All you wanted to know about Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA)

With AAA (Advisor Anywhere Anytime) you can join the IIFL Securities advisory platform and add value to your network of contacts. You get all the AAA advisors benefits through this advisory platform.

August 11, 2021 4:32 IST | India Infoline News Service
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How about a Blue Chip business opportunity from one of India’s most reputed broking and financial houses. When you hear AAA the first thing that comes to you mind is a blue-chip product. After all, the highest quality debt paper are rated AAA (Triple A) denoting highest levels of quality and safety. In a way, that is a good analogy. But, what is the IIFL Securities AAA all about.

The IIFL Securities AAA Advisor is a technology-driven and content-rich platform for bringing partners and clients together. There are millions of potential clients in India looking for financial solutions like wealth creation, goal planning, protection, short term gains, financial security, etc. With AAA (Advisor Anywhere Anytime) you can join the IIFL Securities advisory platform and add value to your network of contacts. You get all the AAA advisors benefits through this advisory platform.

How to enrol for Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA)?

You are not expected to have any fancy degrees. You need a network of contacts, the ability to communicate financial solutions and the willingness to work really hard. IIFL Securities will provide a content-rich, features-rich and technology-rich platform to you, which virtually becomes your mobile office as you can advise clients, access research and even access MIS reports just on a single click.

What is AAA advisor role? The AAA acts as the critical link between the customer and the financial solution. The AAA is required to understand what the client actually needs and offer them appropriate financial solutions. In this endeavour, you will be fully backed by the technology, research and network of IIFL Securities. The AAA is an artificial intelligence-based platform so it not only executes but also thinks; making your job easier.

How to enrol for Advisor, Anytime, Anywhere (AAA) program?

There are two underlying themes in the AAA program. Firstly, it is simple and secondly it is seamlessly digital. The onboarding process as an advisor will be digital, although there is a small process that you need to adhere to. Here are some important documents you must keep ready to enrol in the IIFL Securities AAA program.
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Academic Qualification Certificate
The typical process is that once you are interested in becoming an Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA), you just need to get in touch with IIFL Securities and the Business Development Manager will take it forward from there and walk you through the process.

What support do I get to advise my customers on financial options?

One of the major AAA advisor advantages is that IIFL Securities provides a comprehensive and in-depth support system. You have investing ideas from the best research analysts. You get a daily view, not only on equities, but also on commodities, futures, options, gold bonds, mutual funds and other asset classes. You are updated on the periodic IPOs and NFOs that hit the markets. To top it all, there is a complete learning varsity available with multiple delivery modules like text, videos, webinars, audio etc. In short, the support system that you draw upon is huge. In short, this content library is absolutely state-of-the-art.

There will also be a dedicated business development manager who can be approached for any advice you may specifically need or any solution that you want to customize for your client. You are associated with a reputed brand like IIFL Securities which has made a mark over the last 25 years with its enduring research and endearing customer sensitivity.

How is this AAA program unique?

Here are some very interesting features that set the AAA program of IIFL Securities apart, captured in a gist.
  • Multi-product offering with the full range under one roof
  • AAA is flexible and you can literally operate from anywhere, at anytime
  • High powered state of the art learning platform to enable insightful advice
  • MIS at your finger-tips, available to you about the client in just one click
  • You are a partner for life and income flows from revenue sharing will be for lifetime
How will the AAA business model work?

When you complete the formalities and sign the AAA agreement, the full business model with commission sharing terms will be in writing. But let us have a heads up. The commission sharing by IIFL Securities is one of the best in the industry and will ensure that as an advisor you get the best deal. The AAA will be allotted a registered sub-broker code to map their revenues and commissions.

Finally, this is not just about a one-time commission but once you bring in a client, that client will continue to generate a trail for you all through. You just need to make a start and then the flows start for a lifetime!

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