Dr S Vasudevan, CMD, Ozone Group

We used the past few months to introspect on our business and fine-tune areas to make it more robust and efficient.

Feb 08, 2021 11:02 IST India Infoline News Service

In an interaction with Shweta Papriwal, Editor, indiainfoline.com, Dr S Vasudevan, CMD, Ozone Group said, "We are defining our townships as the “Future of Habitation” that centres its strategy on 5 pillars- Physical and virtual infrastructures, product mix, convenient amenities, eco-friendly developments; culture & CSR".

Ozone Group – Redefining the standard of living & the elements which differentiate the company from other realty players. Please comment
During the course of developing standalone projects, we realized that the future of real estate is in creating sustainable large developments with a varied product mix. This philosophy evolved into building large scale integrated townships. Our townships have a product mix that encompasses boutique residences, duplex and penthouses, luxury residences, premium apartments, villa plots and senior community living options that are bound to leave homebuyers spoilt for choice. Our projects facilitate a holistic lifestyle with easy access to conveniences, medical facility, neighbourhood shopping and physical safety along with health security. It has something for everyone, be it kids, working professionals, homemakers, senior citizens and even investors. We have been catering to the growing needs of the customer and providing the most stylish and luxurious properties across Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.
Tell us about the new brand identity and its purpose
At Ozone Group, we used the past few months to introspect on our business and fine-tune areas to make it more robust and efficient. The rebranding initiative at Ozone Group was undertaken to encapsulate the seamless interface between residences, workplaces and leisure areas and also reiterate the status of a sustainable integrated township developer, known for creating the ‘future of habitation’. We have successfully completed our rebranding exercise and unveiled our new corporate identity to reinforce our core values. The new iconography of the logo embodies the globe, which is signature to the group’s logo along with the latest addition of Tulsi leaves- representing the green cover that is a part of every Ozone project, while also lending a touch of Indian culture. With this, we expect better brand perception, increased brand loyalty and investor confidence.
Explain in detail the 5 Pillar strategy
We are defining our townships as the “Future of Habitation” that centres its strategy on 5 pillars- Physical and virtual infrastructures, product mix, convenient amenities, eco-friendly developments; culture & CSR.
Infrastructure- Physical Infrastructure like wide roads, bus shelters, pollution free transportation inside these townships, jogging and cycling tracks, multiple entry and exit points, water recycling, STP, Abundance of power and 110 KV substations and virtual Infrastructure through extensive use of Technology such as Internet of Things (IOT), Fibre Optic Cable, for entertainment and work etc.

A product mix that encompasses residential, commercial, education, medical, senior-care, SOHO, villa plots etc

Convenient amenities for residents like crèches, dining areas, retail spaces, club-houses, drive-in theatres, wide range of sports and multiple courts, parks, open spaces, mini soccer field etc.

Eco-friendly developments that constitute breathing townships made of green building and biophilic features, the Miyawaki forest that deep cleans the air and creates lung space.

Culture & CSR- Cultural spaces like amphitheaters to foster unity and celebrate diversity; responsible business practices that ensures dignity of labour employed and providing subsidised education & medical assistance to migrants as well as select homes to families of defence personnel and public servants involved in nation building.
Comment on year 2020 and your outlook on 2021
It’s pretty safe to say that 2020 has been a year that took us all by surprise. What began with optimism quickly turned to fear and despair. The first half of 2020 was dominated by the pandemic and the lockdown brought everything to a standstill. The real estate sector, like all other sectors remained subdued with no construction activity, no site visits, work from home etc during the first half.
As we reflect on 2020, we can say now with a great degree of confidence that the worst is behind us. Post Unlock 2.0 we have seen demand coming back, especially in the residential sector. Customers have realized that owning real estate is an asset, a hedge against natural calamities and a tangible form of security. The pandemic also gave us the time to introspect on the business and fine tune areas to make it more robust. We completed our rebranding exercise and expect better brand perception and an increase in brand loyalty and Investor confidence through the timely exercise of reinvention. On the business front, Q3 FY21 has been better than the previous quarters in terms of our sales; we achieved over 70% of our targets and are confident that Q4 FY21 would be even better.
With the announcement of availability of vaccines, we are certain that things would come back to normal sooner than later. We look forward to 2021 with confidence and we are rearing to go.
What are the company’s future plans and expectations from the coming year
We will focus on creating additional elements in the design and development of townships (based on the five pillars approach) to create a sustainable, differentiated competitive advantage by working with strategic partners of global repute in the fields of technology, retail, healthcare and energy.In 2021, we plan to launch new towers in our existing projects across Bengaluru and Chennai and complete our ongoing projects. We are seeing changes in the buying pattern of customers, the demand for ready to move in homes is on the rise and we see a trend towards larger apartments. At Ozone, we believe in going back to the basics, we will continue to design homes with better cross ventilation, biophilic features, use open spaces and terraces more effectively and create efficiently designed homes with technology.

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