Ek Villian: Fake Villian

Ek Villian is a thriller no doubt but only as an inadvertent laugh riot. The muddled script, shuttling back and forth on beaten tracks, has enough flimsy and clumsy material to leave you in splits if only for the wrong reasons.

June 30, 2014 11:40 IST | Sudhir Raikar
When director Mohit Suri says Ek Villain is not inspired by the Korean flick ‘I saw the Devil’, let’s believe him as the devil, we all know, is always in the detail. But even that exemption doesn’t take his supposedly original idea far, given the ludicrous plot which only makes life difficult for the lead players. They obviously try too hard to lend credibility to their forged screen presence. Of course they fall short of what it takes but we can’t blame them for the debacle really…

With the film itself a spoiler, there’s hardly any need for spoiler alerts but we essentially have two men who wish to move from ‘Andhero to Ujaalo’ (as the film highlights repeatedly.) Both suffer from insomnia and both are maniacs. In the course of their intertwined, sleep-deprived trials towards the intended triumphs, they exchange their positions and cross paths too, and then something sinister happens…be brave and watch the comedy unfold on the big screen!

Siddharth Malhotra as one of the antagonists is convincing only in mute frames. The moment he groans and grumbles, he looks more pathetic than Rahul Roy’s tiger avtaar in Mahesh Bhatt’s Junoon. As one of our promising newbies, he has a bright future if only he remains a ‘student’ for a few more years. The gloss of stardom is evident in his patronizing portrayal, given his stylized poise with the implicit claim of ‘I have arrived’ Shraddha Kapoor is nauseatingly naïve in playing the archetypal ‘terminally ill’ character of Bollywood (Jawaa de ne – Khusiyaa baatne aayee hai…kinds) but her histrionics are still passable in the context of the film. There’s no demand for a powerful performance in what’s a largely inconsequential role anyway. Ritesh Deshmukh on the other hand should curse his luck. The psychopath’s role, after suffering a elongated hangover of ‘Housefuls’ and vice versa, was actually a welcome break for him but the script makes a mockery of his part. He sadly ends up looking more comical than all his past funny fare combined.

To make matters worse, we have Kamal R Khan in the support cast whose repulsive presence fades every other hitch into insignificance. Yesteryear fusion artist Remo Fernandes is a peculiar surprise; probably he was bundled free with the Goan package. We all know by now Mohit Suri loves Goa and Maharashtrian surnames too. Like Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain promotes both…unfortunately to no avail. But how does it matter? Given the mediocrity that plagues our film industry, outlandish scripts like Ek Villain will invariably find ready sponsors who will in turn continue to make their crores too. Good scripts be damned, creativity be damned! Let them laugh all the way to the bank; you can still relish this hysterical saga of fake villains… just for laughs! 

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