Trump Presidency & Global Age of Abundance

If Trumpization fails, the United States and the world populace will wake up to the realization that those nations that can get spell bounded with fake news must come to grip with the real and hidden powers of each and every citizen’s single vote.

Jan 23, 2017 09:01 IST others Naseem Javed |

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is President of United States of America as of January 20, 2017.
Successful Trumpization of America and the revival of American entrepreneurialism at grassroots levels across the nation will send to the world two powerful messages; firstly, that traditionally institutionalized and organized bureaucracy of the government leadership that is intentionally designed to operate like a very slow dysfunctional machine is now a last century model and needs to be replaced, immediately. Secondly, nouveau entrepreneurialism of the new global age is the last frontier left to revive national economical disasters.
If Trumpization fails, the United States and the world populace will wake up to the realization that those nations that can get spell bounded with fake news must come to grip with the real and hidden powers of each and every citizen’s single vote.
In the USA alone, deniers of new transformations should be fully cognizant of previous unexplainable trillion dollar debt spikes, hundred million unemployed, 50 million people on food stamps, 70 thousand factories closed, and student debt of a trillion dollars and hence refrain and reflect before opposing rhetoric.
With many more major elections pending the pendulum is on a robust swing.
Observe the speed of change; watch it unfold live; participate in all the positive and logical progress.
Age of Abundance
Never in the history, has mankind promised so much to so many, so easily and so simultaneously available across the farthest corners of the world. We are surrounded by millions of everything, period. The future has arrived; it is visible to alpha dreamers.  Those are billions of people plugged into the universal knowledge, while this pheromone is absent from the traditionalists, the media and fake news dependent on busy billions who are unplugged to the real global age deployments. The new world of entrepreneurialism and economic development has arrived. Technocalamity has made its impact; the tsunamis of free technologies make established organizations, enterprises and executives appear outdated and lost. Lastly Trumpization, which encompasses bold and open language, is designed to make America great again.  It is time to search for truth and new styles of entrepreneurialism which will lead to a major earth shattering policy shift in American politics.

The Origin:
The concept of the ‘age of abundance’ originally published in a syndicated column by Naseem Javed “The Age of Abundance Demands Innovation” in 2005. Article details at end:
The arrival of the age of abundance is now a monstrous mainstream challenge on every street of the world; the creators, producers and conceptual leaders of ideas, goods and services must prove supremacy of innovative excellence or simply stay lost in the thick fog of abundance. For every great idea, there are thousands better ones. Only extremely unique and exceptionally real value things now get attention. The bars of extreme originality, quality, design, intellect and new bold global thought leadership are in the spotlight. To make America great again demands superior performance of everything from the governments, organizations, enterprises and executives.
Now years later, impact of change in 2017
Anything and everything is available anywhere all the times with all possibilities and combinations available for mostly at affordable costs.  Access to production, replication, and distribution with customization are all part of our daily instant gratification life styles. Mankind’s basic needs have become more complex and expansive, for example deluxe shelter and gourmet bread, but without Wi-Fi access is now a new definition of living in hell.
Whatever you need, you get it delivered to your bedroom overnight, customized and initialized and custom handled and paid by your own choosing and on your terms with a full refund policy, while begging social media endorsements and Needy Customers have become addicted consumers and are now bold, choosy and fussy act as Royals getting Knighthoods.  At the same time Creators and Producers are becoming increasingly frightened like dock side commoners getting chained to deeper and darker production slums and dungeons. This is all like a scene from Gotham going Bling-Bling-crazy.
Basically, the cup of consumption runneth over; the consumer and consumee are both drunk on liquid plastic fumes and stagger towards the horizon, while the ‘bunga bunga’ parties isolate the bureautoxicated incompetent debt builders collect their awards of merits. The Future of the Age of Abundance is abundantly clearly and points to fake economies and debt centric false sense of prosperity.
Three critical progressive stages were originally defined
  • Age of Curiosity: here, for anything newly created or produced there were either one or few other options. Access to originality and production was extremely rare.
  • Age of Scarcity: here, for anything produced there were many or hundreds of other options. Access to production and easy replication was becoming very common
  • Age of Abundance: when, for anything produced or created there are thousands or millions of other options. Access to production, replication and global distribution is in abundance
Choice Attacks:
When there are millions of choices and options there is an automatic sense of rejection that takes over. Elvin Toffler defined Future Shock in the eighties.  Now we can walk into a Mega-Mall-Mega-Mart which creates ‘choice attack’ as the mind refuses to process the subtle culinary desires and emotional awakening of imaginary pots and pan.  Selecting a cooking sauce from 100 plus varieties shuts down all excitement and creates massive abundance of agora forcing a person to hyperventilate and run out of the store in a panic. In times past, guards controlled the onslaught of incoming customers; now in the age of abundance, there are guards inside the store so that customers simply don’t run out screaming due to ‘choice attacks’.
The New Human Talent Calibrations in Age of Abundance
As we are trapped in the age of abundance, we are daily bombarded and find we must learn new ways to alter and manage our own talent.
  • HR-Human Resource is becoming obsolete.  It is an old term related to the organizational structuring of bureaucracies.  Today we must think in terms of TM-Talent Management, were we are shifting to the management of extreme mental agility of entrepreneurially pragmatic global age deployments
  • Technocalamity is now a reality; where tsunamis of free technologies make old establishments and senior executives appear outdated. Organizations with thousands of senior executives responsible for the leadership of organization will require new protocols and a new way of asking critical questions.  Interaction with teams will change.
Ask not why you are performing so perfectly to your job descriptions, but rather ask what you are not doing that was never asked from you or what you were not hired for?
HR mentality hires people to fit job descriptions, and misses out on hidden talent.  In today’s world, it’s less about procedures and chains job description and more about out of the box liberation and smart execution.
FACT: On the organizational and prosperity management fronts, some billion plus, overly qualified, educated and certified, corner office executives will become redundant by 2020.
FACT: by 2020, if entire job description of a very large organization were pooled and entered into any advanced block chain system, it will most probably instantly process 95% of them, with few clicks.
This notion alone is creating sleepless nights and serious health problems amongst management. To tackle such fears of insecurities and uncertainties and bran new measurement systems must be deployed.  Massive re-training to cope with technocalamity and alpha dreamer lifestyle must be introduced. The future is hidden in entrepreneurialism and corporate bureaucracies. 
It’s far more important during the sweeping tides of technoclamity, to measure and base compensation on what the heart and mind of staff is telling them and what they think they must be doing at that particular time to help the growth and prosperity of the enterprise, and not just follow job descriptions. It’s not about ignoring orders and master plans; it’s about having master plans designed and created based on entrepreneurial and global age thinking.
FACT: Human brains that can invent the machines cannot compete with them. Humans were unable to fly but very capable of inventing the Jumbo planes. Executives have done an amazing job pushing technology to the point to make them redundant.  New HR views needed and mental divides filled.
If lions of the jungle get room service three times a day, will they stop hunting and pick up bird watching or learn to swim with dolphins? No!
Billion of unemployed executives of the new futures are still the loins in search of the game. They have the richness of experience and all the necessary qualifications from the past; the missing link is the transformation into entrepreneurial thinking.  In the past such functions were considered critical and now these challenges can be solved with a single click. They will let the procedural roles go and new entrepreneurial platforms, arena and engagement will revitalize the organizations.
The biggest assets of a nation are hidden in their entrepreneurial spirits and only those national leaderships that can boldly show case such deeper understanding and respect to entrepreneurial thinking will survive. During the last decades such entrepreneurial notions were crushed over other fake priorities and led to economical collapse for many developed nations.
Machine Power - Brain Power – Execution Power
Imagine a fully developed mature and successful organization, fully automated, 100% running via AI and massive digitalization. Top to bottom, operates without any staff of any kind. It would look a lot like a Sci Fi movie.  Now further imagine, their top 1000 senior and middle management, going crazy, in a state of shock, boredom and anxiety, all combined under the big umbrella of their own unexplainable insecurities and panic as their own performances and skills are being constantly measured against machines. Kindly stay here, indulge deeper; can you see them running around corridors and going up and down elevators likes zombies. This is what has started to happen in mega organizations as technocalamity overflows human performance. The majority of these executives have very little or zero understanding how such massive automation is operated, because that’s a different area and outside the realm of conventional expertise or job descriptions.
Imagine 1000 executives, having little or no influence on how their mammoth organizations mostly AI and matadata driven. Now further imagine, the same 1000 executives given large white sheets and crayons in order to invent new business models based on what they know to date. The will doodle and crawl out amazing and astonishing ideas. At times ten times better and faster models than the what the currently AI Mata data centric organization is already doing
India InfoLine:  Are we smart enough for 2017, here is an additional feature…
FACT: The human mind is the most amazing invention of our universe known to us. The mind is akin to a forest with AI artificial intelligence, or Mata-Data and is just a single termite. Millions of workers searching zillion index cards to answer a single query could never match Google. Human mind on the business prosperity and economical models basically was abused and abandoned in our dysfunctional models, is far too capable for bigger and better things.
The working environment dissatisfaction cannot be fixed simply by re-decoration or re-branding but may be it can be transformed with dealing with the real truth.
FACT: Today’s senior management is exhausted and lives in constant fear of technocalamity and is desperately seeking answers.  This is an area where formal education on the business has almost failed them and the age of abundance keeps them dancing as overly consumed white collar well-fed babies.
Liberate the human intelligence; free the untapped flow of ideas and train an entire organization to achieve image supremacy of thought leadership and innovative excellence. During the last few decades the corporate models instead of becoming crystal cathedrals of advance working models have become more like potato farms of mental silo storages where bickering, back-stabbing and constant harassment is a common norm. No amount of flat on bed thinking, psychological and stress treatment will work unless new global issues are brought in the forefront.
Discover the best minds and talents hidden behind job titles on wrong floors.
Embrace for new times: The Seven Dwarfism of 2017

KPMG Example:

KPMG International's independent member firms have 189,000 professionals, including more than 9,000 partners, in 152 countries, announced that, KPMG to Build State-Of-The-Art Learning, Development, And Innovation Facility in Orlando, Florida, a 55-acre Campus in Lake Nona Will Further Enhance KPMG's World-Class Training Capabilities.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. "This project includes 80 high-wage jobs, as well as capital investments of more than $400 million.” At KPMG, we're passionate about developing our people and creating growth opportunities for them," said Lynne Doughtie, Chairman and CEO, KPMG LLP. "This facility is a significant investment that will ensure our partners and professionals continue to have access to leading-edge learning and development opportunities to enrich themselves, stay connected to our inclusive, innovative culture, and remain equipped to deliver the highest quality in this fast-changing marketplace. Delivering a world-class training experience also is an investment in our ability to attract and retain the best talent."
Special congratulations to team KPMG, their senior leadership and global age execution to tackle the age of abundance and technocalamity head on, well done.
Chronology of the Age of Abundance
2005: Naseem Javed: The Age of Abundance Demands Innovation Globe & Mail, 2005 2007:
  • Brink Lindsey: Age of Abundance: book published by Harper Press
  • 2009: Kevin Starr: Golden Dreams: California in the Age of Abundance
  • 2011: Dr. Michio Kaku: Are We Ready For the Coming 'Age of Abundance?'
  • 2012: Peter Diamandis & Steve Kotler, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think,
  • 2013: Michael Reardon - First World Problems in an Age of Abundance
  • 2013: Seth Godin - Scarcity and abundance in the digital age
  • 2014: Feng Wang of Brookings China’s Age of Abundance
Global Age Execution:
Nobility and aristocracy were both decimated during the horse and donkey days of the renaissance when smartness was deployed with homing pigeons. Supremacy of information was established.
During every century, on the business front, the power of establishment and wealth gets less and less important.  What becomes important is the speed and styles of execution. A deeper study of game disruption provides the proof. Technocalamity creates fear, takes over daily procedures and creates emptiness; it can be filled with either by bureaucracy or by innovative excellence and entrepreneurialism, provided the corporate leadership clearly understands difference and the grasp of new global age battlefields.
Supremacy of Innovative Excellence:  “Make India Shine” – one great example
We are drowning and now we need life guards.  It is time to kill overly duplicated concepts and stop staying lost in massive copycat clutter. Nurture originality, quality and extreme value creation. Eliminate extreme value manipulation. Stop over packaging of undervalued goods. Think three times before consumption; ask each time if it’s really necessary. Think ten times before production and continually as if it’s real, real, real value, worthy of production.
This is where extreme value creation emerges and innovative excellence starts breeding. In this frame of mind, now the survival of the fittest is no longer measured by being first or big in the marketplace, but by being extremely unique and highly strategic all the way and demonstrate image supremacy of the innovative excellence. In this age of abundance unlimited opportunities really belong to very smart and timely executions. A very bright future awaits for the Bolden.
The author, Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide.

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