Evexia Lifecare update on proposed API plant

Evexia Lifecare update on proposed API plant

Jul 31, 2021 01:07 IST capital market

Evexia Lifecare has received has received initial plant layout permission from FDA to setup Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing plant of Isometamidium (Isometa) in addition to the current ongoing commercial activity.

The Isometamidium (ISOMETA) mainly used for the rare disease in the cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, equines (horses, donkeys), camels and dogs. Very few players are manufacturing the said API in India as well as across the world. The company is going to set up a plant with the capacity of 400kg per month API which will be the highest production by any company.

This API plant will increase the revenue of the company by 30-40 Cr p.a. as well as increased the profitability by good %. There is high demand of this API mainly in Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The advance stage negotiation is already going on with buyers for advance order of this API product.

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