IIFL’s AAA – Advisor Anytime Anywhere is the best solution for financial advisors

Understanding this predicament of many an IFAs spread across the length and breadth of the country, IIFL Securities has developed a solution.

February 04, 2020 11:56 IST | India Infoline News Service
Technology is disrupting the way businesses function. Only in less than two decades, booking travel tickets has completely gone online. In three decades, the open outcry system of stock trading got replaced by screen-based trading. There are more courses available online today that we have ever seen before, which means one need not go to a college or a school to learn new things. The education as well as even certifications can be obtained sitting in the comforts of one’s home. What happens to the businesses and institutions that functioned the old way? Well, it is obvious. There is a huge threat to their existence.
As can be seen from the many examples, certain businesses are the most vulnerable to advancements in technology – where there is a movement of money or information/data. The business of an IFA falls into this category – the business is about movement of money and information, and there is no physical product.
We have seen many technology oriented businesses entering this space in the last few years. Some of these players are growing at a scorching pace. What should an IFA do in such a situation? One of the options with an IFA is to invest in technology and create the solution for oneself. However, that requires huge amount of investment and the commensurate business may not justify such investments. At times, one may not have enough resources, too.
Understanding this predicament of many an IFAs spread across the length and breadth of the country, IIFL Securities has developed a solution.
The solution is called AAA – Advisor – Anytime – Anywhere.
  • As already mentioned, this is a technology oriented solution for an IFA to conduct the business with a very small investment (There is a small security deposit of Rs15,000 payable at the time of enrolment. The same would be refunded on achievement of a certain minimum business target). However, the benefits are far in excess of the investment. Let us take a list of some major benefits of AAA:
  • A large business can be built without taking an office or staff. In spite of this, the business can work very efficiently.
  • Since there is no office or staff, one can decide the time when one wants to work – it is possible to organize a flexible work time environment.
  • Clients across the world can be serviced, without opening an office anywhere. One do not even need a website.
  • The entire business moves online – the same technology disruption that one referred in the beginning could be employed to one’s advantage
  • Various business functions like back office operations, financial transactions, accounting, reporting, and business MIS are taken care of by the AAA platform. This frees up the IFA’s time to acquire and service new and more customers. That means, one can grow the business by leaps and bounds.
  • The platform allows one to sell multiple products related to personal finance – investments, life insurance, health insurance, loans, etc. Even within investment products, one has the option of selling products ranging from mutual funds, stocks, IPOs, bonds, structured products, PMS and AIF.
  • With so many products, the AAA platform comes with research support, and regular updates of various developments.
Call up 08030088504 to get more details or log on to www.iifl.com/aaa

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