Firstsource Solutions unveils Firstsource Automation League

To unlock human potential through automation

May 24, 2021 11:05 IST capital market

Firstsource Solutions unveiled the Firstsource Automation League - a citizen development program to democratize automation and empower the workforce. The program equips employees, even those without a programming background, to identify automation opportunities and build solutions, accelerating efficiency and cycle time. The Firstsource Automation League training methodology has been developed in collaboration with the companys automation partner UiPath.

The research conducted during the run-up to the project highlighted the importance of both instilling an automation mindset as well as establishing automation skilling and rigorous mentoring programs. In keeping with the findings, Firstsource developed a structured curriculum in partnership with leading digital transformation trainers Tiny Magiq. The curriculum harnesses the cumulative power of making small changes using motivational techniques, based on Stanford behavioral scientist B.J. Foggs model of creating tiny habits.

Citizen developers across Firstsource are currently being trained on the UiPath platform. First, they identify tasks that are best suited for automation using the Automation Hub and follow it up by building and publishing the solution in Studio X - the no-code platform with pre-designed templates for accelerated development.

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