Start your own business with IIFL Securities through AAA

Here is a great business opportunity under the Advisor, Anywhere, Anytime (AAA) program.

August 11, 2021 4:42 IST | India Infoline News Service
If you have got used to work-from-home or WFH as it is called, then there is one more lucrative option for you. You can become a AAA partner with IIFL Securities. As an IIFL Securities AAA partner, you have the flexibility of tapping your network of clients using the IIFL Securities AAA platform. It is like you start your own business with limited capital and just the willingness to work hard and commitment to deliver top-class financial solutions to your clients.

You can be called IIFL Securities AAA franchise, although it is best to call yourself a IIFL Securities AAA partner, because that is the intent. It happens so often to most people. You have a dream of starting your own business and becoming financially independent. However, you are never able to take the plunge as you don’t want to lose job security. That need not be a constraint any longer. IIFL Securities now offers the best home business ideas and the best online work from home opportunities. Here is a great business opportunity under the Advisor, Anywhere, Anytime (AAA) program.

Leverage your network of contacts

This is something very interesting. Through your career and working life, you build so many contacts. However, you are never able to fully leverage these contacts. Financial solutions are not unique to any set of clients because everyone needs it. Every person has goals for the family and dreams to retire rich. That is where you can offer them a systematic and disciplined solution to create wealth. In this endeavour, IIFL Securities AAA program stands by you with total support systems. In the process, you are also building your own revenue pool for today and also for the future.

Get the best support system for advising clients

That is the Holy Grail. You cannot offer financial solutions to your clients unless you are adequately supported with information, insights and research. The AAA platform provides all that. You get stock research, sector research, daily views on equities, F&O, commodities, special reports, etc. The delivery channels are also manifold. You can read reports, you can listen to audios, you can view video guides and you can also attend live webinars. By becoming an IIFL AAA advisor, you not only get an opportunity to enhance your income but are also backed with the full support of the IIFL Securities ecosystem.

Here are some very interesting features that set the AAA program of IIFL Securities apart, captured in a gist.
  • Multi-product offering with the full range under one roof
  • AAA is flexible and you can literally operate from anywhere, at anytime
  • High powered state of the art learning platform to enable insightful advice
  • MIS at your finger-tips, available to you about the client in just one click
  • You are a partner for life and income flows from revenue sharing will be for lifetime
Leave risk management to IIFL Securities

The last thing you want to worry about as an individual entrepreneur is the risk of market volatility. The good thing is that, in the AAA program, you can focus on servicing the clients and offering them the best solution while IIFL Securities takes care of the risk management with its efficient and high-end RMS backend. Everything from limits to exposures to margins to funds available are all monitored by IIFL Securities, leaving you with the task of keeping clients happy. You can view the updated status on Client MIS reports online.

Get the best commission sharing deals

A major consideration for advisors is the share of commission they will get in each transaction. Here are 3 thing you must remember about the AAA program of IIFL Securities and why it is best-in-class for financial advisors. Firstly, the AAA program offers the best commission sharing that you can get in the market and that will be a continuous benchmark for IIFL Securities to outperform your expectations. Secondly, once you onboard the client, IIFL Securities takes care of the execution, support ecosystem and risk management, while you can just focus on keeping the clients happy.  Lastly, AAA program is a lifetime earning program so once a client is brought in, you continue to earn from these clients well into the futures. So, this becomes like a kind of social security for you.

Build an alternative stream of wealth

The proof of the pudding lies in the eating and the advantage of the AAA model is that you create a long-term source of wealth and financial security for your family. That is what the Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA) allows you to do. As Warren Buffett said, the best way to ensure security is to build alternate sources of income. Here you are not limited by annual hikes or salary freezes. The sky is the limit and the more you advice and the more you generate, the more you earn. In the process, you and your clients will end up wealthier.

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