Dr. Rajesh Koradia, Founder and Head, MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre

We believe in continuous learning. Just like all scientific fields, medical science is also transforming itself every day.

Apr 18, 2019 04:04 IST India Infoline News Service

Dr. Rajesh Koradia
Dr. Rajesh Koradia, Founder and Head of MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre, is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has been practicing in Mumbai for past 3 decades. He is an IVF Specialist and an Endoscopic surgeon who provides treatment for childless couples and people who are suffering from infertility. He has completed his MBBS and MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from MP Shah Medical College, Jamnagar in 1988. Then he took an Advanced Infertility Training from the Institute of Reproductive Medicine situated in Kolkata in 2011. He is presently helping patients at MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre i.e. an IVF Centre in Bhayandar West, Mumbai. Dr. Rajesh Koradia has worked in the field of reproductive medicine/embryology for more than 30 years’ prior being a Director of MIRA Hospital.
In an interview with Shweta Papriwal, Editor, Indiainfoline, Dr. Rajesh Koradia said, “Besides providing our patients with a complete range of treatments, we also help them to manage the financial aspects of the treatment too.”
What inspired you to start MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre?
There is no other joy as the joy of parenthood. Through IVF, we are enabling couples to experience this unmatched joy and in turn, we experience the same. Our modern lifestyle, with its own set of vices, has started taking a toll on our lives resulting in increased infertility. While advanced procedures like IVF are available, they are prohibitively costly for average middle class couples. With no support even from the government to make these treatments affordable, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide such childless couples with an opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood.
What kind of treatments do you provide in MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre?
MIRA Hospital and IVF center is a ‘Complete mother and child care’ center. We believe in providing the much needed counselling and stress free care pre and post pregnancy for every couple. With our specialised treatments, advanced procedures and a patient friendly approach, we ensure that couples and their families experience the joy of parenthood completely.
We specialise in the following aspects:
  • Birthing: We assist the couple in easy and low stress birthing. We understand the complexities involved and strive to give joy to the new parents.
  • Gynaecology: A woman’s physiology is far more complex than a man. Knowing this, we are equipped to handle any gynaecological problems that may affect her well-being.
  • Paediatrics: Children are vulnerable to many diseases in their initial years to due to their low immunity. However, with us, they are in safe hands.
  • Reproductive Assistance: With an increasingly stressful lifestyle, the fertility rates have started getting impacted worldwide. However, with our experience and accurate diagnosis, we have been able to provide suitable reproductive medicines to our patients to improve their lives.
  • Endoscopy: A key procedure developed in the recent years that allows the doctor to examine the insides of the body with minimum pain. MIRA Hospital and IVF center is an expert in Endoscopy.
  • General Surgery: Focused on the abdominal region, the general surgery is carried out by us with utmost care and precision to achieve the intended goals.
Besides providing our patients with a complete range of treatments, we also help them to manage the financial aspects of the treatment too. Besides the fact that the cost of IVF treatment at MIRA IVF is probably one of the lowest in the country, we offer arrange of discounts, easy payment options like instalments, EMI etc to eager couples who are not strong financially. Also in extreme cases, we give such patients an option of paying only for the injections every cycle and levy our charges only if conception happens. This is only possible as we are confident that our superior processes produce superior results. We are proud to say that personal attention is what we deliver to every patient that we treat irrespective of their financial status. My daughter Arwa Koradia, who is an excellent embryologist, and I are personally involved in every step right from anamnesis, counselling and all IVF related procedures. We both are available to address their concerns, answer their queries and impart them the knowledge of the procedures they undergo at all times.
Is there any particular consulting method that your team follows?
It has been widely accepted and also our experience gathered over time tells us that the most definitive way of consulting effectively is doing a root-cause analysis. Here, if we are able to uncover the root cause of infertility or difficulty in conceiving in the couple, then it makes the journey ahead much easy. Hence, we conduct an anamnesis in depth with the couple to identify the root-cause first. Basis this anamnesis, the patient’s case history is understood in detail and accordingly pertinent treatment can be planned to improve the chances of conceiving. Anamnesis is a lengthy and a very detailed process, but is crucial to establish baseline for result oriented treatment.  The effort is worth every bit when we look at the outcomes. 
Please brief us about some of the technologies that are used in MIRA Hospital and IVF Centre
MIRA IVF is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like laminar flow, Class 1000 AHU and excellent clean room environment. In some cases, as a part of infertility treatment, certain endoscopic procedures are required. Understanding this need, we have an in-house endoscopy OT set-up with the latest equipment. This endoscopy facility has been with us for quite some time now. I personally conduct all such endoscopic procedures rather than depending an external visiting surgeon as it helps create a much superior anamnesis which further help me in treating the couple better. Every patient at MIRA IVF is personally counselled by me throughout the treatment. I am actively involved in the entire process including following of treatment protocols, creating stimulation schedules etc. As a trained and highly skilled embryologist, my daughter takes care of the embryological procedures at MIRA IVF. Together, we form an excellent team which is focussed and committed towards providing support to patients and improving the chances of conception.
What do you suggest for the people who are still contemplating on IVF?
We highly recommend such couples to decide quickly and arrive at a decision. This is simply because, as the age of the couple increases, the probability of conceiving goes down. We firmly believe that couples desirous of experiencing parenthood should not worry about the costs involved in this treatment, but rather focus on the joys involved. Also the cost of the treatment rises as the couple starts to age making it a financially daunting task if the decision is delayed for the fear of financial implications. However, understanding this predicament, we offer a lot of support to reduce the financial burden in the form of EMI payments, flexible repayment packages etc. The need of the hour for the couple is to arrive at a decision quickly, simply because with every passing day their chances of conceiving become difficult and expensive.
What are your future plans and goals to increase your current success rate?
We believe in continuous learning. Just like all scientific fields, medical science is also transforming itself every day. With newer approaches, studies and technologies being discovered or improvised every day, we and our team makes it a point to ensure that we are updated regularly towards these developments. With every passing day, the technologies involved in IVF procedures are making the procedure not only cost effective but also improving the success rates. We strive to keep ourselves updated with such technologies and skills that have a direct impact on cost reduction and success rate improvement.
Any Expansion Plans?
We plan to start community IVF centres across the country. For this, we intend to associate with the successful and respected local Gynaecologists who are either extremely busy with their Gynaecological and Obstetric work or do not wish to enter this field due their perception of low success rates though such IVF procedures. We intend to make them a partner in such community IVF centres where they can bring their patients, learn & master the procedure and thereafter start practising themselves.  Such community IVF centres will not only result in cost reduction, but will benefit the patients immensely too. Through these community IVF centres, we not only hope to drastically reduce the cost of such treatments, but more importantly reach infertile childless couples and transform their lives for good by allowing then to experience the joy of parenthood.

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