Vikas Bardiya, Founder, Nanomatrix Material

Nanomatrix Materials focuses on R&D and manufacturing of various products. It is one of the first companies in the country that specializes in the integration of graphene into a number of applications and creates a value-added proposition.

Jun 09, 2021 08:06 IST India Infoline News Service

In an interaction with Shweta Papriwal, Editor,, Mr. Vikas Bardiya, Founder, Nanomatrix Material said, “Under Nanomatrix material, G1 Wonders is the Consumer products wing (B2C) of the group which shall have its presence in online as well as brick & mortar retail space.”

Share a brief about Nanomatrix Materials. How did it come into existence?

Nanomatrix Materials (NM) is a Jaipur-based startup, which is a nano and advanced material manufacturer that uses proprietary disruptive graphene technology and its integration into smarter applications. Graphene, a wonder material discovered just a few years ago has limitless applications across almost all industries and is set to redefine the course of next-generation advanced materials.

Nanomatrix Materials focuses on R&D and manufacturing of various products. It is one of the first companies in the country that specializes in the integration of graphene into a number of applications and creates a value-added proposition. The startup by a group of experts from the Graphite industry with nearly a decade-long experience makes different forms of graphene and composites for multiple applications. The company partners with many industry players in the domains such as filtration, polymers, construction, energy, and textiles to solve their unique challenges through the power and amazing properties of graphene nanotechnology.

Our expertise lies in digging deeper into the subject. During the initial phase when we have started working in the Graphite space, we have never expected that graphene possesses such amazing features. It took years of knowledge and expertise which includes expertise from the US and EU to finally come up with a solution for sustainable and scaling up graphene manufacturing.

What kind of Graphene based applications are developed by Nanomatrix and what is in the pipeline?

We at, Nanomatrix Materials has developed a number of advanced nanomaterials solutions across sectors which include textile, marine, electronics, mechanical, etc. One such application that we came up with is NMG–Tx, a Patented Graphene-Silver Technology which is strongly anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The membrane developed by using nanocomposite is very effective in face masks including non-surgical face masks & N95 face masks.

The majority of non-surgical face masks available in the marketplace can only stop the virus to come in contact with you, but using NM Membranes in the non-surgical face mask as one of the layers can, not only stop the virus but destroys it instantly. The applications of this membrane are infinite it can also be used in air filtration also to kill the virus present in the surroundings. Analyzing the same along with the range of mask, we have recently introduced a new product range of Filters for Air Conditioners using Graphene-silver nanotechnology which purifies in room air including sterilizing airborne microbes along with filtration of dust particles and reduced harmful VOC/gases. The nanocomposite can also be applied on any kind of textile making the entire attire anti-microbial.

We are also planning to put use of this technology in HVAC system and designing filter media for hospitals, malls, airports and other mass gathering places.

What are the unique properties of this wonder material and how they are becoming a part of our daily lives?

Due to its amazing properties, Graphene the 2D, the single-layered carbon material is being used in almost every industry from the manufacturing of aeroplanes to making medical equipment, batteries to garments. The beauty of this material is that it can be functionalized in a number of ways. For example, Graphene can be modified to conductive or non-conductive, good or bad insulator etc.

There are number of use cases that are being worked upon across the globe and some companies have even come up with various end-use products for the costumers, for example, Graphene-based batteries, coatings etc. Not only this, graphene is used as additives in many industries includes consumer electronics, sensors, water filtration, textile, rubber and tyres, polymers, oil and many more.

Graphene is the strongest known material that exists on the earth till date. It is also thinnest, lighter, has high electron mobility at room temperature, and is highly flexible among its properties. Due to these properties, this wonder material is becoming an integral part of our daily life.

At present, the major concern is the safety of oneself thus, keeping in mind the strong anti-microbial activity of Graphene researchers has come up with the solution of incorporating Graphene into medical equipment such as masks, gloves and gowns. The coating of Graphene limits the virus transmission danger by killing the 99%virus in a matter of seconds.

A virtue of graphene is that when combined with different elements, it serves multiple purposes. For example, a unique combination of graphene and silver reduces the killing time of microbes significantly. On its own, if silver kills microbes in two hours, with graphene it’s done within seconds.

Are you funded? What is your business model?

Nanomatrix Material is backed by Bardiya Group, which is chaired by Mr. Rajendra K. Bardiya, a visionary, dynamic businessman under whom the group had endeavored into a global attuned business house across sectors of Real Estate, Hospitality and Graphite. The group is 4 decades old and with Nanomatrix Materials, it is committed to delivering a superior range of graphene-based advanced materials and application for various industries.

The Nanomatrix Materials (NM) is the R&D and B2B arm of the group which specializes in manufacturing Graphene and integrating it further value-added applications.

Under Nanomatrix material, G1 Wonders is the Consumer products wing (B2C) of the group which shall have its presence in online as well as brick & mortar retail space. G1 Wonders has a number of consumer products (B2C) lined up for the future shall be revealed and launched from time to time. All these products shall have Graphene as the key material in them which enhances the functionality and experience of the existing product.

How is the graphene technology helping in fighting with Covid?

In the prevailing pandemic one of the major concerns is the safety of health workers thus, providing them high quality of protective equipment is need of the hour. Keeping this in mind many researchers around the world with various solutions and among those one of the most successful is incorporating Graphene into the medical equipment such as masks, gloves, filter medias and gowns for medical staff.

The coating of Graphene has power which can limit the virus transmission danger by killing the virus 99% in seconds that come in contact with the membrane. When tested as per the ISO 18184 protocol, Anti-viral testing against the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) virus, showed a 99% reduction and kill rate of 99% in just a matter of seconds. Not only this, different researches came up with various Graphene-based equipment for the use in detecting and fighting coronavirus.

What kind of opportunities and challenges are there in the market?

The major challenge is the introduction and creating awareness of the graphene technology which is totally new for the consumers. Most of the public doesn’t know what graphene is. Therefore to show exactly what graphene is, why it is a wonder material, we had to come up with our (B2C) brand G1 Wonders and introduced 3 products range so the general public can start using it in their day to day life. Acceptance and educating the mass regarding the technology has been utmost importance. Another challenge is the slow response rate of Government institutes / laboratories for the testing of graphene.

Presently, Graphene technology is at a growing stage of development in the world. It is highly sophisticated technology which requires special expertise. There is a significant return in the garment industry like sportswear and the very latest face mask in pandemic, footwear industries, tyre manufacturing, and batteries.  A decade back the Graphene industry was less than $10 Million, now it is over $150 Mn industry in such short span of time and we believe it would be over $10 Billion industry in the next decade.

What are the learnings you have had since inception of the brand?

Since the inception of Nanomatrix, we have seen many phases but we took each phase as a challenge for ourselves. Working with such dynamic technology, require extremely high precision and calibration. We have to be prepared for  hundreds of sample testing and the same number of failures, but the most important part is to learn from the mistakes and eliminating the errors. Thus, keeping in mind what you want to create or what the end-user requires.

Another major learning is that to get the best one really cannot rely on a single supply chain and institute, instead of need to consider multiple and most effective options.  

What is your future outlook plan?

The company is developing products related to the following industries and plans to be in the field of:

● Air and water filtration –
✔ In supply source / OEM supply and consumer products as well.
✔ TG – OEM - AC Manufacturers, OEMs,
✔ Retailers / Distributors - AC Installers, AC Servicing, Large format retails (LFR) like Walmart, etc.

● Marine Disaster Management –
✔ Company has made sorbent pads that shall be used in retrieving spilled oil from the ocean, sustainably.
✔ TG – Govt., Petroleum companies, Ports, oil terminals, oil rigs, oil shipping containers

● Energy – in supply source - in Lithium-Ion / other range of rechargeable batteries where graphene will be used in the anode in these batteries, along with new type of storage device such as super-capacitors.

● Petroleum – In supply source - We have developed technology for the use case in petroleum products which shall be revealed in the coming times.

● Textiles – Our specialized composite – NM GTx made using graphene-silver to be used in textile during the processing of yarn/cloth/fiber which shall add antimicrobial, anti-odor, and other properties to their cloth
✔ TG – Textile mills, large manufacturers

● Polymers – Polymers have endless use cases in itself. Adding graphene in polymers can add and enhance properties that the traditional polymers were unable to provide.

● Construction – Use case in cements / concretes

Based on the developments in the above fields, we believe in next 1 year, we’ll be in next stage (production and sales) for products related to air and water filtration, Oil Sorbent Pads, Textile, supercapacitors and Polymers.

Side by side we are also focusing on developing a team of in-house experts in the fields mentioned above, which will our next power source (our people). We plan to connect as many experts (entrepreneurs as well) with us and get associated with them which then will be our driving forces in each sector.

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