Creation of Wealth Vs Transfer of Wealth

Author Tulsi Tawari captures “How Passionate Entrepreneurs Would Lead the Future World to an Era of Abundance” in his latest book release titled “Creation of Wealth Vs. Transfer of Wealth”(CoW Vs ToW)

March 10, 2014 11:27 IST | India Infoline News Service
Title: Creation of Wealth Vs Transfer of Wealth
Author: Tulsi Tawari
Pages: 296, Paperback
Price: Rs. 300/-
Published by Om Publishers

The book titled ‘Creation of Wealth Vs Transfer of Wealth’ is a thought provoking, tactical navigator for the leaders of tomorrow. Author Tulsi Tawari communicates and highlights that entrepreneur of today empowered by the Internet must focus on ‘Creation of Fresh Wealth’. Well-thought through, researched and analysed, the book acts as a strategic guide towards creating a prosperous and passionate civilization. Seeking real independence and fulfilling one’s dream need not remain risky proposition like before. The current generation can break-free from the traditional economies of survival and leap ahead.

The book prominently showcases that Money has the power to generate abundance, when it is invested to create fresh wealth. Shortages and economic downfall that the world is inflicted with are unnecessary and definitely avoidable. It is an outcome of mis-directed money and wasted human-time in non value-adding or even wealth-destructive (i.e., transfer of wealth) activities. The future of prosperity growth requires inter-connected world to move on; where greater profits come from the realms of design, exploration and research. Knowledge, the never ending resource when harnessed with passion at individual levels will lead to enormous growth of fresh opportunities while material consumptions actually diminish. For instance, could one ever imagine the availability of infinite colours on TV and Computers would not need even a gram of material-dye?

The concept of time (quality-time-quotient) derives a new meaning in the book, it calls for individuals’ need to keep a tap on the time spent into routine activities vis-a-vis time invested in value adding in self, thereby pushing towards building of a ‘Creative Entrepreneur’. Thereby, making of passionate corporations with higher productivity and innovation. Author predicts the world of the 21st century blessed with enhanced wealth creators.

Speaking on the occasion, Author Tulsi elaborates, “It’s time for the new breed of future leaders to act decisively as Wealth Creative Entrepreneurs and ensure the supremacy of Creation of Wealth (CoW), with knowledge as means of prosperity-growth in the New Era”.

The book was recently inaugurated in Mumbai by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar – Past Chairman AEC, Dr. Narendra Sakhalkar – an Economics Professor, Mr..Sam Venkatesan, Chairman EPPI attended by several leading Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Researchers, Scholars and Academicians.

Author said,” The idea for the book triggered in me when I first went to the United States and the glaring disparity between the two societies struck me. While the freedom for creation of wealth is the biggest strength of the US during two centuries, corruption through transfer of wealth is the biggest problem in India.”. Author deems Steve Jobs, Tim Lee and Varghese Kurien as some of the biggest creators of wealth.

“The society needs entrepreneurs who can create value in society. Most educated people are afraid of becoming entrepreneurs and are content with their routine jobs,” he said. Tulsi’s book can inspire a new leadership that will not be exploitative,” said Dr. Kakodkar.

“The most enviable achievement is that the introduction of the ‘knowledge driven economic activities’ will provide a series of trigger-points for a new research in economics and management.” , says Prof. Narendra Sakhalkar, Economist & Leadership Guru.

After reviewing the book, Dr. Raghbendra Jha, Executive Director, ASARC, Australian National University said, “Ideas are indeed innovative and hopes to have an impact on society.”

“I could almost hear the voice of Prof. Lionel Robbins in his lectures at the London School of Economics, said Dhun Ghandhi, former Managing Director, Rallis India, TATA group, Mumbai.

“The topic of wealth, money and economics is always complex, intriguing, confusing, Author has successfully addressed a very serious issue, choosing a vast canvas and dwelling deep into most basic level of concepts”, says an IIT Alumnus BindhuMadhavan.

“Congratulations for Unfolding to the human community ‘The Final Battle’ CoW vs ToW” said, another Entrepreneur, Naresh Bhatt.

The Book is a compulsory reading for most politicians, bureaucrats et al said people at the book release function. The Book is a must for inclusion in the syllabus programme for the B-School & Management colleges for students across the globe.

The book is available on one of India’s leading online shopping portal –http://www.indiaplaza.com/creation-of-wealth-vs-transfer-of-wealth-tulsi-tawari/books/9788192473901.htm

The book will be actively promoted on social media platforms to connect with the youth and communicate the key messages from the Author.

About The Author

Tulsi Tawari is a distinguished alumnus from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago - 1980. Having spent an early part of his career in US, Tulsi returned to India. He is a Strategist for Innovation & Knowledge Management and advises first generation entrepreneurs, professionals and CEO's from diverse technologies and industries. His risk-mitigation approaches and innovative original tools such as Quality-Time-Quotient (QtQ) C, Leadership Quotient (LQ) C and Prosperity-Index (PI) C are being implemented by new-aged entrepreneurs to help achieve sustained growth. Heis CEO - Alternate Approaches in Education & Entreprenuership & Ultra-Tech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (accredited by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre).

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