Powerplay: The Game Is On

This cricket season experience the ‘unputdownable’ entertainer, POWERPLAY: The Game Is On by Parinda Joshi.

March 10, 2014 11:27 IST | India Infoline News Service

Title: Powerplay: The Game Is On

Authors: Parinda Joshi

Pages: 300, Softbound, B & W

Price: Rs. 250/-

Published by Fingerprint!

One man. One team. One game. Or not?

Powerplay- a corporate thriller which has in its heart the murky, action-packed world of cricket. As a cricket team flounders and attracts acquisition, something, somewhere seems to be going terribly wrong. Who’s playing whom and who’s being played out? Find out as you lose yourself to a racy narrative and a cast of intriguing characters in a book that has been adjudged a ‘complete entertainer’.

A shark at a consulting firm smells blood and circles in for the kill. His name: Vivek Grewal. His mission: to orchestrate an acquisition nobody saw coming. His target: a faltering IGL team.

An introverted, idealistic employee with a no-nonsense attitude finds herself in troubled waters. Her name: Keya Singhal. Her desire: to fight for what is rightfully hers. Her aggressor: Vivek Grewal.

Adding to the mix are two powerhouses: a billionaire investor and the IGL team's captain.

What happens when their worlds collide? Are things the way they seem to be or is there something sinister underfoot? From the author of Live from London comes this heady cocktail of raw ambition, unwavering ideals, vengeful betrayal, consuming love, and notorious scandals.

Once the lights go out in the stadium, which game kicks off behind the scenes? Amidst the corporate drama and a rickety romance, who will stand to lose it all and who will emerge unbeaten?

Praise for Powerplay has been very generous so far:

Powerplay takes you on a journey of intrigue, passion and ambition. Who would have thought the drive to acquire a cricket team can be as riveting – unputdownable” 

Gaurav Kalra, CNN-IBN Sports Editor

“Witty, sinister, gripping. Powerplay is a complete entertainer” 

Ravi Subramanian, Best-selling author, Crossword Book Award Winner

Powerplay gets you hooked right from the first line - it's that fast-paced. English pulp fiction scales the heights of subtlety in Ms. Joshi’s hands” 

Babita Basu, Editor, The Times of India

An excerpt from the book

Vivek took in the magnificent view of the grounds in the stadium, as he sat waiting for everyone to assemble in the swanky conference room he had been ushered into a few minutes ago. Harsh sat beside him, shooting off mails to his Madrid office. Vivek could sense he was tense. For his own part, he felt a slight tingle of anxiety running in his veins. There had been no indication of anything, whatsoever, from Krishnan or anyone else from the team, but just a taciturn message asking them to meet. Up until then, he had had to field calls and follow-up on e-mails from their global partnerships group that was pushing him for sponsorship deals.

As Krishnan walked in with his array of C-level executives, Vivek noted that his demeanour was as austere as before. A quick introduction around the room was the only time spent in trivial formalities. “Tell me Harsh, why the sudden interest in sports? Your background shows anything but,” he began without preamble. There was nothing like a planned interrogation to get the adrenalin pumping for Vivek. His mind sprung to complete attention.

“I have a number of retail ventures. I see a scenario where the sports market is ripe to take a cue from the retail industry,” Harsh responded candidly, leaning into the plush chair; his attitude remarkably nonchalant. “Owning a sports team will allow me to diversify a bit and also push into the entertainment peripherals, which is a natural fit for my . . .” he carried on verbalising his justification as Vivek enthusiastically nodded in agreement. “And, frankly, I am a huge cricket buff. I’ve wanted to own a franchise for a long time. The timing is right. And I like the game of high risks.”

“That’s all very good, but, honestly, I fail to see the compelling reason.” Krishnan furthered his grilling process.

“Allow me,” Vivek interjected, the compulsive pitcher that he was. “Retail is all about segmentation, targeted marketing, statistics, analysis, and low margins. I see the cricket franchises all fat and happy with their star players and crowd frenzy, with no interest in doing more than the bare minimum to sell their tickets. No offense, gentlemen. I am certain that we could completely change the way sports teams are run by using our advanced analytics capabilities. It’ll allow us to not only avoid overpaying for talent, but also to make sure we get the highest possible price for each ticket that we sell.”

“But from beach towels to cricket, it’s more than diversification.” Krishnan didn’t seem in a mood to yield. Or reveal, for that matter.

Harsh chuckled. Everyone in the room did, too. Vivek suspected the beach towel story would be with Harsh for as long as he shall live. It was how he had made his first dime, after all.

“Here’s the problem,” Krishnan argued. “That price tag isn’t going down well with anyone here. Thirteen hundred is far lower than what other teams are selling for. We could talk about a stake for you instead of complete ownership, if you’re open to it.”

Far lower than other teams, yes, but, it’s more than what your team is worth, buddy. Did no one tell you that the going rate for your team isn’t a penny above twelve hundred? Vivek mentally ticked him off, as Harsh responded to this. “In the interest of saving everyone’s time and being completely transparent, let me just say that it’s not something I’m intere

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