 144 85
Other un-allocable expenditure* 16284 13218
Total (B) 16428 13303
Other Income (C) 16912 13673
Profit Before Tax (A-B+C) 44004 44784
Income Tax Expense 9789 10343
Profit for the year 34215 34441
Capital Employed** 210566 192505

* Includes 3,144.20 Lakhs (previous year: 2,248.62 lakhs) towards accrued provident fund liability/provision for impairment on account of Provident Fund Trust Investment.

** Property Plant and Equipment and other assets used in the Companys business or segment liabilities contracted have not been identified to any of the reportable segments, as these assets and support services are used interchangeably between segments. Accordingly, no disclosure relating to total segment assets and liabilities has been made and capital employed has been presented.


The Board of Directors of your Company has recommended final dividend of 1/- per share (on face value of 5/- per share) for the financial year 2022-23, in addition to 2/- per share interim dividend already paid during the year. With this, the total dividend for the financial year 2022-23 works out to 3/- per share amounting to 16,861.27 Lakhs and Dividend payout of 49% of standalone profits of the Company. The final dividend shall be paid to the Members whose names appears in the Register of Members as well as beneficial ownership position provided by NSDL/ CDSL as on record date on 25th August, 2023.

The Dividend Distribution Policy, in terms of Regulation 43A of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 ("SEBI Listing Regulations") is available on the Companys website on

Transfer to Reserves

Your Company is proposing to transfer to general reserves in FY 2023-24, after adjustment of payment of proposed final dividend, if approved by the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting for FY 2022-23, from retained earnings balance of 22,965.79 Lakhs as on 31st March, 2023.

Investor relations

It has been a constant endeavour of your Company to achieve highest standards of corporate governance and all measures are being taken to enhance market confidence and improve shareholder engagement through periodic, regular, transparent and open communication.

The Management is committed to sharing information with investor community on the Companys performance and convey essential updates on expected projects, new business initiatives, future outlook, industry insights and avenues of growth potential and investment plans periodically.

Investor Relations provides timely communication of such information which acts as an effective bridge between the management and investor community. The Investor Relations Cell handles all investor concerns and issues efficiently, aligning it with disclosure requirements, transparency and Corporate Governance Rules & Regulations, thereby inculcating a "trust relationship" with the stakeholders.

The Management and Investor Relations Cell are actively communicating with the investors by means of one-on-one meetings, conference calls/earning call, investor conferences, etc. The print and web media are also being utilized for timely dissemination of vital information, which is extremely significant in the financial world.

Management Discussion and Analysis Report

The Management Discussion & Analysis Report, as required in terms of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations & Disclosures Requirements) Regulations, 2015, (Listing Regulations) and Corporate Governance Guidelines for CPSEs issued by DPE, is forming a part of the Annual Report.

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report

The Company has provided Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report which indicates the Companys performance against the principles of the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct. This would enable the Stakeholders to have an insight into Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives of the Company and forms a part of this Annual Report.

New Vision Statement

The Energy landscape in India and across the Globe is changing at a swift pace and organizations across the globe are re-strategizing their business operations focused towards Sustainability, Climate Change and Energy Transition. EIL, since its inception have always aligned its corporate and business strategies with Energy Ecosystem and aims to attain leadership position across the Energy Sector. To strengthen its resolve and commitments towards futuristic goals, your company has unveiled its New "Vision Statement":

"To be a Global Leader offering Total Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future"

This new vision would steer your company towards growth and transition pathway, thus, evolving EIL into a "Total Energy Consulting Organization" with leadership position across all the pillars and constituents of "Energy Sector".

Net Zero

In the rapidly changing global energy landscape, carbon intensity is becoming a key performance indicator for the success of any organization. Honble Prime Minister of India announced PANCHAMRIT at COP26 summit and declared that India will achieve the Net Zero carbon emission target by the year 2070. To achieve the national net zero objective, it is essential for the industry to implement key technological interventions to decarbonise their operations.

As a responsible corporate citizen, EIL declared to become net zero carbon emitter by the year 2035. The company has charted a roadmap to achieve the stated target in phased manner. Some of the important activities planned for the medium term include Energy optimization, reduction of HVAC load, Improving Energy efficiency of HVAC in the office complex through Building Management System (BMS), adopting smart efficient devices and Green Grid availability, Installing new Solar power systems, Installing Energy Storage and Battery Backup Systems, Compressed Biogas utilization, phasing out fossil fuel driven vehicles for official transportation, Miyawaki Forest Plantation in office Complex and moving towards E-office among several other initiatives towards carbon neutrality.

For instance, Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) System on roof tops shall be installed at all EIL Offices and housing Complexes across India with a total capacity of 1300 KW. As of now, contracts for 800 KW have already been placed and these systems are to be commissioned in FY 2023-24. In addition, a combined tender with total capacity of 437 KW for SPVs at EIL Buildings and Complexes at different locations (New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad) is under award stage.

The long-term plan to achieve the net zero target includes installation of additional Solar Power Generation with higher energy efficient systems, Maximizing Use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) for Employee Transportation and Minimizing Business Travels. Apart from these interventions, pilot facility for green hydrogen production is also planned to be installed.

The company has recently installed EV charging infrastructure at both its Head office and Gurugram office complex. These base charging facilities are anticipated to be a game changer in nudging employees to adopt EVs in the long run to commute from home to the workplace. This initiative has a strong bearing on reducing the organizations scope-3 emission. The resultant increase in the scope-2 emission is planned to be achieved through increased share of green power and carbon offsetting. The company has constituted a dedicated interdisciplinary net zero emission team to steer these initiatives and fulfill the target objectives within defined timelines.

As we know, assessment of carbon footprint of the industrial units is quintessential to take necessary steps in decarbonising the operations rationally. In its long journey spanning almost six decades of providing technical and engineering services to the energy industry, EIL has developed unique capabilities and pool of technical database and skillset to address the emerging needs of assessing GHG emissions for the industry.

Recently, the company has launched state of the art web-based platform for realistic assessment of industrial CO2 footprints trademarked as EngCO2fP=.TTM, delineating the operational boundaries of the units. The assessment models developed by EIL has adopted the latest GHG emission calculation protocol for mapping the emissions in different scopes.

In addition to fulfilling its own decarbonisation objectives, EIL is committed towards assisting its esteemed clientele in their energy transition journey towards net zero by providing clean and green technological solutions leading to a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Consultancy Assignments (Domestic)

During the year, your Company has successfully completed major assignments across its business operations and achieved considerable progress in other assignments as highlighted below:

Upstream Oil and Gas

During the year, your Company continued to achieve new benchmarks in Offshore Oil & Gas and LNG sectors. The following consultancy assignment was successfully completed during the year:

• Mechanical Completion of all three EPCCs achieved for LNG Import, Storage and Regasification Terminal Project, Chhara (Gujarat).

The following assignments are currently under execution:

• Consultancy Services for Life Extension of Wellhead Platform (LEWP) 1, 2 and 4, Western Offshore of ONGC.

• Project Management Consultant (PMC) for HPLNGs LNG import, storage and re-gasification terminal with capacity of 5 MMTPA with potential expansion to 10 MMTPA capacity at Chhara, Gujarat.

• Consultancy services for design, engineering, technical studies, supervision and assistance for crude handling facilities project in Gulf of Kutch off Vadinar, Gujarat of IOCL.

• PMC Services for Two LNG Storage Tanks Project at Dahej LNG Terminal of Petronet LNG Ltd., Dahej, Gujarat.

• EPCM Services for Dahej Regasification Expansion Project (17.5 to 20 MMTPA) of Petronet LNG Ltd.

• Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Services for Dahej Regasification Expansion Project (20 to 22.5 MMTPA) of Petronet LNG Ltd.

• Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR) and Front-End Engineering Design of LPG Import Jetty at Dahej, Gujarat of HPCL.

• Study of potential ports to explore possibility of Ethane Imports on Western Coast of India for GAIL.

• Construction work of Breakwater at LNG Terminal, Dabhol Maharashtra has achieved a major milestone with the successful completion of stretch of 100 meter with Accropode placement.

• DFR for Augmentation of 400 KTA Ethane Feedstock to Pata Petrochemical Complex, GAIL.

• Feasibility study for removal of impurities from Natural gas for OIL Gas processing plant at Dandewala.


Your Company has established an outstanding track record in design, engineering and execution of cross-country pipelines for transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas and LPG across diverse geographies and demanding terrains in domestic as well as international geographies. EIL scope of services encompasses the entire project life cycle ranging from Detailed Feasibility Reports, EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) services, PMC (Project Management Consultancy) services, Integrity Studies etc. By virtue of EILs skills in executing world class pipeline projects, EIL is the most sought-after technical consultant for major clientele. Considering Government of Indias (GOI) thrust on National Gas Grids, EIL is best placed to exploit the opportunities in pipeline sector which are likely to unfold in the next few years.

Your Company had successfully completed the following pipeline assignment during the year:

• EPCM Services for Krishnapatnam - Hyderabad Multi Product Pipeline, BPCL (Part A).

Your Company is executing following major pipeline and associated facilities assignments for various clients which are in advance stages of execution:

• EPCM Services for Crude Oil Import Terminal (COIT) at Paradip, Paradip - Numaligarh Crude Oil Pipeline (PNCPL) with cumulative length of 1637 Km and NRL - Siliguri Marketing Terminal (SMT).

• PMC services for 12"/ 8" x 450 km Kochi - Salem LPG Pipeline for Kochi Salem Pipeline Pvt. Ltd.

• PMC services for Capacity Augmentation of Jamnagar - Loni LPG Pipeline for GAIL.

• PMC services for Storage Augmentation of Light Hydrocarbon (LHC) Products at GAIL, Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh.

• PMC services for 30"/ 24"/ 18"/ 12" x 827 km Dobhi - Durgapur - Haldia Natural Gas pipeline of GAIL.

• PMC services for Installation of Gas Turbine Compressor (GTC) at GAIL, Gandhar, Gujarat.

• PMC services for C2 - C3 product injection scheme in HVJ Pipeline at GAIL, Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh.

• PMC services for Part-B for 18" x 680 km (Nagpur - Jharsuguda mainline and NTPC Korba Spurline of MNJPL Project (Mumbai - Nagpur - Jharsuguda Natural gas Pipeline) of GAIL.

• PMC services for 24" x 300 km Krishnagiri Coimbatore section of Kochi - Koottanad - Bangalore - Mangalore Gas Pipeline - II (KKBMPL) Project of GAIL.

• PMC services for 18" x 253 km Dhamra Haldia Pipeline Project of GAIL.

• PMC services for HRRL Onshore Pipeline Project, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

• EPCM Services for Upgradation of Facilities of Numaligarh - Siliguri Product Pipeline (NSPL) for transportation of additional products.

• PMC services for Sustained Evacuation of Natural Gas from ONGC Gandhar Fields into High Pressure HVJ - DVPL and DVPL Upgradation Natural Gas Pipeline network, Gujarat.

• PMC Services for Balance Jobs of Dabhol LNG Terminal, Maharashtra of Konkan LNG Pvt. Ltd.

• DFR, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)/ Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) for Revamp of LPG Import Facility at Uran, Gujarat for BPCL.

• Enhancement of pumping capacity of Barauni - Bongaigaon - Guwahati Sector of Naharkatia - Barauni Crude Oil Pipeline for Oil India Ltd.

• Modification/Revamp of Vijaipur and Vaghodia (HBJ/DVPL) system for GAIL for rich gas/lean gas interconnection.

The following Major Projects were secured by the Company in the Pipeline Segment of hydrocarbon value chain during the year and are in progress:

• EPCM Services for Krishnapatnam - Hyderabad Multi Product Pipeline (16" x 450 km), of BPCL (Part B & C).

• Study for Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Pipeline/ CGD Network of GAIL, Uttar Pradesh. This project is significant in terms of EILs entry into Green Hydrogen space.

• Feasibility Study for Jalandhar - Gurdaspur - Jammu - Srinagar Pipeline (JGSPL) Project of GAIL.

• 48" SPM Subsea Crude Line Support Rectification of HPCL, Andhra Pradesh.

• Consultancy Services for various Critical/ Emergency Jobs encountered during Operation and Maintenance of Pipeline, Pipeline Installation and Gas Processing Unit of GAIL, Uttar Pradesh.

Petroleum Refining

Your Company has carved a niche as one of the leading Engineering Consultancy service providers to the Petroleum Refining Sector in India, having its footprints in 20 out of 23 operating refineries including 10 grass root refineries in the country. Your Company has also executed Major Projects like, Diesel Hydro-desulphurization Projects, Fuel Specification Upgradation Projects and Revamp/ Modernization Projects for most of the Oil and Gas majors.

The following Refinery Projects/Assignments were successfully completed during the year:

• Sulphur Recovery Block of 2 X 100 TPD capacity along with offsites of CPCL, Manali Refinery at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

• CDU-IV of 9 MMTPA capacity along with necessary offsites of HPCL Refinery at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

• DFR for Propylene Recovery unit of 140 KTPA capacity along with offsites of HPCL Refinery at Mumbai.

• Know-How, BEDP and DE of Coke Drum and Heater for Revamp of Coker - B Unit at Barauni Refinery (Phase - II), Bihar.

During the year, Your Company achieved significant progress in the

following projects/assignments, which are under progress/ final stage

of completion:

• Vizag Refinery Modernization Project of HPCL, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Process Units and Utility Packages (PMC): Primary process units and major utilities commissioned and secondary process units are in completion / commissioning stage.

Offsite work (OBE): Offsite works associated with CDU/VDU commissioning completed and balance offsites work associated with commissioning of entire refinery complex is getting ready.

• PMC and OBE services for Rajasthan Refinery Project of HRRL, Barmer, Rajasthan.

• EPCM services for Coker-B Revamp of Barauni Refinery Capacity Expansion (from 6.0 MMTPA to 9.0 MMTPA) Project of IOCL in Bihar.

• Phase - II, Consultancy for overall project management and EPCM/ PMC services for capacity expansion of IOCL Panipat Refinery, Haryana from 15 MMTPA to 25 MMTPA (P-25) project.

• Project Management Consultancy Services for De-Bottlenecking and Augmentation of Cryogenic facilities of BPCL LPG Import Terminal at Uran, Maharashtra.

• LEPCM services for DCU-Revamp of Numaligarh Refinery Expansion Project (NREP), Assam.

• Consultancy service for LEPC Selection, DFR preparation and Basic design of OSBL for Green Hydrogen Plant for Bharat Oman Refinery, Bina, Madhya Pradesh.

• PMC/ EPCM consultancy services for 9 MMTPA Cauvery Basin Refinery (CBR) project, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu.

• Engineering services to BHEL for 525 TPD standby Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) train at IOCL Paradip Refinery, Odisha.

• Lenders Independent Engineer for State Bank of India (SBI) for Project Review and Assessment for financing of HRRLs 9.0 MMTPA Refinery cum Petrochemical complex, Barmer, Rajasthan.

• Additional services (Change order) for Bitumen Blowing unit (BBU) of MRPL, BS-VI Project.

• Supply of License, Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP), Catalyst and Other Related Services for Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) with TGTU for NREP, Assam.

• Energy Optimization Study for M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)s Mumbai Refinery.

• Conceptual Study for setting up of a Green Hydrogen Plant for M/s National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited (NICDC).

• Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Pipeline / City Gas Distribution (CGD) Network for M/s GAIL India Limited (GAIL).

The following projects were secured during the year and work is in


• Bitumen Maximization Project of 300 KTPA along with offsites of IOCL Refinery at Barauni, Bihar.

• LOBS-II Project (CDWU & OHCU Revamp) of 270 TMTPA along with offsites of CPCL, Manali Refinery at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

• PMC & FEED Services for DCU Revamp Project, Nayara Energy, Vadinar Refinery.

• Consultancy services for Bitumen Maximization Project at IOCL Gujarat Refinery.

• PMC services for New Biturox Plant along with Allied Facilities at IOCL Paradip Refinery.

• Supply of License, Basic Design Engineering Package (BDEP), Catalyst, Proprietary Equipment and other related Services for LPG Treating Unit (LPGTU - 1 and 2) of NREP for NRL in Assam.

• PMC and Detail Engineering job of DCU heater Run Length Improvement job of IOCL, Digboi Refinery, Assam.

• Phase - I, Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services for Retrofit of Steam Driven DHDS Recycle Gas Compressor (DDC - 2), VGO HDS Recycle Gas Compressor (VHC-1) and CCR Net Gas Compressor (CRC - 2) with Electric Motors at BPCL Kochi Refinery, Kerala.

• Technical & Consultancy Services for BR-9 Expansion Project of IOCL, Barauni Refinery.

• Design, Detail Engineering, Procurement and PMC Services to Revamp Existing Integrated Refinery Expansion Project (IREP) DHDT Charge Heater IG-H-101 for efficiency improvement of BPCL, Kerala.

• Piping Stress Analysis of FSS to TSS Line for HMEL Refinery, Bathinda.

• Detail Engineering for Installation of Automated Valve Blind in FCC Reactor Overhead Line, Provision of parallel catalyst loading/ unloading from regenerator to hopper in FCCU and Segregation of PRU from FCC Unit for HMEL Refinery, Bathinda.

• Site Development Study for Setting up 20 MMTPA West Coast Refinery and Petrochemical Complex at Barsu-Solgaon, Rajapur Taluka, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra.

• DFR, FEED and EIA/RRA for MREP Phase-II: LOBS & SDA expansion project at HPCL Mumbai Refinery.

• Consultancy Services for Energy Optimization Studies for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)s Kochi & Bina Refineries.

• Feasibility Study for Crude Distillation Unit (CDU)-2 Revamp for M/s Nayara Energy Limited at Vadinar, Gujarat.


Your Company has been involved in the establishment of several Mega Petrochemical Complexes in India. The Company has provided Engineering Consultancy services for various processes including Gas based/ Naphtha based Cracker Complexes and Aromatic plants comprising Naphtha Splitters, Pre-treaters/ Reformers, Benzene - Toluene Extraction units, Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Units, Xylene Fractionation and Isomerization units including overall integration and optimization of such complexes.

The following Petrochemical Assignments were successfully completed during the year:

• Techno Economical valuation (TEV) study for HMELs 1.2 MMTPA Petrochemical Project at Bhatinda for State Bank of India (SBI).

• Due Diligence report of PTA plant of JBF Petrochemicals, Mangaluru for HMEL. Engagement as Consultant for Technical Due Diligence of old PTA Plant of JBF Petrochemicals, Mangalore for GAIL/ SBI Capital

• EPCM services for 60 KTPA Polypropylene plant at Pata Petrochemical Complex, Uttar Pradesh of GAIL.

• Licensor Selection, Engineering and Construction Management (LEPCM) services for 500 TPD Methanol Project and Associated Facilities for Assam Petrochemicals Limited, Namrup, Assam.

• Master Plan finalization and Pre-feasibility report (PFR) for Setting up of 500 KTPA PDH/ PP/ Propylene based Derivatives Petrochemical Complex at Dahej of Petronet LNG Ltd., Gujarat.

Significant progress has been made on the following Petrochemical Projects, some of which are under final stage of completion:

• EPCM/PMC services for Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR) Polymer Addition Project of HMEL at Bhatinda, Punjab - Mechanical Completion achieved for overall Complex. DFCU, PP, HDPE, Butene-1 & Utilities Commissioned.

• Services for Hydrogenated Pyrolysis Gasoline (HPG)-2, Butene-1 and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units in BCPL, Lepetkata, Assam.

• EPCM services for 500 KTPA Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH)/ Polypropylene (PP) Unit at GAIL, Usar in Maharashtra.

• Licensor Selection, Preparation of DFR and Review of Licensors BEDP for Poly-Propylene Unit (PPU) of NREP, Assam.

• PMC services for setting up 4.3 TPD Electrolyser at GAIL, Vijaipur.

• Consultancy service for Licensor selection and preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report for 1200 KTPA Petrochemical Plant at Bharat Oman Refinery for BORL, Bina, Madhya Pradesh.

• Lenders Independent Engineer (LIE) for Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR) Polymer Addition Project of HMEL at Bhatinda for SBI, Punjab.

• Techno-Economic Feasibility report for Polycarbonate (PC) Plant along with Bis-Phenol A (BPA) for Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (GNFC) at Bharuch, Gujarat.

• PMC services for Styrene Project, IOCL Panipat Refinery.

• Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR) including Licensor Selection for Polypropylene (PP) and Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) Units for M/s Petronet LNG Limited (PLL) at Dahej, Gujarat

The following Projects were secured by the Company in Petrochemical Sector during the year and are in progress:

• PMC Services for De-Aromatized Solvents (DAS) unit at BPCL Mumbai Refinery, Maharashtra.

• Feasibility study including economic analysis of Propylene to ACN & Acrylates project of IOCL and partners, Paradip.

• Detailed Study Report for Debottlenecking GSU C2+ Unit at BCPL Lakwa, Assam.

• DFR including Licensor Selection for setting up a Polypropylene (PP) Unit at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)s Kochi Refinery.

• DFR for the setting up of a Greenfield Petrochemical Complex based on Imported Ethane for M/s GAIL India Limited (GAIL).

• Project Management Consultant (PMC) and Engineering Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM) Services for the setting up of a Glacial Acrylic Acid Unit at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)s Kochi Refinery.

Strategic Storages

The Strategic Crude Oil Storage Program is the flagship Energy Security initiative of the Govt. of India which aims at creating a buffer stock of crude oil in underground caverns to meet requirements in case of any disruption of supplies from abroad.

During the year, the Company achieved significant progress in PMC services for storage of 80,000 MT of LPG in underground rock caverns at Mangalore, Karnataka for HPCL.


Your Company is a leading Engineering Consultancy Service Provider for non-ferrous metallurgy having executed a large number of greenfield Smelter and Alumina Refineries in India.

During the year, following Key Metallurgy Assignments were completed:

• Assessment of Land and Water requirement for proposed 24 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant including facilities like Captive Riverine Jetty, CPP (1200 MW), Cement Plant (18.75 MTPA) of Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd. at Kendrapada, Odisha for IPICOL.

• Assessment of Land and Water requirement for proposed 1.0 MTPA Refinery at Raygada/ Koraput district, 0.5 MTPA Aluminum Smelter and 1400 MW Captive Power Plant at Dhenkanal District, Odisha for IPICOL.

During the year, the Company achieved significant progress in following projects:

• Consultancy services for Retrofitting of HRD (High-Rate Decanter) and DCW (Deep Cone Washer) in Stream - 1, Stream - 2 and Stream - 3 of NALCO at Damanjodi, Odisha.

• Consultancy services for 2nd Raw Water Intake Pump House and Pipeline at Damanjodi, Odisha of NALCO.

• Consultancy services for procurement and installation of Reclaimer and Associated Facilities in NALCOs Alumina Refinery at Damanjodi, Odisha.

• Consultancy services and construction management for addition of 11th Rectifier Group (Swing Group) between Potlines 3 and 4 of Aluminium Smelter at NALCO, Angul, Odisha.

• Preparation of DPR and Selection of Technology for Bauxite Conveying System from Pottangi Mines to Alumina Refinery, Damanjodi, Odisha of NALCO.

• Owners Engineer Services for MDO and Evacuation facilities at Kurmitar Iron Ore Mines for Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd., Odisha.

• Consultancy services for Capacity Enhancement of Tailing Dam of Malanjkhand Copper Project of HCL, Madhya Pradesh.

• Assessment of Land and Water requirement for Expansion of 5 MTPA existing Integrated Steel Plant of Bhushan Power and Steel Limited (BPSL) to 15 MTPA at Sambalpur, Odisha for IPICOL.

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the year and work is in progress:

• Additional land assessment for Proposed 24 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant including Ancillary, Downstream and Social Infrastructure facilities of M/s. AMNSI at Kendrapara District, Odisha.


Your Company has developed a strong track record in Infrastructure sector by providing a wide spectrum of services such as Project Management (including on Depository Basis), Third Party Inspection (TPI), Quality Assurance, Independent Engineer and Lenders Engineer services, Project Appraisal and Project Execution Services in some of the important Projects of Key Clientele in the Sector.

During the year, following major projects were completed:

• PMC Services for New Campus Design and Development of IIM Nagpur at MIHAN, Maharashtra. The Campus was dedicated to Nation by Honble former President of India.

• Independent Engineer for Development and Construction of Green Field International Airport at Mopa, Goa. It was dedicated to Nation by Honble Prime Minister of India.

• Engineering review, Procurement and Construction Management Services for Phase - II of HP Green R&D center at Bengaluru of HPCL, Karnataka.

• Cost estimate report for facility up gradation at International Advanced Research Centre at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Upholding our commitments to customers, your Company continued

to achieve substantial progress in following infrastructure projects:

• Extension of TPI services for Infrastructure Projects of Pune Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra.

• PMC Services for Construction of Domestic Terminal of Leh Airport.

• PMC Services for Residential Complex of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in Delhi.

• PMC services for Construction of Petronet LNG Ltd.s office Building at Dwarka Sector - 14, Delhi.

• Independent Engineering Services for Development and Expansion of IGI Airport at Delhi for AAI.

• Supervision and PMC services for High - Speed Rail Terminal Project at Sabarmati of National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited, Gujarat.

• Independent Engineering Services for Noida International Airport, Jewar, Uttar Pradesh.

• Third Party Inspection services for completing Unitechs incomplete Projects across India.

• Third Party Assessment for Engineering Review and Project Management for Fintech University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

• Providing assistance in Monitoring of Development/ Redevelopment of Central Vista Project, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, New Delhi.

The Companys footprints in Infrastructure Sector received an

impetus with securing of the following assignments during the year:

• Principal Consultant Firm (PCF) for Setting up RBIs Greenfield Data Center and Training Institute at Bhubaneswar in Odisha.

• Independent Assessment of costs for Bangalore International Airport Limited, Bangalore.

• Third Party Agency (TPA) services for Mukhyamantri Digital Seva Yojana (MDSY), Rajasthan.

• Preparation of DPR for Development of Greenfield International Airport at Chinen in Gr. Nicobar.

• Rajiv Gandhi Knowledge Service & Innovation Hub and Rajasthan Institute of Advanced Learning (RIAL) at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

• PMC services for Rajiv Gandhi Knowledge Service & Innovation Hub at Jodhpur & Kota, Rajasthan.

• OBE services for "Upgrading of IPSHEM (Institute of Petroleum Safety, Health and Environment Management) to World-Class Facility" of ONGC in Goa.

Water and Waste Management

Your Company has the expertise to undertake a multitude of Water Treatment projects such as raw water intake and treatment systems, Desalination plants, Cooling Water plants, Water Injection plants, Demineralization Plants, Condensate Polishing plants etc. The Company has also evolved basic engineering for standard modules for Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants as well as Standalone Recycle Plants.

Following projects are in progress and at various stages of execution:

• Execution of entry level activities including development of Ghats and Crematoriums in Uttar Pradesh and Implementation of Sewerage Infrastructure works under the Namami Gange Programme.

• Technical and Financial Audit of Infrastructure works in various Urban Local Bodies (ULB) of Punjab for Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company (PMIDC).

• PMC Services for sewerage system in Ponda Colony - Zones IA and IB of Goa for Sewerage and Infrastructure Development Corporation of Goa Limited (SIDCGL).

• PMC for ETP and associated facilities at Jhagadia Pumping Station for Narmada Clean Tech, Gujarat.

• PMC for Construction of 60 ML Guard Pond, 30 ML Equalization Tank and Boosting Pumping Station for Narmada Clean Tech (NCT) at Final Effluent Treatment Plant Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

The following Project was secured by the Company in Water and Waste Management sector during the year:

• PMC services for replacement of existing pipe line at three locations in Jhagadia-Kantyajal Section.

• Technical Assessment and Transaction Advisory for Bio- Methanation and Waste to Energy Projects of MoHUA.


Your Company is leveraging its capabilities to tap significant business opportunities presented by fertilizer sector in India and Overseas. EIL has 26% equity stakes in a JV Company Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals (RFCL) along with NFL and FCIL. RFCL has been formed to pilot the Revival of Ramagundam Fertilizer Project, Telangana. Currently plant is operational at 100% capacity. It was dedicated to Nation by Honble Prime Minister of India.

Your Company is also undertaking Techno - Commercial Viability and Preparation of DPR for Technical and Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Project at Sikka Unit, Jamnagar, Gujarat.

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the year and work is in progress:

• Green Field Fertilizer Project in Nigeria

• Detailed Feasibility Study for 4000 TPD Green Ammonia Plant & Associated facilities of HMEL.

• Detailed Project Report for 40000 MTPA Melamine-IV project of GSFC.


Your Company is providing Consultancy services for various coal- based Projects and the following Project assignment was successfully completed during the year:

• Pre-Feasibility Study for Syn-Gas to Methanol Based Value Added Products at JSPL, Angul Plant, Odisha.

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the year and is in various stages of execution:

• Consultancy services for Finalization of Build Own and Operate (BOO) package and preparing Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR)/ Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the proposed Coal to Ammonium Nitrate Project for Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) at Juna, Maharashtra.

• PMC Services for Pre-award activities such as preparation of tender Documents, Tendering, Selection of suitable firm on Lumpsum Turnkey (LSTK) / LEPC / EPC Basis), Lignite to Methanol via Gasification Project (1200 MTPD of Methanol), NLCIL at Neyveli, Tamil Nadu.

• Techno-economic feasibility study to establish a plant to produce 400 TPD capacity Ammonium Nitrate Melt through gasification of coal in command areas of The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd.

Alternative Fuel

In the Alternative Fuels space, your Company is providing EPCM services for Assam Bio Refinery Project of M/s Assam Bio Refinery Pvt. Ltd., the first of its kind plant in India. Engineering, Procurement for Long lead items, Tendering for Utility LSTK packages/ other works and construction activities related to Civil/Structural works including Building works, Tankages erection, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation works are in progress at site. Ethanol blended Motor Spirit system (EBMS) has been commissioned.

Overseas Consultancy Assignments

Your Company has leveraged its strong track record in the Indian Hydrocarbon sector to successfully expand its international operations. Over the years, the Company has emerged as a global player with the execution of a number of prestigious assignments for International Energy majors in Middle East, South America, Africa and South East Asia.

During the year, following Overseas Assignments were completed:

• EPCM services for 10" x 131 km, HSD India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project (IBFPL) from Siliguri, India to Parbatipur, Bangladesh.

• FEED Study for LNG Tanks, Jetty Topside and Plant Process System for LNG liquefaction and Export Terminal at Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria for M/S Padah LNG FZE (PLF)

• FEED for Replacement of Waste Water Treatment Plant Absorption Chiller for BAPCO, Bahrain.

• FEED for Debottlenecking the Existing Produced Water Treatment Plant Capacity From 200 MBD To 300 MBD For 1 MMBD Phase-1 Project, ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• HAZOP study of the process plants located within OMIFCO complex, Oman.

• Adequacy Check of existing civil foundation for replacement of 2HDU RG Compressor Steam Turbine for BAPCO, Bahrain.

• Upper Zakum Facilities Plant Modification Requests (PMRs) and Engineering Work Requests (EWRs) (Package-07), ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Plant Modification Requests (PMRs) and Engineering Work requests (EWRs) (Package-03) for Das Island consisting of Work, ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Umm Shaif facilities Plant Modification Requests (PMRs) and Engineering Work requests (EWRs) (Package 4.1), ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Provision of PMC Services on Call - off basis (UZ Well Hook - Up Project) for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Provision of PMC Services on Call - off basis (Satah/ UAD Projects) for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Zirku Island Facilities Studies/ Engineering Packages (PMRS and FCS) (Package - 3), ADNOC, UAE.

Various FEED Engineering, PMC, Technical Support services are being

provided to ADNOC, UAE under the following service agreements:

• Technical Support Services Agreement (TSSA) of ADNOC Gas Processing, UAE.

• PMC Services on Call Off Basis of ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Engineering Services on Call Off Basis of ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• General Engineering Services of ADNOC Onshore, UAE.

• Concept, Pre-Feed and Feed Framework agreement of ADNOC

These service agreements provide consistent source of revenue for

EIL AD office.

Following overseas assignments are in progress and at various stages

of execution:

• EPCM services for the prestigious Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Project, Nigeria comprising a 650,000 BPSD grass root Petroleum Refinery and 830 KTPA Petrochemical Complex at Lekki Free Trade Zone, Nigeria for Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC). This is the largest single train refinery in the world. The Project facilities include crude oil receipt and storage including two SPMs with associated offshore/ onshore pipelines. The project is under advanced stage of completion & Utilities have been commissioned.

• Additional PMC/ EPCM Services for new units, viz. DHDT, SWS and ARU in Dangote Refinery, Nigeria.

• PMC services for 3.0 MMTPA grass root refinery of Eastern Refinery Limited in Bangladesh.

• PMC services for 1.5 MMTPA grass root refinery in Mongolia which is being set up under Line of Credit facility from EXIM Bank. 03 nos. EPCs are awarded and work is in progress.

• Provision of PMC Services on Call - off basis (for UZ Sewage Treatment Units and E1085 - EDGs replacement at UZCC and ACPT - 1) for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Provision of PMC Services on Call - off basis for Smart Upstream Project for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the

year and are in various stages of execution:

• Consultancy Service for the Supervision of the Guyana Integrated NGL Plant and 300MW CCGT Power Plant.

• Safeguarding Memorandum for all Habshan 5 Plant areas and Revalidation HAZOP for Area 3, ADNOC Gas, UAE.

• Detailed Engineering for Power requirement for WHPTS PC-55 AND PC-110 and M1637: Deck pipe Supports (E & F), ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Zirku and Das Islands: Feasibility Study for Underground Oil Storage Tanks, ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• CED FWA T.3: Engineering Work requests (EWRs) & Plant Modification Requests (PMRs) for US NASR and UZ, ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• CED FWA T.1: Brown Field Engineering Work requests (EWRs) & Plant Modification Requests (PMRs) for ZIRKU and SARB, ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Design Integrity and adequacy study of CFP, BBP and CDP Offshore Platforms, ADNOC UAE.

• Provision of PMC Services on Call-off basis/under Contract No. 429493 (USSU Projects) for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• PMC Services-SPIR Management & Asset Owner for ADNOC Offshore, UAE.

• Call-Off Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services for the Construction of Industrial Projects Facilities and Other Civil Projects within UAE, ADNOC Distribution.

• Design and Detailed Engineering Works of Cryogenic Storage Tank for Ethane and Propane for Ajah Energy FZE, Nigeria.

• Cooling Water Network Hydraulic Analysis and Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers for Dangote Fertilizer Limited, Nigeria.

• Engineering Services for Site Survey and Stress Analysis regarding Supports, Bellows and PDS Valves for Petrochemical Industries Company, Kuwait.

Turnkey Projects

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the

year and are in various stages of execution:

• Replacement of 3 nos CSU Off Gas Compressors, 06 nos Regeneration Gas Compressors & Installation of 01 CBD Vessel at Uran, ONGC.

• Restoration of Gas Terminal Phase-1, Part-A at ONGC Hazira Plant, Gujarat, India

• Revamping of Sectionalizing Valves Stations of 36" & 42" TPLS and Additional Requirements for GT & Kribhco (Part-B) at ONGC Hazira

Your Companys turnkey project portfolio consists of projects executed on LSTK mode or on the Open Book Estimate (OBE) basis.

The following OBE/ LSTK job was successfully completed during the year:

• Revamp of Slug Catcher IIA (5 Fingers) at Uran Plant of ONGC in Maharashtra

The following OBE/ LSTK jobs achieved considerable progress during the year:

• Vizag Refinery Modernization Project Offsite in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.

• Revamp of Slug Catcher IIA New (12 Fingers) at Uran Plant of ONGC in Maharashtra.

• Revamp of Slug Catcher at Uran Plant of ONGC in Maharashtra.

• Execution of Residual Utilities and Offsites for Rajasthan Refinery Project, HRRL, Rajasthan on OBE basis. Construction of Offsite Pipe racks and buildings nearing completion. Mechanical & Piping works are in full swing.

Specialty Chemicals

The following assignments were secured by the Company during the year and are in various stages of execution:

• MIBC, MIBK and O & U Projects at DCTL Dahej, Gujarat, India.

• Detail Engineering Consultancy (DEC) Services for New Turbine Generator Set related System, New FBC Boiler and Interconnecting Piping at DCTL / DNL Nandesari Site, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

• Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR) for Setting up of an Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA) Unit, Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK) Unit and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Unit for M/s GAIL India Limited (GAIL).

• Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Services for the setting up of a 50 KTPA Iso-Propyl Alcohol Unit for M/s GAIL India Limited (GAIL) at Usar, Maharashtra.

Performance of Divisions

Process Design and Development

The Process Design & Development Division is primarily engaged in conceptualization of Projects focusing on Energy Security, Sustainability and Import substitution in complete Oil and Gas value chain. The division also focusses on strategic storage and transportation. The activities undertaken by the division encompass the whole gamut from concept to commissioning for Domestic as well as Overseas clients.

The service offering of the Division starts with Configuration studies, to seed Projects by carrying out Feasibility Studies and Detailed Feasibility Report. Further, the Division carries out the critical activity of Technology Evaluation as a Value-added activity to select Process Licensors. The division is involved in Basic Design and Licensing for In-house developed Open art and Licensed Technologies. In addition to Refinery and Petrochemical, the division provides services for highly energy efficient facilities for LNG & LPG, and Crude Oil, product terminals. In addition to traditional crude, multi product, Gas pipelines, the division is providing services for new upcoming facilities such as Green H2 pipeline network. Further, activities for Pre-FEED & FEED or Detailed Engineering activities are carried out by the division. The division further provides support for procurement and construction and finally take lead role in assisting Owner in pre-commissioning, commissioning and handover of facilities. The division specializes in various specialized services such as Operating Unit Trouble-shooting, efficient & schedule friendly debottlenecking activity and Technical due Diligence activities with sustainability as main focus. The division is ably handling a number of overseas prestigious assignments adapting to diverse customer base, diverse capacity and local regulations and design practices. Adoption of Best Practices and Benchmarking our services w.r.t. international codes & standards is followed consciously in providing the services.

The division with the unique blend of knowledge, expertise and experience in diverse domains in different geographies actively support the Business Development Group of the company in securing new business, expand footprint in new geographies, opening up new avenues for business in India and abroad.

The division has adopted cutting edge technology using smart platform for seamless integration of basic, to detailed engineering activities through usage of database. Initiative towards continuous digitization yielded results in ensuring operational excellence.

In addition, the division is always striving for adopting best practices, streamlining systems and processes and implement lessons learnt to achieve excellence and optimize cost and schedule to ensure customer delight.

MoU with PNGRB for capacity assessment of various Gas pipeline has provided visibility in the high tech and critical area of Gas transmission.

Project Execution

The division amply supports the project execution of prestigious projects in the company. The year saw addition of new geography for operation when EIL bagged the Consultancy services for the supervision of the Guyana Integrated NGL plant and 300 MW power plant from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Government of Guyana.

Tremendous impetus has been provided to the prestigious Mongol refinery project with two EPC package award for Open art units & Utility-Offsites facilities and Captive Power Plant.

In the pathway for sustainability, focusing enhanced Gas penetration in the Energy landscape, EIL is implementing LNG and LPG import facilities all along the shoreline. EIL has created its niche in developing

the indigenous design in Regas & storage. In addition to domestic projects the division has also ably completed the FEED activities for a large LNG facility at Nigeria.

The division is ably implementing strategic storage for LPG cavern in addition to Crude and providing service for carrying out Feasibility study for unique usage of underground concrete Oil Storage Tanks for an overseas client.

The division has also started activities in niche area of Ethyl Benzene/ Styrene project for Panipat refinery.

In the Petrochemical domain, engineering of the one of its kind PDH plant with downstream facilities at GAIL, Usar is on the verge of completion, which is an example of seamless integration of basic to detailed engineering activities through usage integrated platform.

The division is also ably providing design engineering and other services for the Panipat refinery expansion in line with Indias commitment towards being a global refining hub.

The division is providing services for GAILs prestigious Urja Ganga pipeline for Dhamra - Haldia segment as well Nagpur-Jharsuguda and Dobhi - Durgapur - Haldia natural Gas Pipeline. Engineering activities under progress for Krishnagiri-Coimbatore section of Kochi- Koottanad-Bangalore-Mangalore Gas Pipeline -II. These pipelines will ensure a highly reliable and dependable corridor for gas transmission.

BPCLs proposed Multi product pipeline from Krishnapatnam to Hyderabad, a facility to augment fuel supplies in one of the fast, industrially developing areas of Telangana is advancing at a fast pace. The challenging Paradip Nulmaligarh pipeline is under advanced stage of engineering.

The division is also ably providing design engineering and other services for various Refinery, Petrochemicals and Pipeline Projects being executed by your Company.

Project Completion and Commissioning

The highly acclaimed Guru Gobind Singh Polymer Addition Project (GGSPAP) of HMEL achieved Mechanical completion and was successfully commissioned in the January 2023 producing on-spec Ethylene, Propylene and other products.

The division has also successfully commissioned the prestigious Indo Bangla Friendship pipeline as a commitment towards energy security of neighbouring countries.

The one of its kind Sulfuric Acid plant at Haldia Refinery has achieved consistent and successful operation. The unit converts sour gases to saleable H2SO4 product with high energy efficiency.

The In-house designed highly challenging Slug Catcher at ONGC, Uran under OBE mode, has been commissioned successfully.

As part of Urja Ganga pipeline the Jamshedpur spur line has been commissioned to take a large leap towards common gas grid. In additional multiproduct pipeline from MRPL refinery to Jetty has been commissioned.

LPG terminal at Chhara is ready for commissioning

Paving way for future investment - Conceptualizing: The division has conceptualized and carried out various feasibility studies in Refineries, Petrochemicals, upstream and midstream area. Few of the important achievements are:

• Feasibility Study Report for IOCL, Paradip for independent Dual Feed cracker Unit and associated downstream petrochemical units.

• To strengthen commitment towards import substitution in the country, various feasibility studies for Specialty Chemicals and Bulk Petrochemical Complex at HMEL & GNFC are in advanced stage of completion.

• Division has carried out a very strategic feasibility study for developing facilities in Sri Lanka which is expected to provide boost in the bi-lateral relationship.

• Detailed Feasibility study for expansion of Dhabol LNG terminal from 5 mmtpa to 15 mmtpa is being carried out. To ensure Petrochemical feed security and flexibility, number of studies for import and transportation of gas feeds have been successfully carried out.

• Feasibility study for installation of 18 km of Bitumen transfer from IOCL Paradip refinery to North Oil jetty has been caried out for IOCL Refinery division. This pipeline has been conceptualized with Skin Effect Heating System (SEHS).

• Considerable development has been made in the field of Hydrogen Transportation with the completion of the Feasibility Study for 200 Km pipeline from Khavda to Mundra for M/s Adani Gas.


During the year, the Engineering Divisions of EIL continued their efforts towards providing optimized and value added services for all ongoing projects consistent with the Client requirements and objectives of the Company. Various divisions maintained focus on key areas like System Improvement and providing quality of deliverables, enhanced productivity by adopting knowledge enriched with vast experience, repeatability of design, enhanced software application and implementation of Electronic Data Management System (eDMS) along with improved information exchange, digital data transfer, electronic work flow integration with remote working capabilities, efficient communication systems, implementation of Internal Audit observations and Monitoring and updation of specifications, standards and guides, to align with latest industry trends.

Engineering divisions have achieved complete digital integration for seamless data transfer among all other divisions in the company working on 3D as well as on Smart suites environment for production of engineering deliverables, starting from concept to commissioning. Thereby repetitive works is effectively eliminated, engineering processes are optimized along with major boost to quality of engineering deliverables, resulting a big leap forward towards meeting challenging project schedules.

Specialist Material and Maintenance Services (SMMS)

Specialist Material and Maintenance services (SMMS) division is the specialist division under technical directorate providing specialist services to upcoming projects and operating assets. Asset Integrity Management (AIM) of various assets is core functioning area of SMMS Division. SMMS division consists of multidisciplinary teams of highly qualified specialists which provides its services in the field of

• Materials and Corrosion

• Refractory and Non-Metallic

• Corrosion Control

• Cathodic Protection

• Maintenance & Inspection

SMMS division has been involved in various critical jobs related to health assessment, remaining life assessment of plants & pipelines, root cause analysis of equipment, piping and pipelines, fitness for service (FFS) studies, fire damage assessment and recovery assistance, preservation/mothballing of plants, due diligence of old plants, risk-based inspection (RBI) of plants and pipelines. Above activities are very complex in nature and required high skill set, indepth knowledge, subject expertise, process and design know how. This division of EIL is assisting various clients and highly acknowledged in the industry for its specialist and unique services.

SMMS division has already secured annual contract for its specialised services from esteemed clients like OIL, GAIL, HPCL Vizag, NRL and is expected to secure many more assignments from other clients too.

Some of the jobs undertaken in SMMS Division are:

• Due Diligence of JBF petrochemical Plant, Mangalore

• Impact Assessment of demolition of Twin tower on the gas pipeline in Noida, UP

• Health Assessment of CDSP structure of DCU Unit of Nayara Energy, Jamnagar

• Health Assessment of 03 Nos. Mounded storage bullets at GAIL, Usar

• Replacement of Hydrogen service transfer line in Ammonia unit of Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers

• Study and Assessment of Pipeline defects and mitigation measures for DNPL Pipeline, Assam

Engineering and Technology Development Department (ETDD)

The Engineering and Technology Development Department (ETDD) is a multidisciplinary group with specialists from different fields of engineering provides specialist solutions for Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Processing Projects, Pipelines, Offshore Platforms, Fertilizers, Metallurgical and nuclear industries. ETDD provides services in the field of advanced engineering design and analysis of pressure vessels and piping systems including those for very severe environments such as very high temperatures and pressures, technological and complex structural systems, pipelines

and tankages. ETDD has solved many unconventional, complex and multidisciplinary problems, which required in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in the fields of engineering design and analysis, arise during design phase and as well as pre- and post-commissioning phases. ETDD has also taken up many project works in high-technology areas such as seismic analysis of nuclear structures, satellite launch complexes, rocket test stand, large space structures, blast resistant structures etc.

In-house capabilities developed for the following and implemented in the projects:

• Low weight maintenance blinds suitable for isolation in shutdown operation have been developed. This is being implemented in HMEL Bhatinda Refinery.

• Simplified linear elastic three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis is developed for optimization of Local Post Weld Heat Treatment (LPWHT) layout of Equipment and Piping Components.

• Davits of higher capacities and large boom length have been developed. This development has enhanced the capabilities of EIL in meeting the challenges being posed by larger davits.

• Developed the methodology for reducing condensation related issues in the annular space of the Double Wall Storage Tanks. This has been filed at the Indian Patent Office. This development enhanced the capabilities of EIL in the field of design of Double Wall Cryogenic Tanks.

• Capabilities developed for design of Under Ground Concrete Tanks with shallow water tables. This development has enhanced the capabilities of EIL in the field of Underground storage of petroleum products.

• Developed the capability for designing hot box trunnion supports for very high temperature application to control heat transfer and reduce stresses.


Equipment Division of EIL is engaged in the design, engineering & procurement of various types of static, rotating, packaged and fired equipment that are required in the industry. With integration of heat transfer, mass transfer, offshore & captive power plant specialization into the division, there has been a seamless integration of concept, design, detailed engineering and field execution stages of all the types of equipment and systems under one roof.

Through its vast knowledge pool and past database, the Division ensures design & procurement of optimized & energy efficient equipment with advanced technologies, in compliance with latest international norms. While some equipment have generic functions, many other equipment carry out highly specialized technologically advanced functions, often bordering at limits of material due to very high temperatures or sometimes cryogenic conditions. Plant capacities have increased over the years, the sizes & complexities of equipment have seen a continuous upward trend. These industry trends when transposed to the equipment level, have triggered new

design challenges which are tackled by effective execution strategies.

Some of the key highlights of the divisions performance are as under:

• Upstream Process Engineering expertise in creating potential business avenues in the field of Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas processing applications at Middle East locations through EILs Abu Dhabi office.

• Technical value additions implemented in ADNOC Projects.

• Under the revived MOA with ONGC, engaged in various assignments and opportunities with different assets of ONGC.

• Executed critical and challenging revamp of NRL DCU Columns and ensured cost-effective & energy efficient revamp strategies with significant utilization of existing assets, reduction of capital costs and shutdown time.

• Concept of Modularization to shorten the execution schedules of various packages but also to enhance construction quality and reduce costs.

• Implementation of improved Coker Furnace & Coke Drum design based on in-house indigenous improved Coker Technology for DCU, NRL.

• Expertise in energy optimization studies, On-site performance evaluation and throughput enhancement by modification/ replacement of existing heat transfer equipment.

• Design of high-pressure exchangers, cryogenic heat exchangers, reflux condensers in addition of conventional shell & tube heat exchangers and Air coolers.

• Significant optimization has been carried out in the coke drum design for NRL, DCU Revamp, by using combination of Vertical & Horizontal plate and with the Y-Ring.

• For the first time, engineered and procured very large sized equipment (various Process Columns & Pressure Vessels) in exotic metallurgy (Titanium & Super Duplex Stainless Steel (both solid and clad)) for Assam Bio Refinery Project, India. Also for the first time, dealt with worlds largest Reactor Regenerator equipment for PFCCU, HRRL Project.

• Developed "Bharat Petroleum-EIL DWC Technology" in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited for Divided Wall Columns (DWC) by providing EIL proprietary DWC trays and is now ready to offer & implement its own in-house designed proprietary trays in prospective DWC applications.

• Application of digital technology and redevelopment of inhouse software tools for day to day design with value additions.

• Engineering for Procurement activities for various refinery & petrochemical projects.

• HVAC System for Leh Airport with wide variations in ambient temperature [(+) 35?C ~ (-) 25?C] using novel concept of Geothermal energy to achieve Carbon neutrality.

• HVAC system for Uptime Tier 4 certified Data centres for various clients.

• Resolution of operational issues, assistance in troubleshooting activities at site, energy efficiency improvement and reduction of carbon footprint (NET ZERO) for various rotating equipment etc. for clients like GAIL, BORL, BAPCO, KNPC etc.

• Designed & Engineered one of the biggest Flare systems of India.

• Organized a successful industrial training program on "Fired equipment for clients and contractors" to stay connected with the industry and to better comprehend its needs as well as to disseminate technological advancements with all.

• Provides end-to-end services for the conceptualization, design, detailed engineering, procurement, and execution support for various types of captive, independent power plant (IPP), and steam generation systems using different types of fuels.

• Development of air heater design for cryogenic services, development of crucifix heater (doubled fired vertical cylindrical heater) thermal design & development of helical coil cooler design has been the highlights of this year. Also optimized inhouse capabilities for Ejector system design for single stage, multi-stage as well as for hybrid systems with LRVP.

• Direct project execution related to operational issues, troubleshooting, efficiency improvement and run length improvement for various equipment, heater revamp/ optimization, etc for clients like BAPCO, NRL, HMEL, BPCL-KR ,IOCL Digboi, KIOCL, Dangote Fertilizer, TPL etc., making Equipment division a contributor towards EILs revenue.

Patents / Trademarks granted:

• Patent has been granted by Patent office i.e. "Single Fired Multiple Pass Vertical Cylindrical Radiant Section Configuration For Fired Heaters". Additionally two nos. patent filed for heat transfer equipment.

• Secured Trademark (EngDWST) registration certificate from the patent authority for EILs design of Double Wall Storage Tanks (DWST), and trademark EngExDooR for EIL designed Visibly leak tight Explosion Door.


Electrical Department is responsible for the design, engineering, procurement and implementation of the Electrical Power Distribution systems for all projects by adopting latest technologies and following the applicable latest National and International standard and codes.

With the adequate availability of stable & reliable Grid Power supply across India nowadays, the focus has been shifted to utilising the Grid Power source for the projects instead of Captive power plants considered earlier. This has led to handling incoming Grid power supplies upto 400 KV, use of Extra high voltage Gas Insulated switchgears (GIS) & EHV cables for HMEL Petrochemicals, VRMP & BPCL Kochi projects, use of very large rated motors in the range of 30 MW instead of steam turbines for driving compressors for Rajasthan Refinery Projects of M/s HRRL & PDH & PP projects of GAIL Usar and extensive Electric heat tracing systems instead of Steam tracing for

VRMP & Rajasthan Refinery Projects. In Rajasthan Refinery Project which comprises the largest Refinery and Petrochemical Complex of the nation, Grid power to the tune of 350MW have been imported from State Authority and is being utilized in the Complex alongwith in-house captive generation using Steam Turbine Generators. Further, the electrical systems of the plants are getting smarter with digitalization. The Electrical Department has aligned with the latest requirements & policies and accordingly state of the art Electrical Control System (ECS), Substation Automation system, digital Fire Alarm System and Plant Communication System are being utilised in all projects.

Electrical Department also carries out independent Electrical study projects for various clients. One such project has been the Lightning Protection system design and calculations for BPCL LPG Bottling Plant at Nashik. As part of initiatives for renewable energy sources, Solar panels are now being installed on various building rooftops within the plant to harness the solar energy as part of the project itself. The department is also implementing land based 2 MW Solar Photo voltaic Plant at HPCL, Bengaluru.

All deliverables from the department are par excellence and are furnished with the use of renowned software viz. Power system studies E-Tap, Smart Plant Electrical (SP-EL), Smart Plant 3D Modeling (SP-3D) and various in-house software.

In line with the "Aatmanirbhar Bharat" & "Make In India (MII)" policy, Electrical Department has been actively involved in frequent interactions with domestic vendors, developing & guiding them, conducting vendor meets and enlisting indigenous vendors for various items viz. Numerical Relays, Electrical Heat Tracing, Variable Frequency Drives, Motors etc.

As a step towards sustainability & Net Zero mission, Electrical Department has done the requisite engineering for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Grid Connected Roof top Solar PV plants on existing buildings at EIL Complexes & Buildings across India and has contributed towards achieving Net Zero Objective of EIL as well as the Nation. Also, the Department has been actively associated with various Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia projects and proposals as an initiative of Net Zero mission.

As part of the nation building initiative, Electrical Department has majorly contributed in the development & updation of various Indian standards for electrical equipment & systems. The members of the Electrical Department have been actively associated with various BIS Committees. The National Electrical Code (NEC), SP 30, a prestigious publication of the Bureau of Indian Standards is being formulated under the leadership of EIL. The standard will lay down a set of good practices and guidelines for selection of various items of electrical system, electrical installations in buildings & for outdoor sites and general safety procedures & practices in electrical work. Also. the Electrical Department has been associated with the ETD-20 committee and has given major contributions to the chapters related to Earthing, Lightning Protection and Hazardous area Classification.

Instrumentation and Digitalization

Instrumentation Department have always maintained its forte as leader adopting digital technology and serving wide range of industries in synchronization with the technical and scientific evolutions and advancements. Latest Technology coupled with knowledge for appropriate utilization of relevant Indian and International Codes and Standards are exploited to the benefit of plant operation and maintenance by providing a safe and secure environment to the plant and personnel.

EIL has its footprints in domestic & overseas jobs in Design and engineering of Instrument and Control Systems including Distributed Controls Systems (DCS), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Fire and Gas system, Asset Management Systems for Instruments, Alarm Management System, Analyzer Systems, SCADA & Telecommunication, Leak detection System, Building Management system, Perimeter Surveillance System, EPABX System, field instruments etc. for plants.

Some of the state-of-art technologies, which are adopted and being implemented in various ongoing projects like,

• Integrated Access Control System for Entry Gate Access Control, Labour Management, Visitor Management, Canteen Management and Parking Management system along with building surveillance,

• QR code enabled web based/kiosk-based visitor gate pass self- enrolment/printing facility with SMS based authentication,

• Multi conduit bundle for laying underground FO cable to facilitate future laying of cable without excavation,

• Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), Integrated Smart JB & 4K resolution-based camera for CCTV System

The benefit of virtual platform has been fully exploited using cloud based detail engineering and conducting Factory Acceptance Test (Hardware and Software) of DCS/ PLC without having any physical presence at Factory for Complete logic checking, graphics checking and complex loop verification through WebEx with participation by all stakeholders for multiple projects like VRMP, HRRL etc.

Integrated Turbine and Compressor Control System with unified platform for Governor control, Anti-surge and Performance control of large Turbine driven Compressor machines are introduced to ensure single platform considering the ease of operation and maintenance in various projects.

Digital integration between various Smart suites for smooth data transfer between Smart P&IDs, SPI and then to SP3D/E3D utilising various integration tools is being implemented for Digital Project Execution in effective and non-disruptive manner. Migration of valve dimensional vendor data to 3D model, Development of In-house Web based software for Sizing of Control Valve and Safety Valve, installation Standard software for selection of optimum instrument installation standard for process application are some of the key featured implemented.

As part of digitalization initiatives:

• A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) cum Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement was executed by EIL with CSIR- CSIO. Harnessing the technology acquired from CSIR-CSIP, EIL has secured three years AMC order from DMRC for Earthquake Early Warning System installed at Delhi Metro.

• A web-based portal (EngCavern) is developed and implemented to facilitate seamless transfer of Cavern Data/ Report between EIL and ISPRL and integrated repository of the data.

• An Analytical Project Management Dashboard (EngProjectViewTM) has been developed and launched for EIL projects. The application displays important KPIs and key parameters of the Projects. It provides real-time project data, allowing decision-makers to have an up-to-date view of project progress. Applied for trade name for the application.

• Completed development of a web-based software (EngCO2fP=nk) for estimation of CO2 (Scope 1 & 2) emission by Refineries and Buildings. Applied for trade name for the application. EIL is offering service to organizations to estimate their CO2e emissions using this web based platform, generating report suitable to SEBI requirement. Development of Scope-3 and other sectors like Exploration & Production of Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Fertilizers etc. have been planned in the forthcoming revisions.

• Instrumentation Department has been continuously engaged in the process of creating an opportunity leading to promotion of the Indian Manufacturing Industry arranging multiple vendor meets to make domestic manufacturers aware of their potential and also by enlisting Indian suppliers / system integrators who maximize domestic content by optimizing Original Equipment Manufacturers scope in high tech areas like DCS, PLC, Analysers, Metering Skids, Communication systems, Control Valves, Fire & Gas Detection Systems.

Project Controls (Planning & Scheduling)

Project Controls (Planning and Scheduling) ensures effective and timely implementation of projects through detailed assessment of work quantum, meticulous planning, micro level scheduling and dynamic monitoring. The Planning and Scheduling Department provides Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring, Risk Management and Material Control Services to various Projects using state-of-the- art tools and database. International software packages on project management along with a supporting set of in-house developed software packages are used for detailed planning and scheduling. The schedules are reviewed, updated and project completion outlook analysed by planning engineers having vast experience in all phases of project planning in all sectors. Third Party Monitoring Contracts providing a whole range of independent planning, scheduling & monitoring services are also undertaken by EIL for projects being executed in India and abroad. Besides monitoring of Project Schedule and Cost, Project Controls also deals with the - change management,

devising strategies to remove the constraints resulting in Time and Cost Overruns, Analysis and Monitoring of Project Time and Cost Forecasts, Risk Management, etc.

Ministry Projects Monitoring (Ministry Monitoring Cell)

EIL has been providing services as an "extended arm" for Third-Party Project Monitoring to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the last 41 years for projects implemented across the country in the Oil and Gas and other related sectors. The Key responsibilities of MMC is to serve as a central, single point source of information, analysis (physical as well as financial progress) and reporting for projects to the MoPNG. By implementation of web-based Project Monitoring Software with Dashboard called MMC Pariyojana, MMC has taken a giant leap into digitization and has not only changed the gamut of Project Monitoring Capabilities but also made available to the Stakeholders the Key Project Information sector wise, state wise, period wise, time and cost overrun details, etc. Dashboard based Monitoring System has improved the efficiency in monitoring of the project, data storage, retrieval and handling of crucial project information. MoPNG Pariyojana has been widely appreciated and adopted by the MoPNG as well as all the Oil and Gas CPSEs Management. MMC Pariyojana is environment friendly and promotes Digital India, Swachh Bharat mission, Make in India etc. under Govt. of India, supporting EILs Net Zero by 2035 Initiative.

Cost Engineering

Cost Engineering Department provides Cost Related services for various projects in all fields of operations from inception to commissioning and beyond, for domestic as well as overseas jobs. Cost Engineering operations include services such as preparation of Capital Cost estimates and Financial / Economic analysis for diverse activities ranging from technology selection to preparation of feasibility reports and option study estimates for investment decisions pertaining to projects handled by EIL in various areas like Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Cross country pipelines, Power projects, Metallurgy, Mines, Strategic Storage, Offshore Oil & Gas, Infrastructure etc.

The Department provides cost estimates for procurement, assistance during price negotiation, cost monitoring and control during execution of projects under conventional, LSTK / OBE and BOO / BOOT mode of execution. It also prepares cost estimates for bidding in EPC mode. Further, Cost Engineering provides independent services like Project cost estimation, feasibility studies and review of the cost estimate prepared by others, scrap value evaluation of fertilizer / petrochemical / refinery projects etc.

Supply Chain Management

EIL offers integrated Supply Chain Management Services through its highly experienced and effective team of Supply Chain Management professionals. The functions of SCM are very critical with respect to timeliness of deliverables, customer satisfaction and ensuring high standards of quality.

Key Areas of Operations of SCM Division

• Contracts & Purchase

• Procurement Development Department

• Inspection Services

• Expediting & Monitoring Services

• Shipping Services

Contracts & Purchase

Contracts & Purchase under division of SCM offers complete range of Procurement Services to Clients to ensure timely availability of desired materials/ services at site as well as fulfils its own in-house procurement requirements. Having the vast experience of handling multiple global clients and their different methodologies for sourcing, positions EIL uniquely, to have a comparative analysis and evolve best practices across the upcoming projects. This provides flexibility and agility to cater to the dynamic needs of various clients/projects. Entire Procurement process is carried out in consonance with Public Procurement Principles, viz., Transparency, Equity and Fairness, ensuring desired quality within the designated time frame at the most competitive prices and against comprehensive competition. In order to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the procurement processes, SCM has leveraged latest IT tools/ technologies to develop packages like Electronic Procurement System (EPS) reducing procurement cycle and errors. It automates various stages of Contracting/ purchasing, viz., Identification of requirement, RFQ preparation, Inviting Bids, Processing bids and award of orders/ contracts.

Being a CPSE, Engineers India Limited has been at the forefront in adopting and implementing various policies of Government of India like Make In India, Start-up India, e-procurement through GePNIC & GeM, Reverse Auction, Public Procurement Policy for MSEs, various other Purchase Preference Policies, etc. Also, the Companys procurement policy and practices are guided by Government Policies and CVC Guidelines.

During the year 2022-23, EILs Procurement of goods and services through GeM portal is 46.01% and Procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises is 48.75%. Percentages are with respect to the overall procurement of goods and services by EIL for various clients projects executed by EIL as a contractor (LSTK / OBE jobs) as well as for EILs In-house requirements.

Ordering highlights for Fiscal Year 2022-23:

• INR 33303 Crore -Total Procurement

• INR 31938 Crore for Projects where EIL worked as a consultant.

• INR 1203 Crore - Direct purchase and contracts on suppliers/ contractors for various LSTK/ OBE/ Depository projects.

• INR 162 Crore - Direct purchase and contracts for EIL Inhouse requirements.

Inspection Deptt. under SCM Division provides Inspection, expediting & order monitoring services for almost all types of items/ equipment at suppliers works as well as project sites, India & Abroad, in various fields like Refinery, Petrochemicals, Pipelines (Cross Country / Offshore including terminals), Nuclear, Fertilizers, Infrastructure, etc. SCM-Inspection Division has 09 (Nine) Regional Procurement Offices (RPO) all across India & 03 foreign Inspection Offices which are performing field inspection & expediting at suppliers works, supporting development of manufacturers and carrying out performance monitoring of various suppliers, within their respective regions. Inspection Deptt. of EIL, over the last 5 decades, has a successful track record of ensuring & monitoring the quality & delivery of the items/ equipment from the supplier, right from order placement till the delivery of items to site. EILs Inspection Engineers located throughout these procurement offices are well skilled and experienced in numerous Testing & Inspection strategies/ techniques. They are also well versed with national & international Technical Codes/Requirements/Standards and are certified with internationally recognised Inspection/ Testing certifications.

Additionally, SCM-Shipping Deptt through its highly experienced and skilled team of logistics experts provides services on import & inland Transportation planning & control and Custom clearance of imported goods, which helps in smooth movement of project materials from Indian as well as global sources to project sites.

A few Major Highlights of SCM-Inspection Division during the year 2022-23 are:

• Expediting / Inspection / Monitoring activities for Purchase orders placed on various suppliers for various items / equipment worth of more than 10200 Crores.

• Inspection of around 2363 KM of Cross Country Pipeline (s) worth of 5009 crore carried out at suppliers work during the Year 2022-23.

• Successfully completed the 1st quarterly AMC services to DMRC-Delhi for Earthquake Early Warning System.

• Under the Make In India/ Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign, EIL enlisted several Indian suppliers where either no or very few Indian supplier exist like 160 MVA EHV transformer, GP Steam Turbine upto 1060KW etc.

• Launched an online "Inspection Call Module" &

"Communication module" to exchange all communication with various stakeholders related to order executions.

• Inspection of Largest R/R Package, CDU/ VDU Columns, Mounded Bullets, Main Fractionator Column, Chromium- Vanadium Reactors and many critical equipment for Rajasthan Refinery Project of HRRL.

• Inspection of various items / equipment like Pumps, Reactors, Exchangers, Columns, Heaters, Vessels, Compressors, Motors, transformers, bulk items, etc comprising of exotic metallurgy for various projects awarded to EIL by GAIL, NRL, BPCL ONGC, MRPL, ABRPL, Petronet LNG & many more meeting stringent specifications requirements.

• Inspection of pressure vessels in Titanium Metallurgy for ABRPL.


The Division offers services for Construction Management including Contract Administration, Construction Quality surveillance, Feedback Analysis, Health Safety &Environment and Warehouse Management for various projects of EIL, withstanding diverse challenges and local impediments associated with climatic conditions, difficult terrain and space constraints etc. which are unique to the nature of the project.

During the year 2022-2023, Construction Division continued to provide Construction Management Services for various clients at more than 55 diverse domestic projects and 3 overseas locations.

Concurrent prestigious commitments for the Division include Dangote Refinery at Nigeria, Vishakha Refinery Modernization Project (PMC & OBE) of HPCL, Rajasthan Refinery Project (PMC & OBE) of HRRL, Mongol Refinery Project, PPU GAIL Pata, Slug Catcher Project URAN on OBE Mode, Bio Refinery Project of ABRPL, Dhobi Durgapur Haldia pipeline of GAIL, APL- Namrup, Jamnagar-Loni pipeline of GAIL, KSPPL Kochi, High Speed Rail Terminal at Sabarmati, Leh Airport, Crude Oil Import Terminal of NRL- Paradip, ETP Jhagadia of NCT, LNG Truck Loading facilities & balance works of LNG Dhabol Terminal of KLPL, Petronet LNG Building at Dwarka, Consultancy Services of Panipat Refinery Expansion Project (P-25) of IOCL, Consultancy Services for 9 MMTPA Cauvery Basin Refinery (CBR) at Nagapattinam of CPCL, EPCM Services for 500 KTA PDH PP Unit with U&O facilities at USAR of GAIL, PMC Services for LPG Cavern at Mangalore of HPCL, PMC Services for Dhamra Haldia Pipeline Project of GAIL, DCU Revamp Project at Numaligarh of NRL, EPCM Services for Coker-B Revamp of Barauni Refinery Capacity Expansion of IOCL, to name a few.

Construction activities commenced for the following new domestic/ overseas projects during the year:

• EPCM for Upgradation of Facilities of Numaligarh- Siliguri Product Pipeline (NSPL)

• EPCM Services for Paradip- Numaligarh Crude Oil Pipeline.

• Restoration of Gas Terminal Phase-1 and Associated Facilities at ONGC Hazira in OBE Mode.

• PMC Services for Storage Augmentation of LHC Products at GAIL Vijaipur

• EPCM Services for Bitumen Blowing Unit-MRPL

• EPCM Services for Slope Stabilization Work for Crude Tank (J/K/L), SRU-7 & Beta Land Area of MRPL

• PMC Services for Krishnagiri-Coimbatore Section of KKBMPL-II.

• PMC Services for Krishnapatnam-Hyderabad Multiproduct Pipeline

• PMC for Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) Revamp Project- Nayara Energy Limited

• Consultancy Services for Guyana Integrated NGL Plant and 300 MW CCGT Power Plant Project

• RBI Data Centre & Training Institute, Bhubaneswar

The Construction Division leverages its highly skilled and motivated team for establishing and monitoring adherence of Construction Quality Management system.

The Construction Division is implementing a host of innovative techniques to minimize construction schedule across project sites. Some of them are as mentioned below:

• Erection of equipment in dressed up condition.

• Modular construction of Tech Structure, Piperack and Heaters

• Use of Pre-fabricated/Bolted structures

• Introducing extensive use of Auto UT/TOFD techniques as an alternative to hazardous conventional NDT method like radiography.

• Use of Digital Radiography

• Use of RFID technique for the tracing of fabricated piping spools.

The Companys commitment towards adherence of world-class Health, Safety and Environment standards in the execution of projects was epitomized by the multitude of accolades received from clients, during the year:

• 101 Million LTI free man hours at VRMP(PMC)-Vizag

• 100 Million LTI free man hours at HRRL(PMC)-Barmer

• 25 Million LTI free man hours at HRRL (OBE)-Barmer

• 27 Million LTI free man hours at LNG-Chhara

• 10.12 Million LTI free man hours at IIM-Nagpur

• 10 Million LTI free man hours at DDHPL-Durgapur

• 9 Million LTI free man hours at APL-Namrup

• 7 Million LTI free man hours at HSRCL-Sabarmati

• 5 Million LTI free man hours at ABRPL-Numaligarh

• 3 Million LTI free man hours at INDJET-Barauni

• 2 Million LTI free man hours at DDHPL-Durgapur

• 2 Million LTI free man hours at Mongol Refinery Project- Mongolia.

• 2 Million LTI free man hours at LNG Dhabol Terminal of KLPL

• 1 Million LTI free man hours at P-25, Panipat.

Environmental Engineering

EIL has been providing solutions for Environmental Compliances & water resources management while protecting and restoring major water ecosystems. EIL is committed to ensuring compliance to all health, safety and environment requirements during delivery of products/services to customers. EIL has executed several projects in diversified fields of Environment including Sustainability Development initiatives, Environmental Feasibility Studies; Air Quality, Modelling & Control; Environmental Management Plans, Water & wastewater treatment; Effluent Recycle & Reuse; Environmental Impact Assessment Studies; etc. EIL has helped in enabling the adoption

of innovative & integrated water and wastewater management solutions for optimization of fresh water conservation as integral part of its design. EIL is already accredited by Quality Council of India (QCI) for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment Study projects and the accreditation is valid upto 22.11.2023. EIL is accredited in 13 sectors with 5 EIA Coordinators and 16 Functional Area Experts.

Some of the major projects carried out by the company during the year 2022-23 in the field of Environment and sustainability include the following:

• Transaction advisory services to MOHUA (Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs) for implementation of Waste to Gas/Energy projects for various million plus population cities of India.

• Water, Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Recycle facilities for various projects implemented by EIL

• Completed Adequacy study for IOCL-Guwahati-ETP for remediation of various problems being faced in the ETP.

• Environmental Clearances from Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) were successfully obtained by EIL for BPCL-Bina Refinery Expansion Project and MRPLs Refinery capacity Augmentation project at Managlore.

• As part of EILs Sustainability Initiatives, development of Miyawaki forest has been initiated inside EIL-Gurugram campus in a dedicated area. Also, Solar Power Plants of capacity 400 KWP have been installed at EIL-Gurugram office as part of its net zero initiatives during the financial year 2022-23.

Research & Development

R&D has taken up various initiatives for technology development and commercialization on its own as well as in collaboration with industry, academia and reputed national laboratories to expand organizations business both in India and in the international market. In the era of energy transition, the R&D activities undertaken by the company would be instrumental in indigenizing the energy sector and help India achieve the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Our startup initiative "EngSUI" is a testament to our commitment to nurturing and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem within India. By providing both financial and technical support, we are empowering startups to drive innovation and shape the future of our industry.

Our collaborations with esteemed entities such as NRL, UOP LLC, PMPL, CSIR-IIP & OECT, and BPCL bear testimony to our commitment to knowledge-sharing and joint progress. Through these partnerships, we are harnessing collective expertise to drive meaningful change.

The indigenous desalter technology, a collaborative effort between EIL and BPCL, underscores our dedication to forging partnerships that yield groundbreaking results. This technology not only showcases our technical prowess but also exemplifies our commitment to sustainable solutions. The company carried out the revamp of CDU-3 desalter system at BPCL-KR using this indigenous technology.

Further, EIL is performing DFR and pre- project activities towards implementation of a demo Bio-ATF facility at MRPL in collaboration with CSIR-IIP. In addition, EIL has secured work on supply of Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) for LPGTU under DCU revamp at NRL.

In this fiscal year, our relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the securing of intellectual property rights. The grant of five patents and the filing of ten new patents further highlight our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Major achievements of division in terms of Technology Development and Commercialization are as below:

• Technology development projects initiated

i) A process for prevention of SO2 slippage into TGTU Quench column

ii) Development of solvent for recovering CO2 from flue gases in presence of impurities

iii) DPR Preparation for Coal to Methanol

iv) Development of technology for SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) production

v) Joint technology development for Helium recovery from Natural gas with CSIR-IIP and OECT

vi) Development of Helical baffles in Heat Exchangers

• Ongoing Projects

i) Development of Above Ground Sulphur Seal Technology

ii) Development of 3D CFD Model of Fluidised bed Coal Gasifier

iii) Amine Purification BEDP activities for IOCL-PR P-25 Project

• Technology commercialization

i) BEDP, DFR and pre-project activities for demo Bio ATF plant at MRPL

ii) DPR for 10 TPD ethanol demo unit from captured CO2 and H2 from Electrolyzer with NTPC

iii) Revamp of CDU-3 desalter system at BPCL-KR using EIL- BPCL Desalter Technology

iv) Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) for LPGTU under DCU revamp at NRL

v) Consultancy services for performance improvement of CDU heater through ENGRT-HTRTM software for HMEL

vi) BEDP preparation for Production of Aqueous ammonia from Refinery Sour gases at Numaligarh Refinery limited under progress

vii) Supply of proprietary CATDEGAS catalyst to MRPL SRU based on order placed by MRPL

viii) Supply of Proprietary internals for LPGTU at BPCL, MRPL and NRL.

• Initiatives taken for strengthening technology tie ups

i) Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) inked with Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) for Development and demonstration technology for the Production of aqueous ammonia from ammonia rich sour gases at NRL as joint technology

ii) Collaboration Agreement inked with Permionics Membrane Pvt Ltd (PMPL) to pursue marketing & Business development for promoting sale of Joint Technology & its proprietary items. To Collaborate for further research, development & upgradation of joint technology & its proprietary items.

iii) Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) inked with CSIR-IIP, ONGC Energy Centre Trust (OECT) for Development of technology for Helium recovery from natural gas based on knowhow and technology information package developed by CSIR-IIP and EILs CO2 capture technology.

iv) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked with UOP LLC, USA for enabling UOP to explore the potential deployment of EILs TGTU technology along with UOPs offerings to customers globally

v) MoA inked with BPCL for Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) technology development

vi) Activities initiated for signing of MoU with IIT-Kanpur for collaborative development of various technologies

vii) Renewal of membership for FY2022-23 for:

• Process Science Technology Center (PSTC), an industry- academia collaborative research program initiated by University of Texas, USA

• Fractionation Research Incorporated (FRI), a non-profit cooperative research organization based at Oklahoma, USA

• Process Integration Research Consortium (PIRC), University of Manchester UK

• Patents & Trademarks applied / granted

i) The following 5 no. of Patents filed earlier were granted this year:

• Patent No 407354: Cross flow reactor

• Patent No 413186: Design of Desalter System

• Patent No 415668: Integrated energy efficient tail gas treating process and system for the same

• Patent No 425318: System for gas-liquid distribution on a catalyst bed in a trickle bed reactor

• Patent No 425989: Single fired multiple pass vertical cylindrical heater configuration for low pressure drop application

ii) Trade Mark Granted

The following 2 no. of Trademarks have been granted against

past applications and those filed during this FY:

• EngExDoor (Leakproof arrangement for Explosion door in process heaters)

• EngDWST (Double Walled Cryogenic Storage Tank)

iii) The following 9 no. of new patents have been filed:

• A Conduit Support Structure of a Process Fired Heater

• Method for Optimizing Fired Heater using a system

• An improved configuration of vacuum distillation unit and process for separating components of reduced crude oil (1 no. Indian patent, 1 no. US patent).

• A Storage Tank

• Crude and vacuum distillation unit

• A system and process for prevention of SO2 slippage into TGTU quench column

• A device for above ground liquid sulphur seal

• Integration of propane dehydrogenation plant of petrochemicals with liquefied natural gas regasification terminal

• A supporting structure for a chimney

iv) Trade Mark Filed

Applications have been filed for registration of Trademark for following 3 no of technologies:

• BharatEngDWC (Divided Wall Column Technology)

• EngCO2fP=nj (Assessment of CO2e emissions from industrial operations)

• EngProjectView (Project Management Dashboard) Information Technology Services

The IT-enabled services provided by Information Technology Services Department to facilitate EILs core activities have been further augmented this year. Focus on developing and implementing quality IT solutions has resulted in improved services, enhanced efficiency, productivity and seamless integration.

The major focus has been towards de-perimeterization of activities and IT-enabled business continuity in a secure manner which strengthens our commitment to ensure a safe work environment for all our stakeholders.

The notable achievement in Project implementation is the adoption and implementation of seamless engineering activities through smart platform. The cutting-edge end-to-end solution technology has furthered the operational excellence and ensured a competitive edge.

In addition, EIL has adopted integrated plant design methodology for smooth Project execution and digital handover to clients

Through the adoption of technology at every level of activity, ITS has ushered in a new way of doing business in the Company. These achievements are a testament to ITS dedication to providing high-quality IT-enabled services that enhance productivity and competitiveness.

The major achievements of ITS in the year gone by are enumerated below:

? Infrastructure Upgradation

• EIL Gurugram Complex has been enabled with state- of-the-art Wi-Fi-6 with end-to-end security standards WPA3 with IP67 enclosure. Virtual or Hybrid mode for Corporate, Business, Internal or External interactions have been enabled and are being adopted completely.

• The Company augmented its Device-as-a-Service approach to procure new devices, which will ensure continuous technology upgrades and responsible device usage.

? Focus on Security

For EILs own business and for the stakeholders, Security of infrastructure is of utmost importance. EIL is participating in a special project being conducted by National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) to create a nation-wide network for generation of reliable and actionable threat intelligence.

As a commitment towards continual improvement in Cybersecurity posture, EIL has implemented DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) for major internet links. Additionally, the IT infrastructure system and inhouse developed web-applications are audited by a CERT-IN empanelled auditor regularly.

? Compliance towards various Government Directives

• Vendor Payment system and Lease System were enhanced to comply with the new GST guidelines.

? Digitalizing internal workflow

Most of EILs business and back-end functions are completely digitized using in-house applications. ITS has also been developing applications for usage of external stakeholders for furthering the efficiency, accountability and sustainability by moving towards paperless office environment. Few of the major achievements are detailed below:

Business Functions

• Web-based Software for Tender Processing System (EPS- Tenders) and Inspection Call System were implemented.

• ITS upgraded some of its earlier systems to the latest technologies; these include software for Instrument Index, Bill of Materials, IPMCS and e-Cable.

Back-end Functions

• An Aadhar OTP Based e-Sign Portal for submission of medical claims was launched.

• System for Paperless processing of Income tax declaration & Income tax Forms 12BB were completed.

• Number of HR and Finance software were upgraded as per new policies and requirements.

Interfacing external stakeholders with internal processes

• Enhancement of features of Document Management System of EIL (EngDMS) and PCAMS software were carried out for ease of operation of Clients.

• Supplier /Contractor portal has been enhanced for handling document submission for PMC jobs alongwith a dashboard for Supplier/Contractor documents

• The supply chain management has been completely integrated with Lakshya Bharat Portal for the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoP&NG) to provide real time information to various stakeholders.

Marketing & Business Development

Almost a year and half back, your company embarked on a new journey to re-invent, re-imagine and transform itself to be a global leader offering Total energy solution for a sustainable future. Besides maintaining the leadership position in O&G, Petrochemicals (incl. Fertilisers) & NFM segment, your company has been focused on scouting opportunities arising out of the national vision and policies in emerging areas like Coal gasification, Niche Chemicals, Bio-fuels, Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen as well as Energy transition, Decarbonisation and Net Zero related assignments. Crucial inroads have also been made into steel and Defense sectors, where tremendous opportunities exist given the clarion call of Aatmanirbhar Bharat by government.

The onus of getting business for company essentially lies on effective Marketing & Business development activity, which in EIL is predominantly entrusted to the M&BD department. Marketing and Business Development at EIL, provides the much-needed outreach to fulfil the growth ambitions of the organization. Besides being in incessant engagement with MOP&NG, your company is equally engaged with other key ministries like DC&F (DCPC), MOHUA, MNRE, MEA etc. to scout for all the possible business opportunities. Your company has been part of various working group committees formed by various Ministries and prestigious standard institutes. Cordial relations are also maintained with various MEA agencies.

Paramount importance is being given to maintaining a healthy and cordial relationship with all clientele. Active participations are made in various prestigious conferences, exhibitions, and forums where in one keeps abreast with the latest happenings, shares ideas with industry stakeholders and also maintain a good networking.

Major role of the department is scouting for business opportunities, both scouting for tenders in market and seeding projects on suo-moto basis with clients. Department also plays a crucial role in providing inputs to ministerial queries, preparation of Corporate rolling plan, annual reports

Your company firmly believes in forging strategic collaboration with existing and new clients, technology licensors, startups and equipment manufacturers for enhancing its footprint and augmenting business. During the year, several MoUs/ MoAs were signed with the likes of Munitions India Limited (MIL), ONGC, MoHuA, OIL, DEEP.KBB GmbH. These associations of business growth through collaborative

partnerships would result in providing more value added and niche solutions to our clients.

On business front, your company has secured orders worth more than 4700 Cr which include number of prestigious International assignments and assignments in the new emerging sunrise sectors. The biggest boost to our international footprints was through securing of two major assignments; One for $22 Million for providing consultancy services for Integrated Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) plant and 300 MW CCTG Power plan in Guyana and EPCM services for a world scale grass root fertilizer plan in Nigeria. The year gone by has been a good one for infrastructure segment as well, fresh business secured in this segment has been 300% times more than that of last year. Several assignments have been bagged in sunrise sectors in the are related to Coal gasification, Green H2/ Chemicals, Biofuels, CCUS and decarbonization. In the core refining & Petchem sector, several Feasibility studies have been carried out, majority of which would culminate into big ticket investments over next few years. Several assignments in niche chemical segment have also been bagged.

HSE Management System

Your company sustained its OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management system) certifications by successfully passing through the third party audits during this year. Apart from ensuring effectiveness of the HSE Management system, these certifications provide an edge in securing business, especially overseas.

An independent department (Corporate HSE) audits the HSE Management system of all divisions/departments including construction sites. The results of these audits are reported to the Management through Management Review Committee Meetings. Number of improvements pertaining to Health, Safety and Environment are addressed and discussed during management level meetings.

On the occupational health front, your company conducted various health talks under the umbrella of HALE (Health Assessment and Lifestyle enrichment). Also, numerous vaccination camps and health camps were conducted under this umbrella to address specific and generic health conditions. To enhance the fitness of the women employees, your company conducted specific interventions in the form of Zumba classes and Walkathons.

On the engineering front, HSE aspects that are to be addressed in the design engineering phases are built into the procedures/specifications of various engineering departments. Exhaustive HSE checklists are in place to ensure that these aspects are compiled positively during process design and engineering phases.

Being a renowned engineering consultant in the hydrocarbon sector, your company deploys proven risk assessment methodologies like HAZOP, RRA, QRA and SIL to ensure the process safety of the plants being designed.

On the office infrastructure front, your company is continuously making efforts to provide a Healthy, Safety and environment friendly work place to its employees.

On the construction front, the specification for HSE Management at construction sites, which specifies the HSE requirements to be complied by construction contractors, has been revised during this year in line with the current trends and to improve the HSE performance. Award to construction sites based on HSE performance, Issue of appreciation certificates to best performing construction contractors, are a couple of other examples of improvements implemented during this year. Your company celebrated National Safety Week across its offices and sites and the celebrations were used as a platform for improving safety awareness amongst the employees. During this year, your companys Construction safety management system was independently assessed by a third party agency and the suggestions have been taken up for improvement. To improve the safety performance, your company has initiated imparting Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) trainings to its employees at construction sites.

Apart from the rating system for construction sites, your company has introduced HSE award mechanism for Individuals. The objective of these reward mechanism is to foster and promote the culture of Safety.

To enhance your companys HSE competence, employees have attended various trainings in HSE domain, namely, ISO 45001 auditor certification, ISO 14001 auditor certification and other special trainings specific to construction safety.

A quarterly HSE Newsletter is being issued to all employees to communicate the happenings on the HSE front.

Quality Management System

Quality is inbuilt into the processes, workplace, deliverables and services of your Company. Quality Management System of the Company is being reassessed through External Audits across the company for continual conformance to ISO 9001:2015, by third party certification agency. During the year, your Company was audited and reassessed during re-certification audit and declared conforming to International ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The current Certificate is valid up to 13.10.2024.

For operational excellence, Quality Circle/Six Sigma Projects are executed in various departments to promote the culture of decision making at working level. Our quality circle teams won accolades in prestigious domestic competitions. Initiative on Lean Management (LM) principle implementation in various processes of EIL to remove waste to improve process efficiency is taken up. Erstwhile System Committee is reconstituted to spearhead the Quality Movement in EIL and improve "operational excellence".

Important ingredients of our quality initiatives are effective & comprehensive Internal Quality Audit process, planned customer perception surveys, analysis of feedbacks from stakeholders and regular reviews & directions from the Management Review Committee (MRC). The MRC is chaired by the C&MD with all functional Directors being members. Regular monitoring is being done to analyze the data & feedback for recommending improvements in processes, deliverables and QMS to reduce costs, shorten cycle time,

address cross functional issues, improve visibility and credibility. QMS implementation and its effectiveness have been further increased by using in-house developed software. Quality Management System provides a competitive edge in securing and executing projects with focus on full customer satisfaction. A digital newsletter "Eminence" is being issued to all employees, to promote awareness and to improve the Quality Management culture.

Risk Management system

The objective of the Corporate Risk Management function is to ensure sustainability of the organization by professionally managing the Enterprise Risks. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) involves identification, assessment, analysis, mitigation and monitoring of the Risks. The ERM system of your Company performs the above mentioned Risk Management activities across the business functions of the organization. EILs Risk Management framework is based on ISO 31000 (Risk Management Principles and Guidelines) and meets regulatory requirements namely SEBI LODR, Companies Act 2013 and Department of Public Enterprise (DPE) Guidelines. Risk Management process has also been integrated with the Quality and HSE Management System requirements as per ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards. The Risk Management framework of your Company is overseen by the Risk Management Committee of the Board. Key risks across various business processes namely Procurement, Construction, Project Management, Business Development, Cyber Security, ESG, Human Resources, Legal, Accounts & Recovery have been identified.

Changes in the Key Risks have been approved by the Risk Management Committee of the Board. Mitigation plans are in place for these risks and deployed across the organization. An independent group (Corporate Risk Assurance) audits the compliance verification of these mitigation action plans regularly and the results are presented to the Risk Management Committee of the Board. Your Company uses its in-house developed software package Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) to conduct these audits across multiple locations and departments. Being a Project Management organization, Project Risk Management framework has been put in place so that project specific risks are identified, assessed and mitigated. Regular Risk Management meetings are conducted and reports are issued to the stakeholders.

The status of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) & Project Risk Management (PRM) System is presented to the Risk Management Committee of the Board regularly. A digital newsletter Risk Screen is being issued to all employees, to promote awareness and to sustain & improve the Risk Management culture. The newsletter covers case studies, survey reports and best practices on Risk Management apart from apprising the employees on the Risk Management updates within the company. Employees across all levels are being continuously trained on Risk Management to improve awareness levels and increase their contribution and improvement towards the Risk Management function. EIL is continuously improving its risk management capabilities in order to protect and enhance the interests of its stakeholders.


The objective of the vigilance function is to ensure highest level of integrity & transparency in the Company. EIL has a separate Vigilance Department, which is headed by the Chief Vigilance Officer. The department acts as a link between EIL and Chief Vigilance Commissioner and also advises the Company on all matters pertaining to fair and transparent operations of business. The Vigilance Department takes preventive, punitive and participative measures, with emphasis on the preventive and participative aspects, and also helps in establishing effective internal systems and procedures for minimizing errors. The Vigilance Mechanism is based on the CVC Vigilance Manual/Policy Circulars, as well as guidelines given by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Timely Quarterly performance reports on Vigilance matters are provided to CVC and MoP&NG.

• Vigilance Department continuously endeavours to ensure fair and transparent dealings by leveraging technology and recommending systemic improvements in line with guidelines issued by the Central Vigilance Commission from time to time.

• Various routine vigilance activities such as in depth examination of complaints, detailed investigation, recommendation of penalties, systemic improvements were done during the year. These helped in strengthening of systems and procedures in the organization.

• Details of Complaints disposed off during the year:

Opening Balance as on


Received during the year Total Disposed during the year Closing balance as on


03 61 64 51 13

• During the year, various effective systemic improvements have been suggested to ensure transparency, efficiency, automation of processes. Review of policies and procedures were carried out which can help in reduction in shortcomings and ensure all-round good governance.

• Vigilance clearances (~1400 nos.) for various purposes, including for Board level appointments were given during the year by Vigilance section. In order to enhance awareness amongst employees, Vigilance awareness programs/trainings were also arranged during the year where approximately 180 nos. employees participated. CTE Type Intensive examinations (6 nos) were also done during the year. Worker perception Index survey methodology was developed during the year. Procedure for monitoring and expediting for Purchase Order was further refined to have a better and transparent hold on the process of expediting delivery of goods.

• The Vigilance Awareness Week (VAW-2022) was celebrated with a series of programmes on the theme "Corruption free India for a developed Nation hpvtpr g? *TRr-fO*f1d Hijr". The observance of the Vigilance Awareness Week commenced by taking the Integrity Pledge by EIL Employees at the Corporate

Office and all its work centers. C&MD EIL inaugurated the VAW- 2022 and she emphasized on EILs mission to maximize creation of wealth, value and satisfaction for stakeholders with high standards of business ethics aligned with national policies. C&MD appreciated the efforts of all who have always strived hard to keep EILs flag flying high and emphasized the need for climbing up the rank of Corruption Index and to work unitedly toward eradicating corruption out-rightly.


The Company continued its strong cash generation driven by business performance. The efficient financial and cost management system continued to facilitate cash generation as well as creation of wealth. EIL optimized the returns on cash reserves by deploying cash surplus in safe and liquid instruments as per the approved investment policy of the Company.

Internal Audit

The Company has an Internal Audit Department having competent professionals. During the year, major jobs and expense heads were reviewed by Internal Audit team with focus on checks and controls on systems, procedures, monitoring compliance and up-gradation of controls. Reports with observations are regularly submitted to Management and major findings are also presented to Audit Committee of the Board at regular intervals.

Corporate MIS (CMIS)

Corporate MIS Department (CMIS) having multi-disciplinary professionals is endeavored to provide vital tools to the Management to improve Resource Engagements, Automation of Employee Centric Systems and Real - Time Management Information on Projects, Manpower and Future Workload aspects.

During the year, a web-based software system to capture, maintain and access key project details like schedule & actual dates, progress percentage and budgeted efforts was developed. Also a web based portal designed to capture Employee experience profile and competency information. These serve as repository of data in the form of reports, accessible anytime - anywhere across the organization, over the years.

Human Resources & Industrial Relation

Human resources are vital for any Organisation to achieve sustainable performance in todays corporate world which in recent years has shifted from VUCA environment entailing volatility & complexity to BANI to match the reality of an increasingly chaotic world. The leadership needs to understand and plan for the new normal to stay ahead of the chaos. At EIL, employees are at its core and one of its most valuable assets driving its consistent success. The Company values its human resources and is committed to providing them with an enabling environment which motivates, facilitates their growth and rewards them for their contributions. EIL is committed to providing a workplace focused on its employees overall development and well-being. HR Directorate strives to develop workforce which is motivated, committed and aligned with the organizations strategic

goals and objectives. To ensure an enabling work culture and an engaged work force, employee-centric policies and development initiatives have been adopted from time to time. The policies are regularly re-visited and updated to keep abreast with the changing work expectations and employee aspirations.

As on March 31 2023, EIL has 2656 employees, including 2362 professionally qualified employees. Approximately 2.71 % of our employees are located outside India, functioning in international work environments.

Talent Acquisition

In order to address both short term and long-term requirements, EILs Talent acquisition strategy aims at identifying and developing a well- qualified and effective talent pool. To meet our dynamic business needs and ensure an optimum manpower mix, diverse recruitment models are adopted with intake of fresh talent, domain specialists as well as short term hiring through empanelled agencies, fixed term hiring and on boarding consultants/advisors. Planned job rotation has been implemented for optimum utilization of available human resources.

Performance Management System

To enable a performance-based culture, EIL has in place a robust and transparent online process of Performance Management System that gives weightage to both performance & potential and ensures holistic assessment. In order to align Performance Management practices with changing business needs and career aspirations of employees, the Promotion Policy has been reviewed during the year. The outcome of Performance Management System is used for career progression, performance related pay, training & development and succession planning.

Medical & Welfare

The focus areas of Medical & Welfare function have been to align welfare measures towards supporting EIL family in the difficult times of the pandemic as well as enhancement in quality of work life for employees. Employee welfare initiatives included Health Talks on emerging health issues, health & vaccination camps, involving multidisciplinary task force to support employees during COVID and easy accessibility of medical services by expanding empanelment of hospitals and laboratories to cater to well-being of employees/ their family members.

To ensure the safety of employees, COVID vaccination camps (including precautionary dose) were organized at EIB and EIL Office Complex, Gurugram for the benefit of employees/ dependents / family members and support staff for a safe and secure working environment for all. A number of online health talks were organized under Health Awareness and Life Enrichment Program to help employees deal with health and other issues. Network of hospitals and laboratories were also strengthened.

As a system improvement and a step towards achieving goals of Net Zero 2035, online Aadhar Based e-Sign Medical Claim System has been implemented which caters settlement of employees Medical

Claims with ease. In order to enhance the standard of living of our employees, EIL as a model employer provides various advances as financial assistance to meet various household requirements of employees like House/Flat, Vehicle, Computer/Laptop, Furniture and marriage expenses etc. A considerable no. of employees got benefitted during FY 2022-23 as well from the facilities extended by the Company.

Aarogyam : Daily Online Yoga Session for Employees and Family

EIL being a learning organization whose key asset are its people, it becomes of paramount importance that certain interventions for wellbeing of body and mind of employees are undertaken to add value to overall quality of human resources. With these objectives in mind, EIL has been organizing daily online Yoga Session "Aarogyam" in the morning for employees and their family members since June 2022 and is also available to all ex-Employees to join and benefit.

Establishment of Creche facility

EIL recognises the importance of providing best childcare to employees children and nurture them for the progress of the nation. In an endeavour to support its employees in their role as parents, the Company has set up a state-of-the-art Creche facility in the EIL Gurugram Complex, which was inaugurated on 03.03.2023. The creche facility at EIL premises shall provide neat, clean, safe, hygienic & healthy environment to the children where adequate learning environment is provided for ensuring their age appropriate holistic development. The operation of the Creche has been entrusted to The Banyan, a world-class pre-school and corporate day care entity.

Digitalization Initiatives

As an endeavor to continuously align Companys processes with broader objective of sustainability and to achieve Net Zero target by 2035, Company is committed to go paperless to the extent possible and enhance digitization to make employee claims procedure more user and nature friendly. In view of the same, various employee claims have been digitized in the year 2022-23 namely Concession under circular 5/97 (home visit for single status employees), House Rent Allowance (HRA), HRA brokerage, Lodging allowance, Leave Fare Assistance (LFA), Child Education Rebate, Single day cash allowance claims, Local conveyance claims and Relocation claims. Further certain additional employee claim processes have been taken up for digitization in the second phase for the year 2023-24.


EIL promotes a culture of sports by facilitating weekend practice sessions in various games and interdepartmental tournaments for ensuring health and wellbeing of employees.

EIL organizes in-house sports like Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess during lunch time and after office hours and weekend sessions of Badminton and Tennis. Annual Sports Day is organised at Head office, regional offices and project sites. Employees are also encouraged to participate in marathons, cyclothon, various trekking expeditions and sports tournaments at regional and national levels.

As a member of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board, EIL actively participates in its initiatives. EIL employees participated in various competitions organized by PSPB including Badminton, Carrom & Football, Lawn tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Kabbadi, Athletics, Veteran Cricket , Chess and Swimming during 2022-23.

Training & Development

EIL is a knowledge-based Organisation with progressive plans to meet development needs of its employees, required to keep them abreast with the contemporary business needs. Keeping this philosophy in mind training and development plays a key role in the process of strategically investing time, energy, and resources into the development of company personnel for superior work performance. It is a considered view that improving and enhancing the competencies of its human capital be it domain, functional or behavioural is the only way to help align individual goals with organizational vision.

EILs Training & Development Division focuses on creating multiple learning opportunities for its people and a well-laid out Annual Training Calendar caters to various planned, customised and need- based interventions. The Annual Training Calendar (ATC) 2022-23 was prepared incorporating inputs from all the stakeholders. While domain programs of ATC were organised with the faculty support of in-house resources, behavioural skill & leadership programs were organised with faculty sourced from Empanelled Agencies and Industry Experts.

Various training interventions taken by Training & Development Division for employees during the FY 2022-23 are as detailed below:

External Nominations

Employees participated in various external Training Programs including Paper Presentations and Certifications Courses, Conferences, Summits and Workshops at National and International forums. Training & Development Division processed nominations for 158 programme during the year, wherein, approx. 847 employees participated.

Domain Training Initiatives

Strengthening domain and technical expertise provides huge competitive advantage to EIL. Training & Development Division facilitated enhancement of these capabilities through structured domain-based training programs as part of the ATC. These training were conducted through online platform and by in-house faculty resources. Total 79 nos. of domain programmes were conducted during FY 2022-23.

Leadership Development Programs

Aarohan: The Leadership Journey of 31 participants of Batch XIV-A of Aarohan commenced in November 2022. The programme is uniquely designed to include Action Labs that provide Development Inputs on themes centred around Leading Self, Leading Teams & Leading Organizations. In addition to this, participants are put in cross functional teams to work on assigned Action Learning Projects (ALPs) related to Organizational goals and Strategic Intent. The

participants have been provided Leadership Development inputs through classroom inputs as well as through an adventure learning module. In addition, to support their multi-functional learning and enable their progress on the Action Learning Projects, online course module through a reputed platform have also been provided.

Soft Skills/ Behavioral Programs

EIL leveraged the online platform and organized behavioral programs under the following Competency Clusters viz. Access (L12), Climb (L13-15), Build (L16-18) and Aadhar (L1-9).

Total 26 nos of Soft Skills/ Behavioral Programmes were held during FY 2022-23 on various competencies like Drive for Results, Emotional Intelligence, Fostering Teamwork, Managing Change, Mentoring & Coaching, Planning, Organizing & Foresightedness, SelfEmpowerment, Customer Focus, Self-Motivation, Teamwork, and Communication.

Industry Training Programs

EIL continued its endeavors to strengthen its position as the Knowledge Partner to the Industry and identified training opportunities to engage with its external stakeholders. These courses were designed in collaboration with the client organization and subject matter experts and covered multiple technical topics. In-house faculty possessing exceptional technical knowledge and vast experience provided inputs in these interventions. A total of 25 nos. Industry technical trainings were conducted in FY 2022-23 which were attended by total 560 participants from across various public and private sector organizations. Some open Programmes organized on various topics included Corrosion and Integrity Management of Equipment & Pipelines, Safety Integrity Evaluation through SIL/LOPA Technique, Electrical Control Systems (ECS) and Substation Automation System (SAS), Sulphur Recovery Technologies, Polymerization Technology (PP, LLDPE/HDPE SWING, and HDPE), Innovative Indigenous State of art Delayed Coker Technology and Green Building Design Concepts & application.

Synergia : Outbound learning Intervention

In furtherance to the organizations endeavour for having an engaged workforce and creating synergy amongst employees, Training and Development Division organized Synergia, an out-bound learning intervention for its employees. In order to further strengthen the spirit of working cohesively in a team and bring in enhanced engagement, activity based programme on Team Building Programmes (Synergia) were also organized onsite for employees across Levels 12 to 20 with expert facilitators.

"The Great Place to Work" Assessment & Recognition cum Certification through "Great Place to Work" Institute

With an aim to position EIL as a "Great Place to Work" the most definitive Employer of Choice recognition that organizations aspire to achieve, demonstrating uniqueness in terms of supporting employees by robust processes and systems, characterised by a shared commitment to both individual and Company success and a

culture of trust. To gather know how about the world class people practices that out-perform in business as well as attracting talent, by benchmarking with the Industry peers, during FY 2022-23, EIL underwent "The Great Place to Work" Assessment & Recognition cum Certification through "Great Place to Work" Institute which consisted of roll out of Organization wide Trust Index Survey and Culture Audit by the external party.

Skill Development Initiatives

In order to give fillip to Government of India "SKILL INDIA MISSION", Training of Apprentices was undertaken as per the Apprentices Act 1961. Learning interventions were organized in both online and offline mode with the aim to make the apprentices more employable. During the FY 2022-23, 88 nos apprentices in various trades joined and 55 nos of apprentices successfully completed apprenticeship training in EIL.

During the FY 2022-23, 148 nos Management Trainees (MTs) joined. The training program designed for MTs is aimed at providing the required skills and functional knowledge to MTs that will make them ready to take up their respective roles and contribute effectively to fulfill the goals of the organization. MTs of 2022 batch underwent first three months design training at Head Office on Company Familiarisation, Campus to Corporate (C2C)/Behavioural skills training, Comprehensive training in R&D function, Discipline wise classroom training, site training orientation besides on-the-job training. Also, interaction with Senior Management was held during the Company Orientation program. Further, to provide hands-on experience w.r.t execution of projects and construction activities at site, for the balance period of nine months of training, MTs have been allocated to various sites for undergoing on-site training.

Mentorship Development & Other Initiatives

With an objective to foster professional relationships and provide a forum for offering constructive advice to support the career development of new joinees, Mentorship Development Programme is in place wherein trained mentors are assigned to the new comers (mentees) in the ratio of 1:3 (Mentor: Mentee). A total of 100 MTs who joined EIL in 2022-23 have been assigned mentors and also during FY 2022-23, mentors were allocated to regular employees those joined since 2021. Structured interactions were encouraged and quarterly monitoring of the meetings were undertaken to ensure alignment with the objective of the Programme.

Mother to Mother (M2M)

In order to ease the re-entry of new mothers into the work space after the maternity leave, Mother to Mother (M2M)- New Mother Mentoring Programme initiative was undertaken to facilitate discussion around balancing responsibilities as new mothers with the expectations at work. One-on-one mentoring sessions focused on creating a balance between work and home priorities, refocusing on career and inculcating a problem solving approach amidst the challenges and the concerns pertaining to parenting were held for new mothers.15 Mentors have been assigned to 31 Mentees wherein

the Mentors interact regularly and provide guidance, encouragement & support to the mentees. To understand the challenges being faced by new mothers (mentees) and mechanisms to navigate these challenges and ensure their psychological well-being, sessions were organized on the topic "Psychological Well Being" and "WEvolve"- Nurturing Psychologoical Well-Being" during the year.

HR Initiatives

Assessment Development Centre for Senior Management employees was conducted for 198 EIL officers through empanelled agencies.

HR Annual Report 2021-22 was compiled with an objective to showcase the achievements of various divisions of HR Directorate during the year 2021-22. The report is a compilation of various initiatives, interventions and accomplishments of the HR Team.

Annual award 2021-2022:

With an aim to encourage, inspire and enthuse employees, annual awards were presented to employees under following different award categories on 15th August 2022:

• Best Employee in Staff Category : L1-5

• Best Employee in Staff Category : L6-9

• Executive of the year : L 12-15

• Individual Innovation: L12-15

• Individual Innovation: L16-18

• Team Innovation

Recommendation for these non-monetary awards are provided after intense evaluation on set parameters by constituted evaluation committee.

Youphoria Initiatives

"YOUPHORIA"- The Youth Engagement Platform for Millennials, Engineers India Limited successfully organized a Photography Competition-"Darpan" for officers below the age of 35 years. The theme of the competition was "Corporate Photography - Life in EIL Campus". The best three entries of the competition were recognized and rewarded.

A two day Intra-Industry Technical Paper Writing Competition - URJAALEKH was also organized on 30th - 31st May 2022 at Gyan Ganga (EIL Auditorium), Gurugram. The objective of the event was to provide a forum for engaging, enabling and empowering the youth across the Oil and Gas CPSEs by leveraging collective intellect and experiences. The event focused on sharing best practices of Oil & Gas Sector, emerging trends & Innovation in the form of paper presentation under six categories namely: HR, Finance, SCM, Quality & HSE, Marketing & Sales and Operations. The participating organizations were the mix of Maharatna and Navratana Oil and Gas CPSEs. The jury members had representation from Industry (ex C&MD/ex Director of PSUs) and Academia (Faculty of esteemed Management Institutes).

SUVIGYA VYAKHYAAN SHRINKHALA - Expert Lecture Series, is a monthly initiative undertaken to sustain and enhance the competitive edge of our human resources and keep abreast with Industry trends and practices in the current as well as avant-garde areas of Technology, Management and Leadership. Twelve Lecture sessions/ Expert talks were organized during the year.

Women Development

Women constitute approximately 11.7% of EILs human resources, of which 93.5% are in the officer cadre. EIL has in place, a Womens Forum comprising of senior officials as Patron, Chairperson and CoChairperson to cater to the development needs of women employees. During the year, many focused interventions were made to empower, encourage and enable women to stay engaged and deliver their best to the Organisation. Various talks, training programmes and workshop were organized throughout the year to give focus to Womens Health & Well-being and Financial Planning. Abundant opportunities are made available to women employees for participation in National as well as International Conferences and Symposiums so that they benefit from the knowledge of Industry and Domain Best Practices.

Womens Day Celebration

International Womens Day was celebrated on 3rd March 2023 at EIL Gurugram honouring womens achievements and contributions. The theme of this years International Womens Day "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" resonates with EILs christening of the year 2023 as the "Year of Innovation". The programme was adorned by two equally strong message oriented, around the years theme, Nukkad Nataks/Street Plays namely Embrace Equity and "vj l dh vj". To encourage Fitness as a Habit, Walk-A-

thon and Step-A thon "A team walking challenge" was organised with the important aspect of the challenge being move and make the steps count! Digital Poster Making Competition & VLOG Making Competition were also organized to merge creativity with technology. An informative session on rules and laws of cyber security was organised.

Technical Paper Writing Competition

Training and Development Division provided a platform to employees for showcasing their technical/ domain prowess in two categories - Category-A (for Level 12-15) and Category-B (for Level 16-18). 32 employees submitted their technical papers highlighting their domain expertise, functional knowledge as well as innovative thinking. To encourage the employees to contribute in the capability enhancement initiatives, the best three papers were rewarded including two consolation prizes in each Category A and B.

e-Learning Module

Training and Development Division has initiated a new intervention of e-learning. This e-learning module gives flexibility to the learner where he/she can learn at any time, any place and at their own pace. These modules contain knowledge check and assessment in the form of MCQ, Match the Following and Drag & Drop type quizzes. Four out of Six modules have been developed and shared to new joinees.

Implementation of Government Directives on Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes

With a view to accelerate the pace of socio-economic development of the nation, EIL has always endeavored to safeguard the interests of SC/ST employees. The Company has appointed a Liaison Officer to work as a facilitator in ensuring that due attention is paid to the issues of SC/ ST employees. Management also encourages communication with the office bearers of the SC/ST Employees Welfare Association by holding periodical meetings with the Association. Scholarships were awarded by EIL to 15 SC & ST (SC-10 and ST-5) undergraduate engineering students. The percentage of employees belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was 18.4 % and 5.2% respectively of the total employee strength of the Company (as on March 31, 2023).

Implementation of Government Directives on Other Backward Class

The Company has appointed a separate Liaison Officer for OBCs, to work as a facilitator in ensuring that due attention is paid to the issues of OBC employees. The percentage of employees belonging to Other Backward Class (OBC) was 18.7% of the total employee strength of the Company (as on March 31, 2023).

Implementation of Government Directives on Economically Weaker Section

The Company has implemented government directives pertaining to reservation of Economically Weaker Section (EWS).

Initiatives for the Benefit of Persons with Disabilities

EIL is implementing the provisions of "The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016" by way of providing reservation for Persons with Disabilities. The Company has also formulated Equal Opportunity Policy and appointed a Grievance Redressal Officer for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) (Divyangjan). As on March 31, 2023, there are 47 PwD employees on the rolls of the Company. Special Transport Allowance is being granted to eligible Persons with Disabilities as per guidelines.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EILs CSR Policy envisions to enrich the lives of people through social upliftment, promotion of inclusive growth and recharging the environment in a sustainable manner. EIL has set clear objectives towards assisting the transformation of the Countrys social infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable manner and has aligned its CSR initiatives to the national priorities. As per The Companies Act, 2013, a budgetary allocation of 2% of the average net profit made during three immediately preceding financial years has been done in the financial year 2022-23 for CSR activities. Some of key initiatives that the Company has been engaged in are as follows:-

Health Care & Nutrition: Healthcare continues to be a major focus area for the Government due to the aftermath of the Pandemic amidst increasing needs for a robust health infrastructure.

To extend specialised healthcare services to poor & needy, EIL conducted 600 cataract operations & distribution of spectacles and medicines in the aspirational district of Haridwar, Uttarakhand; and provided medical equipment to Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Puducherry. Health and eye check-up camps were conducted in four aspirational districts in Assam viz. Baksa, Barpeta, Udalgiri and Hailakandi. EIL is supporting running of a medical van in areas around Barmer district of Rajasthan to provide door-step healthcare services in rural areas. The company is also providing financial assistance for treatment of 5 under-privileged Cancer Patients in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi and has contributed to the PM CARES Fund.

To address the issue of malnourishment amongst children and women, EIL is establishing 140 nos. of Model Anganwadi Centres by providing basic infrastructure at aspirational district Dhubri, Assam under its CSR initiatives.

Drinking Water/ Sanitation: Access to clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices is every humans right and the pandemic has put the spotlight on importance of sanitation and hygiene.

EIL, as part of this thrust area, is supporting the installation of four units of water coolers at common public places in Buland Shahar in Uttar Pradesh and five units of RO Water Vending Machines in aspirational district of Purnia, Bihar.

Education: Education is a basic human right that helps in social upliftment and ensures sustainable development. EIL, through its CSR initiative has endeavoured to reach to those who have been deprived of the benefits of education due to unavailability of resources like school infrastructure and sanitation facilities etc.

EIL supported construction of a state-of-the-art building for a Government school at Kabennur, Dharwad, Karnataka; Supported creation of additional school infrastructure in aspirational district Darrang, Assam; Karaikal Puducherry and Tilhar, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. To make education accessible to all and mitigate the drop out of children especially girl children due to inadequate sanitation facilities, EIL undertook the maintenance of school toilets constructed by EIL at Assam, Odisha & Tamil Nadu as part of Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan.

Vocational Training/ Skill Development: Skill development is an important driver to address poverty reduction by improving employability, productivity and inclusive growth. In line with the Governments "Skill India" mission with a vision to create an empowered workforce, EIL provided Skill Development Training Program (SDTP) to 600 no. of candidates from backward classes on PAN India basis and contributed towards operational funding of Skill Development Institutes (SDI) at Raebareli, Guwahati & Ahmedabad.

Contribution to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

EIL supported the welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen, war widows and their dependents by contributing to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

Make In India - Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Since inception in 1965, EIL has been continuously engaged in the process of creating an ecosystem conducive to the growth of Indian industry promoting import substitution and engaging Indian Industry. EIL is in the continuous process of stimulating and promoting local/ domestic manufacturing and production capacities besides providing support to priority sectors in becoming more competitive and export oriented.

Towards Make In India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat, EIL has taken several initiatives and implemented various policies to enhance indigenous manufacturing and develop import substitution. Some of these initiatives, polices and progress achieved are listed as below:

India Energy Week

During the flagship event of MoP&NG titled India Energy Week held during February 6-8, 2023 at Bengaluru, EIL showcases a Make In India (MII) Pavilion with participation of 24 EIL enlisted suppliers with different portfolios viz Static Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation, etc. operating in the MII ecosystem.

Lakshya Bharat Portal

Under the guidance of MoPNG, EIL has developed a reliable, scalable information system (Named as "Lakshya Bharat Portal"). This web-based portal is intended to provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs as well as existing manufacturers to invest/expand their manufacturing base in India under the Make In India policy, with an endeavor to make India an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Subsequently, in order to facilitate real time data update by various OPSUs, EIL has developed APIs (Application Programing Interface) and successfully integrated same with EIL database. This portal is being used by Oil & Gas companies to highlight all Capital goods & MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) items procured by OPSUs.

Regular Vendor Meets

EIL has been organizing manufacturers meets from time to time with an intention to meet the entire vendor community to understand their issues and pain areas. In addition, focused meets have been held on specific items providing the intending entrepreneurs and existing manufacturers with the detailed perspective of the product under consideration. In FY 2022-23, EIL had organized 14 Vendor Meets.

EILs Make In India Policy

Under GOIs Make In India campaign, EIL had issued a Make In India Policy in 2016 & revised the same in 2017, with the objective that foreign companies would get encouragement to set up their subsidiary in India or enhance the already existing portfolio. This policy encourages Indian subsidiary of a foreign company (holding 51% or above shares) in case of selective capital goods and technologies where India has limited number of manufacturers and there was tremendous scope for technology up-gradation.

As per this policy, Indian subsidiary can be enlisted/ qualified in the tenders subject to certain conditions, using the experience & support of either foreign principal or another subsidiary of the foreign principal, carrying the required experience. In FY 2022-23, for 7 product categories, 5 manufacturers have been enlisted / upgraded by EIL.

Enlistment through Prototype route

EIL has also issued a policy wherein for sectors where only one or two players exist, even manufacturers without PTR are being allowed to develop prototypes with handholding by EIL.

They were considered qualified based on the successful development & testing of a prototype, meeting the stipulated technical specifications as well as capability and capacity of the plant being upgraded to meet the requisite standards. In FY 2022-23, product profile of one manufacturer is enhanced by EIL.

Other Efforts

EIL has developed indigenous Desalter and Double Wall Column (DWC) Trays technology in association with BPCL and making efforts to indigenize manufacturing of these items.

For packages having insufficient Indian vendors, NIT route is being adopted where Indian bidders can participate by tying up with technology collaborator for the technology part only.

Start Up India

Under the Government of India "Start-up India" Campaign, EIL has implemented the policy wherein start-ups (with no PTR for item under consideration) are encouraged and supported to manufacture the item and get enlisted with EIL based on successful manufacturing of the item.

Online 24x7 empanelment process

To facilitate the empanelment process for various goods and services, enlistment portal in EIL is made live on 24x7 basis for all suppliers and contractors seeking empanelment in EIL Master Supplier / Contractor list.

Handholding through a chain of Regional Procurement Offices

EIL has 09 (Nine) Procurement offices located throughout India which are closely interacting with the Indian Manufacturers in respective regions and providing all necessary procedural and technical support & guidance to improve quality and range of manufacturing.

Addition of new Suppliers in FY 2022-23 for items with limited suppliers in EIL MSL

• For 13 items categories, EIL has added first Indian Supplier in EIL Master Supplier List.

• For 17 items categories, EIL has added second Indian Supplier in EIL Master Supplier List.

• For 14 items categories, EIL has added third Indian Supplier in EIL Master Supplier List.

Official Language

Implementation of Official Language Policy & New Initiatives:

i) Quarterly meetings were held regularly where in the progress of progressive use of Hindi was reviewed. The meetings of different OLICs of Regional/ Field/Procurement Offices were also organized as per schedule and the targets of four meetings as per schedule was achieved in the financial year in all offices.

ii) Provisions of the Section 3(3) of the Official Language Act and the Official Language Rules have been complied with.

iii) The Committee of Parliament on Official Language inspected EILs Regional Office Vadodara and were satisfied with the implementation of Official Language Policy in the office.

iv) For collecting and consolidation of Hindi quarterly report, an online software and app is launched with help of ITS. Hindi Coordinators claims have also become paperless.

v) The initiatives taken in the field of IT include activating Unicode facilities in all computers, Providing Indic IME, booklet for Standard Noting, PDF of Email Signature in Hindi and google voice typing and other software on the computers. Training of above softwares were given during Hindi Workshops. Necessary Hindi softwares, Glossary and other material are installed in the Company Portal for spontaneous use of employees.

vi) For better implementation of Official Language, inspections have been conducted in the offices and departments.

vii) Three Hindi regional conferences were organized for the EIL offices situated in each region A, B and C.

Hindi Teaching & Training

In pursuance of the Official Language Policy of the Government of India, newly joined employees, not conversant with Hindi language, are nominated in correspondence course of Ministry of Home Affairs. Complete target has been achieved in respect of stenographers and typists.

Hindi Workshops

Workshops in different Offices are organized virtually and in person. Hindi Fortnight Celebration

The Hindi Fortnight was celebrated during 14- 29 September 2022 in the Company. Various competitions were organized to encourage the progressive use of Hindi wherein winners were awarded. On this occasion, HODs/Head of office and their Hindi Coordinators who have done maximum work in Hindi during the year were awarded.

Official Language Award

Petroleum Rajbhasha Shield (Consolation award) was awarded to EIL by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the excellent Hindi work done.

Regional Office Vadodara is awarded with Rajbhasha Shield by Town Official Language Implementation Committee, Vadodara.

In house magazine "PAHAL" of Branch Office Mumbai is awarded by

Town Official Language Implementation Committee, Navi Mumbai.

Awards and Accolades

During the year, number of prestigious awards were conferred on

your Company which are the testimony of its contribution towards

development of hydrocarbon and other sectors in the country:

• SKOCH Order-of-Merit for R&D Project Development of Technology for Conversion of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol.

• "Special Commendation Award" in the Services Category in 31st National Award for Innovative Training Practices for the year 2020-21.

• FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Awards - 2022 in the category Manufacturing Process Innovator of the Year for "Process for the production of aqueous ammonia from refinery sour gases".

• CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2022 for Achievement Award for Best Construction Project for "MAF Project, Assam Petrochemicals Limited, Namrup, Dibrugarh, Assam".

• CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2022 for Achievement Award for Construction Health, Safety & Environment for "Residual Utilities & Offsites of the Project (OBE) for Rajasthan Refinery Project of HRRL".

• Governance Now 9th PSU Awards for CMD Leadership Award- Ms. Vartika Shukla, C&MD

• Governance Now 9th PSU Awards for HR Leadership Award- Sh. A.K. Kalra, Dir. (HR)

• Governance Now 9th PSU Awards for Reskilling of employees

• Governance Now 9th PSU Awards for Communication Outreach

• ET Ascent Awards for 21st Global Edition & 6th India Edition- The Original Business Leader of the Year- Ms. Vartika Shukla, C&MD

• ET Ascent Awards for Business Leader of the Year- CFO Leader of the Year- Sh. Sanjay Jindal, Director (Finance)

• ET Ascent Awards for 16th Edition of Stars of the Industry-ET Ascent Awards-Best Overall Excellence in CSR

• IEI Industry Excellence Award 2022 in Engineering and Service Consultancy sector instituted by The Institution of Engineers (India).

• Golden Peacock Award 2022 for Corporate Social Responsibility.

• "Best Performing Uniquely Placed Organization" in the National Workshop for Electronic Procurement organised by the Department of Expenditure (PPD), Ministry of Electronics & IT (Meity) and NIC.

• NSCI Safety Award-2022 (Prashansa Patra) by National Safety Council of India under Construction Sector (Group B) for LNG Terminal Project at Chhara, Gujarat, for praiseworthy work and demonstrating outstanding performance in OSH.

• Rajbhasha Award for FY 2021-22 by TOLIC.

• First Prize in Swachhta Pakhwada Awards (category: I&EBR target <1000 cr.) by MoP&NG for exemplary initiatives undertaken during Swachhta Pakhwada 2022 towards making Swachhta a "Jan Andolan".

• IFTDO (International Federation of Training and Development Organizations) Global Award in the "Learning Into Action" category for its "Aarohan"-Leadership Development Programme at the 49th IFTDO 2022 World Conference.

• CHT Innovation Award 2021-22 by MOPNG under the category "Best Indigenously Developed Technology" for "indJet? Technology" jointly received by IOCL and EIL.

Subsidiary, Joint Ventures and Associate Companies

As on March 31, 2023, your Company has one wholly owned subsidiary, two Joint Ventures including a JV under liquidation and one Associate company.

Subsidiary Company

Certification Engineers International Limited (CEIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of EIL, continued to provide Certification as well as Third Party Inspection (TPI) services to various clients. During the year, CEIL secured a number of assignments from ONGC, L&T, GSPL, GIGL, VMSS, KRCL, RINL, NLC and various State Governments, notable among them being:

• Third Party Certification Agency for Pipeline Replacement Project (PRP-VII) - RTR Project

• PCPRT-1 Painting inspection works

• Third Party Inspection Services for Insulation Replacement Works at PLQP and Inspection of CP Survey of 20" and 10" Offshore Pipeline of ONGCs HPHT Asset - Kakinada

• Third Party Certification Agency for Recertification of Life Boats, Davits and associated works for Western Offshore for HSE Section - MH Asset.

• Third Party Inspection of Rail Over Bridges for Gawar Construction Co. Limited, HG Infra Limited, Tata Projects Limited (WDFCC), GR Infra, JSP Projects, Ashoka Buildcon, PNC, DRAIPL, THDC India Limited.

• Inspection of Rail Over Bridges in Maharashtra for Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation

• Inspection of Steel Web Girder bridges for Rishikesh Project for Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

• Third Party Inspection Services for Steel Reinforced Conveyor belts (change order) for Neyveli Lignite Corporation

• Construction supervision & Inspection for MSO Compressor package at GSPC LNG Terminal Mundra

• TPI Services for Chaara LNG Connectivity for GSPL Project

• Owners engineering and vendor inspection services for R-LNG Tank storage and re-gasification for Kandla SEZ for GSPL

• TPI services for quality assurance of materials and services required for LNG/LCNG , Steel laying & cathodic protection projects across GGL

• Project management consultancy services for Makdawn- Nagda-Ratlam Project for GGL

• TPI Services for IOCL CGD Connectivity for GITL and Civil Works for ROBs for MMRDA

• Inspection agency for fabrication of ROBs for MRIDC and Launching ROBs for MRIDC

• Inspection of Girders of Track Bridges at Yamatmal for Central Railways Wardha

• T4S & IMS Audit GAIL NGPL Pipeline for GAIL (INDIA) Limited

• External Safety Audit of GAIL Pipeline & Process plant for GAIL (INDIA) Limited

• T4S, ERDMP & IMS Audit AGP CGD Networks for AG&P, T4S & IMS Audit IGL CGD Networks for IGL, T4S, ERDMP & IMS Audit IOAPL CGD Networks for IOAPL and ERDMP/IMS/T4S audits, External Safety Audit for Process plant, Pipelines, CGD networks from various clients like GAIL (India) Limited, AG&P, Indraprastha Gas Limited, IOCL, Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt. Limited etc.

• Technical Due Diligence for Petrochemical Project at Mangalore for HMEL

• Fit for Purpose, HSE & PNGRB Audit, Design review (Misc. Job) for GSPL, IOCL, Torrent Power, PCL, Wadhwa Construction, Sonal Engineering.

• Infrastructure works for Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Surat Municipal Corporation & Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

• Quality Control Services for various infrastructure works of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Irrigation & Flood Control Dept.

• Third Party Quality Surveillance for infrastructure projects from Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited.

• Structural Audit of Delhi Housing Project

• Third Party Quality Audit of Bharat Vandana Park, Delhi

• Jal Jeevan Mission projects in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

• TPI services for Quality Surveillance of construction of Retail outlets of IOCL at Karnataka

Apart from these, CEIL continued Certification and Third Party Inspection assignments with ONGC for Onshore terminal & GS23 projects in Kakinada, Heera Offshore Field, Sagar Samrat Conversion Project in Abu Dabhi & Mumbai, TPI services for Tata projects & Paramount at HRRL, Quality assurance services for KRCL. Other assignments with Surat Municipal Corporation, Cantonment Boards, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health and Social welfare, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, DFCC, NHAI continued. IMS / T4S audits carried out for GAIL (India) Natural Gas Pipeline networks for KKBMPL

Phase I & II, HVJ pipeline network, Dabhol - Bangalore pipeline, KG Basin pipeline networks, Indian Oil - Adani Gas CGD networks, Adani Total Gas, Torrent Gas, Cross Country NG Pipeline for Duliajan - Numaligarh pipeline, ERDMP certification audits for GAIL Gandhar GPU, Pata Petrochemical complex, KG Basin pipeline network, Torrent gas pune and PESO audits for ISRO and HMEL Projects under SMPV rule 13(2) were some of the assignments carried out by CEIL in the statutory certification area.


The Board of Directors of CEIL have recommended final dividend of 43/- per share (on face value of 100 per share) for the financial year 2022-23, in addition to 60/- per share interim dividend already paid during the year. With this, the total dividend for the financial year 2022-23 works out to 103/- per share amounting to 9.72 Crore.

Joint Ventures

Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (RFCL) has been incorporated as a joint venture company of Engineers India Limited (EIL), National Fertilizer Limited (NFL) and Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCIL), for setting up Gas based Urea Manufacturing Plant at Ramagundam, Peddapalli district in the State of Telangana, with capacity of 2200 MTPD Ammonia Unit and 3850 MTPD Urea Unit.

Commercial Operation of the plant was declared on 22.03.2021 and plant achieved 100% Plant Load for Urea and Ammonia on 26.04.2022. The Plant was dedicated to the nation by Honble Prime Minister of India on 12.11.2022.

Associate Company

EIL along with ONGC Videsh Singapore Pte. Ltd., GAIL (India) Ltd., IOCL Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Oil India International Pte. Ltd. having participating interest of 20% each had incorporated a Limited Liability Company namely LLC Bharat Energy Office in Russia to facilitate liaising with the Russia petroleum industry and to monitor the existing investments. During the financial year, the Company has contributed its 20% contribution amounting to 75.97 lakhs

Salient features of Financial Statement of Subsidiary / Joint Venture as required under Section 129 (3) of the Companies Act, 2013 is presented under note no.69 of Consolidated Financial Statement.

Further, pursuant to the provisions of Section 136 of the Act, the financial statements of the Company, consolidated financial statements along with relevant documents and separate audited financial statements in respect of subsidiary, is available on the Companys website on

Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to good Corporate Governance as per the requirements of SEBI Listing Regulations and DPE Guidelines. The Board of Directors support the broad principles of Corporate Governance. In addition to the basic issues, EIL Board lays strong emphasis on transparency, professionalism and accountability. As

required under SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and DPE Guidelines on Corporate Governance, the Report on Corporate Governance, together with the Auditors Certificate on compliance of conditions of Corporate Governance is annexed to this report.

Number of Meetings of the Board

The Board met 8 (eight) times during the financial year. The meeting details are provided in the Corporate Governance Report that forms part of this Annual Report. The intervening gap between any two meetings was within the period prescribed under Companies Act, 2013, SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and DPE Guidelines on Corporate Governance.

Composition of Audit Committee

The recommendations made by the Audit Committee during the year were accepted by the Board. The other details of the Audit Committee, like its composition, terms of reference, meetings held, etc., are provided in the Corporate Governance Report.

Declaration by Independent Director

Independent Directors of the Company have submitted the declaration confirming that they meet the criteria of independence as prescribed under Section 149(6) of the Companies Act, 2013, Regulation 16(1)(b) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and they are not aware of any circumstance or situation, which exist or may be reasonably anticipated, that could impair or impact their ability to discharge their duties with an objective of independent judgment and without any external influence.

The Board is of the opinion that the Independent Directors of the Company possess requisite qualifications, experience and expertise and they hold highest standards of integrity. Further, Independent Directors of the Company have complied and affirmed to abide by Rule 6 (Creation and Maintenance of Data Bank of Persons Offering to become Independent Directors) of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014, as amended from time to time, and have also declared their enrollment in the data bank of Independent Directors maintained by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA).

Directors and Key Managerial Personnel

The following changes occurred in the Board/Key Managerial Personnel of the Company:

1. Shri Rajiv Agarwal was appointed as Director (Technical) w.e.f. September 26, 2022.

2. Ms. Vartika Shukla, C&MD was holding the additional charge of Director (Technical) from September 01, 2021 to September 26, 2022.

3. Shri S.K. Handa ceased to be the Director (Projects) of the Company w.e.f. October 01, 2022 consequent upon his superannuation.

4. Shri Sunil Kumar ceased to be Director (Government Nominee) of the Company w.e.f. December 12, 2022 consequent upon completion of his tenure of 3 years.

5. Shri Rajeev Gupta was appointed as Director (Projects) w.e.f. December 28, 2022.

6. Shri Ashok Kumar Kalra, Director (HR) was holding the additional charge of Director (Projects) from October 01, 2022 to December 28, 2022.

7. Shri Rohit Mathur, Joint Secretary was appointed as Director (Government Nominee) vice Shri DheerajKumar Ojha w.e.f. May 16, 2023.

In line with the amended SEBI Listing Regulations, approval of members was obtained through postal ballot for appointment of Shri Rajiv Agarwal as Director (Technical). In pursuance to relevant provisions under the Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI Listing Regulations, Nomination and Remuneration Committee has recommended for approval of shareholders at the ensuing Annual General Meeting for appointment Shri Rajeev Gupta as Director (Projects) and Shri Rohit Mathur as Director (Government Nominee).

In terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Articles of Association of the Company, Shri Sanjay Jindal, Director (Finance) and Shri Atul Gupta, Director (Commercial) are liable to retire by rotation and being eligible are proposed to be re-appointed at the forthcoming 58th Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Board places on record its deep sense of appreciation for the guidance and invaluable contribution made by the Directors, who have ceased during the year as Directors of the Company.

Details of the proposals for appointment/ re-appointment of Directors along with their brief profile are provided in the notice of the AGM.

Secretarial Auditors

M/s VAP & Associates, Company Secretaries, was appointed to conduct the Secretarial Audit of the Company for the financial year 2022-23, as required under Section 204 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules there under. The Secretarial Audit Report for the financial year 2022-23 is annexed to this Report.

All the comments of Secretarial Auditor were primarily related to Composition of Board of Directors and its performance evaluation etc. In this regard, it is clarified that EIL, being a Public Sector Undertaking (Government Company), composition of its Board of Directors is the prerogative of the President of India as provided under the Articles of Association of the Company. Since Government of India is appointing authority for Directors, the Company communicates to the Administrative Ministry (MoPNG) as and when a vacancy is created and requests to fill up the position. Further, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide notifications dated 05.07.2017, inter-alia, had exempted government companies from the provisions relating to performance evaluation of directors, as the performance evaluation of Directors is carried out by the Administrative Ministry, Govt. of India.

Vigilance Mechanism/Whistle Blower Policy

The Company has a Whistle Blower Policy and has established the necessary vigil mechanism for directors and employees in confirmation with Section 177(9) of the Act and Regulation 22 of SEBI Listing Regulations, to report concerns about unethical behavior. This Policy is available at the Companys website

Transfer of Amounts/ Securities to Investors Education and Protection Fund

A detailed disclosure on unpaid/unclaimed dividend and shares transferred to the IEPF in Compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 has been given in the Corporate Governance Report which forms part of this Annual Report. The same is also available on the website of the Company at

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

EIL is a Public Sector Undertaking (Government Company) and the appointment of Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive are made by the Government of India and are being paid remuneration as per the terms of their appointment. The Company has a Nomination and Remuneration Committee and detailed disclosure in this regard has been given in the Corporate Governance Report which forms part of this Annual Report.

Performance Evaluation of the Board

EIL is a Public Sector Undertaking (Government Company) and the appointment of Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive are made by the Government of India. Therefore, the Company has not laid down any criteria for performance evaluation of the Independent Directors and the Board. However, regular inputs on performance of Independent Directors are being provided to administrative Ministry as well as Department of Public Enterprises (DPE).

Particulars of Contracts or Arrangements made with Related Parties (RPTs)

In line with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the SEBI Listing Agreement, the Company has formulated a policy on materiality of Related Party Transactions and also on dealing with Related Party Transactions and the same has been revised on 27.05.2022 in line with recent amendment in SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015. The Board of Directors have approved the revised Policy which is in compliance to the provisions under the Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI Listing Regulations as amended. The same has been posted on the website of the Company at The Company gives the disclosure regarding material transactions with related parties on quarterly basis along with the compliance report on Corporate Governance. As per requirements of Section 134 (3) of Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 8 of Companies (Accounts) Rule, 2014, particulars of contracts or arrangements with related parties as referred in section 188 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 (AOC-2) is annexed to this report. Further, suitable disclosure as required by the Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS-24) "Related Party Disclosures" has been given in the Notes to the Financial Statements.

Details of Loans/Investments/Guarantees

In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, the details of investments made and loans/guarantees provided as on 31.03.2023 are given in the respective Notes to the financial statements.

Reporting of Frauds by Auditor

During the year under review, neither the statutory auditors nor the secretarial auditor has reported to the Audit Committee, under Section 143(12) of the Companies Act, 2013, any instances of fraud committed against the Company by its officers or employees, the details of which would need to be mentioned in the Directors Report.

Annual Return

Pursuant to Section 134(3)(a) read with Section 92(1) of the Act, Annual Return of the Company for FY 2022-23 is placed at

Cost Auditors

EIL does not fall under the cost audit rules and therefore, there is no requirement of cost audit for the Company in terms of amended Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules.

Conservation of Energy, Research and Development, Technology Absorption, Foreign Exchange Earnings and Outgo

In accordance with the provision of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules framed thereunder, particulars relating to Energy Conservation Technology Absorption are given under Research & Development and Sustainable Development Sections of the Directors Report.

Information regarding imports, foreign exchange earnings and expenditures etc. (excluding exchange difference on conversion of foreign currency) is as following:

For 2022-23 For 2021-22
a) Expenditure (disbursement basis) in foreign Currency on account of:
(i) Knowhow and professional fees including sub-contracts (others) 1392.48 747.28
(ii) Sub-contractor/Construction Material turnkey projects 189.40 285.24
(iii) Others (foreign travel, living allowance, membership fees, agency commission, foreign office expenses, etc.) 6751.34 5396.81
(i) Earnings (accrual basis) in foreign exchange on account of professional fees including 6.48 Lakhs (Previous year: 3.13 Lakhs) earned in local foreign currencies, which are not repatriable to India against which, an expenditure of 27.91 Lakhs (Previous year: 17.05 Lakhs) incurred in local foreign currencies. 23674.32 28539.00

Significant and Material Orders

There are no significant and material orders passed by the regulators or courts or tribunals impacting the going concern status and Companys operations in future.

Other Disclosures

No disclosure or reporting is required in respect of the following item as either these were not applicable or there were no transactions on these items during the financial year 2022-23:

1. Details relating to deposits covered under Chapter V of the Act.

2. Issue of equity shares with differential rights as to dividend, voting or otherwise.

3. Issue of shares (including sweat equity shares) to employees of the Company under any scheme.

4. Neither the Managing Director nor the Whole-time Directors of the Company receive any remuneration or commission from any of its subsidiaries.

The names of companies which have become or ceased to be joint ventures or subsidiary companies during the year are NIL.

The Company has complied with the applicable Secretarial Standards (SS-1 & SS-2).

The Company has complied with the provisions and has in place Internal Complaints Committee under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. Further, during the financial year 2022-23, no case was filed under the above Act.

There are no material changes and commitments affecting the financial position of the Company which have occurred between the end of the financial year and the date of this report.

Code of Conduct

EIL has formulated a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnel. All Board Members and Senior Management Personnel have given their confirmation of compliance for the year under review. A declaration duly signed by C&MD is given under para 2(vi) of the Report on Corporate Governance annexed to this Report. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnel are given on the website of the Company at Investor/Landine

Right to Information

The Company has in place a well-defined mechanism to deal with the RTI applications received under the Right to Information Act, 2005. A dedicated RTI Cell is available at HO-New Delhi to deal with the matters pertaining to the Act and to comply with the requirements of the Act. Besides the RTI applications received physically, the Company receives and addresses the online RTI applications received through the RTI portal, which is a unified RTI portal of the Government of India.

Under the provisions mentioned in Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, every public authority is required to display mandated information to citizens to secure access to the information under the control of public authority, in order to promote transparency and accountability in its functioning. EIL, being a responsible public sector undertaking, has displayed the information on its corporate website under RTI section. The details of CPIO, APIO, First Appellate Authority as well as details pertaining to the RTI disposal report, have also been displayed on the website.

During the year, a total of 292 RTI applications were disposed off timely, by providing information in line with provisions mentioned in the Act. The Company also received First Appeals in response to the information provided by CPIO. 37 RTI Appeals were attended to and appropriately disposed off by First Appellate Authority during the aforesaid period.

Directors Responsibility Statement

Your Directors state that:

a) in the preparation of the annual accounts for the year ended March 31, 2023, the applicable accounting standards read with requirements set out under Schedule III to the Companies Act, have been followed and there are no material departures from the same;

b) the Directors have selected such accounting policies and applied them consistently and made judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company as at March 31, 2023 and of the profit of the Company for the year ended on that date;

c) the Directors have taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the provisions of the Act for safeguarding the assets of the Company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities;

d) the Directors have prepared the annual accounts on a going concern basis;

e) the Directors have laid down internal financial controls to be followed by the Company and that such internal financial controls are adequate and are operating effectively; and

f) the Directors have devised proper systems to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such systems are adequate and operating effectively.

Statutory Auditors

N. K. Bhargava & Co, Chartered Accountants were appointed as Auditors of the Company for the financial year 2022-23 by the Office of Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The Statutory Auditors Report on standalone and consolidated financial statements do not contain any qualifications, reservations, or adverse remarks or disclaimer.

Comptroller and Auditor General of Indias (C&AG)s Audit

The C&AG has conducted supplementary audit under Section 143(6) (b) of the Companies Act, 2013 and issued Nil comments. The Nil comments report is annexed in this Annual Report.

C&AG Paras from other Audit

As at 31st March, 2023, there is no pending C&AG Paras.


Bankers of the Company include State Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India (erstwhile corporation bank), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indian Bank, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Axis Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, EXIM bank, HSBC and IndusInd Bank.

Particulars of Employees

As per the provisions of Section 197 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder, Government Companies are exempted from inclusion of the statement of particulars of employees. The information has, therefore, not been included as part of the Directors Report.


The Directors are grateful for all the help, guidance and support received from Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and from other Ministries of the Government of India. Directors are also grateful to the Bankers, Statutory Auditors, Comptroller & Auditor General of India and the investors for their continued patronage and confidence in the Company.

The Directors thank all our esteemed clients for the faith and trust reposed in the Company. With continuous learning, skill upgradation, technology development, your Company continue to provide world class professionalism and services to our clients.

The Directors thank all associates, vendors and contractors within the country and abroad, for their continued support without which EIL could not have achieved the desired results. Your Directors are grateful to all the Foreign Missions in India and Indian Missions abroad in countries where EIL has business operations for their continued help and support.

The Directors wish to convey their appreciation to all employees for the valuable services and cooperation extended by them and are confident that they will continue to contribute their best towards achieving still better performance in future.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
Place: New Delhi Vartika Shukla
Date : 11.08.2023 Chairman & Managing Director