How to check GST registration status?

Your GST application goes through multiple stages of application, verification, approval and issue of GST. To make the process of filing GST easy, the government has given every taxpayer access to an online portal.

February 25, 2020 11:45 IST | India Infoline News Service
Goods and Services Tax, GST
Whether you are a GST payer or a business partner claiming GST credit, you need to regularly check the status of the GST registration of your own company also of your business partners. To make the process of filing GST easy, the government has given every taxpayer access to an online portal. How do you register for GST? It is quite simple and you can proceed with an online application and complete the registration online. Once done, it takes around 15 days for applications to get registered. In the meantime, you can check the updated GST registration status using your Application Reference Number (ARN) on the GST ARN track section in the GST website.
How can you check the GST registration status?
The first step is to visit the official website of GST portal at https://www.gst.gov.in/. Remember it is a secured portal so it must be https. Subsequently, you can proceed to the ‘services’ tab. Under this tab you will find ‘registration’ header. When you click on the Services header, you will find the link to track your application status. Ideally, you must track this after 8-10 days of application so that you can actually get an updated status. Check the screenshot below to get an idea of how it will look like online.

Actually, if you click on the ‘registration’ header you will get 3 options in front of you viz. New Registration; Track Application Status; Application for Filing Clarifications. You can make your choice accordingly. In the above case, since you want to check and track the status of application, you must click on the relevant link to proceed further. Check the screenshot below to get a live picture of how the actual link will look like.
If you want to check GST registration status at this point, you must ensure that you enter the right code without any spaces or typos. This should be exactly the way you see in your original acknowledgement you received at the time of making the GST application. You will immediately receive your GST registration status on your screen. However, there are multiple status updates that can be displayed and you need to understand what each terminology represents. This is important whether you are checking your own registration or whether you are checking of one of your vendors or clients.
Interpretation of different GST status displays
Your GST application goes through multiple stages of application, verification, approval and issue of GST. At each stage, you will find a different status quote giving you the clear picture. By decoding your status, it will be easy for you to gauge your application’s progress. Here is how you can interpret the various status codes displayed in this tracking tool.
Provisional status: This means your application has not been filed yet. However, owing to the successful submission of your application, a provisional ID has been released for you. This is the most basic status and is useful because often your clients will insist on your GST registration and this provision id is good enough to demonstrate that you have initiated the process.

Pending for verification status: This status means that your application has been successfully filed. However, the same has not yet been verified. This is again an intermediate status and you will find these statuses changing over a period of time.

Validation against error status: This is a case where the application has been rejected due to a fundamental mismatch. This status means the PAN details you provided do not match with the details provided by the master database of the Income Tax department. On seeing this status, proceed to rectify your application at the earliest. You could have either spelt the name wrong or the PAN number and this rectification can be done online itself.

Migrated status: This status gives you a positive head-up and mentions that your application for migration to GST has been done successfully. This status is applicable to businesses which already had a sales tax or service tax registration and such customers were automatically migrated to the new GST with minimal documentation.
Cancelled status: A cancelled status indicates that your application has failed. This means you will have to reapply by rectifying the problems or are not entitled for GST registration as per GST laws. There are various reasons. Your office address documents may not be proper. Alternatively, there could be past dues in sales tax or service tax as a result of which, your application may have been held up. You can visit the nearest facilitation centre to get this issue rectified.
Knowing your GST registration status is critical to plan the way forward. Since you need to file GST within a prescribed timeline, it is best to initiate the process as soon as you get an update on your status. This will allow you to be on track with GST returns. Compliance is important in this process flow.

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