Metropolis Healthcare wins the Diagnostic Company of the Year Award

Metropolis impressed award hosts Frost & Sullivan with its strong customer ownership experience, high-quality diagnostic tests, and report reliability.

Nov 10, 2020 08:11 IST India Infoline News Service

Diagnostic company, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, has been named Company of the Year in the Indian diagnostic services industry by Frost & Sullivan. Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, the company reported record revenue of Rs856cr in FY20 against its earnings of Rs760cr in FY19, with growth of 12.6%. This revenue growth rate is higher than that of its competitors.

The company said in a regulatory filing on Monday that total number of patient visits to Metropolis Healthcare’s diagnostics centres in India has increased from 8.98 million in FY19 to 10.00 million in FY20, registering growth of 11.3% year-on-year (yoy).

Metropolis impressed Frost & Sullivan with its strong customer ownership experience, particularly for offering customers easy accessibility, high-quality diagnostic tests, and report reliability. Moreover, the company educates its customers about their health status based on their personalized reports. Metropolis’ preventive care segment helps customers proactively take corrective measures, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle and predetermining, through testing, potential disorders for themselves and their families.

On being accorded the award, Ameera Shah, Promoter & Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare said, “We are delighted to receive the prestigious ‘Company of the Year award’ by Frost & Sullivan. Our in-depth understanding of patient needs, coupled with our unflinching commitment and the gravitas we bring to the table with our expertise, stands validated with an award of this stature.”

The Frost & Sullivan award recognises Metropolis as unique in the diagnostics sector. Metropolis’ core brand values include integrity, empathy, and accuracy founded on a patient-first approach that creates value for all stakeholders.

While congratulating Metropolis on the accomplishment, Pankaj Bedi, Consultant - Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan said, “In healthcare and the pathology industry, quality is the core driver of growth. Almost 70% of clinical decisions are based on diagnostic reports. Metropolis’ relentless focus on quality and reliability across its large range of diagnostic tests gives it unique brand positioning and increased revenue and growth margins. Metropolis’ way of doing business in the Indian diagnostic services industry stands out from that of its competitors.”

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