Credit Sudhaar launches Identity Shield

Identity Shield service provides customers with tools required to confront identity theft crime through monitor, protect and recover steps

October 18, 2013 8:59 IST | India Infoline News Service
Credit Sudhaar, Mumbai-based Credit Health Improvement Company on Thursday launched Identity Shield service which provides customers with the tools, skills and expertise required to Monitor, Protect and Recover their identity from the risks of Identity Theft and Cybercrime. This is done by using state-of -art data patrol tools and advanced cyber security software backed by practical, legal and technical assistance required to keep their identity secure.

“We store important information online, access our accounts online, interact with friends online and we do this using various devices: PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. This means that we run the risk of hackers and identity thieves stealing our information, phishing websites, key loggers who can "see" our passwords, webcam hijackers who can see what we are doing. Most people do not realise that identity theft, credit misdemeanours, malware and other such criminal acts are fast evolving and don't know how to protect themselves. Identity Thieves methods have changed - not only do they want to avoid detection for as long as possible, they are also changing their tactics to target fast growing social networks and online platforms which have severe financial consequences for consumers. 98% of Indians have not even heard of Identity Theft. This makes Indians a soft target for Identity Theft. This lack of awareness, combined with the associated lack of preventive and monitoring tools implies an even greater risk,” said, Mr. Arun Ramamurthy co-founder, CREDIT SUDHAAR.

“Our Identity is what defines us as an individual and gives our life shape. None of us would like our identity to be compromised. Yet, Identity Crime is a major menace confronting Indians today. In India, there is one victim of cybercrime every second. INR 50,000 crores is lost to Identity Crime every year in India. Research indicates an upsurge in new forms of Identity Theft such as social engineering and mobile cyber theft. This is a sign that Identity Thieves are starting to focus their efforts on these platforms. As per the recent Norton Cybercrime Report, 2 out of 3 Indians have been victims of this menace online. CREDIT SUDHAAR’s Identity Shield follows a 3 step approach to Monitor, Protect and Recover a person's identity,” added, Mr. Gaurav Wadhwani, co-founder, CREDIT SUDHAAR.

CREDIT SUDHAAR’s Identity Shield – 3 Pronged Approach
This step involves an extensive analysis of a person's credit report so that it may be tracked for stolen identities and fraudulent usage. This is combined with an extensive analysis of customers’ Credit Health and Credit Scores utilizing CREDIT SUDHAAR's unique 8 parameter Credit Health Map. The Credit Health Map is combined with a social score analysis which can help you to monitor your social environment.

Online tools and resources help you to keep abreast of the latest in the fast evolving world of Cybercrime and Identity Theft. Tracking becomes even easier with "ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS" using our mobile application which is made available to all our members.

Prevention is better than cure. Identity Crime is more often than not a result of people stealing important pieces of information pertaining to you such as identity papers (PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, and Voter’s ID). This can be prevented by storing important documents in vaults. This is combined with doorstep delivery and pickup. The vault is available both online and offline for easy and secure access.
Our protection suite contains state-of-art tools including firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti key-loggers and password protection software. Each of these has been selected keeping in mind our day to day requirements and practicality. Whether it is desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices we have a solution that keeps our customers protected.

"RECOVERY" suite provides customised and enhanced protection so that our customers can live their lives with a smile. Our Identity Protection Plans, Lost Wallet Protection, Fraudulent Charges Protection have all been designed after extensive consumer research and provide unique solutions which are accessible only to CREDIT SUDHAAR’s Identity Shield clients. Our ULTIMATE clients also get access to "RECOVERY EXPERTS" who are available to help our clients navigate through any challenges that an identity thief may pose at them.

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