India's First Nicotine Patch, 2baconil™ Launched by Rusan Healthcare

India's First Nicotine Patch, 2baconil™ Launched by Rusan Healthcare

May 11, 2015 11:44 IST | Business Wire
Business Wire India
India’s first fully indigenous nicotine patch 2baconil was recently launched by Rusan Healthcare Pvt Ltd, a marketing arm of the parent company Rusan Pharma Ltd, which is a global pharmaceutical company with interests in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing of formulations, APIs and their intermediates. With 270 million Indians addicted to tobacco in one form or the other, with the launch of 2baconil™ patches a new form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is now available in India to the doctors and patients seeking treatment for tobacco de-addiction.

According to a study done by Global Adults Tobacco Survey (GATS), ~60% of Indians smokers consume tobacco within the first 60 minutes of waking up. Smokers today have also reached an age group of 13-15 years according to the WHO, with 8 million global deaths predicted every year by 2030 at current growth rates.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Navin Saxena, Chairman, Rusan Pharma Limited said, “With 6 trillion cigarettes being smoked a year in India, our vision has been to bring products into the market which will be not just quality driven but also bring convenience to users, through newer delivery systems transdermal patches, which ensures higher patient compliance and ease of use. If we are in knowledge of the fact that there are millions of Indians going to die, especially the youth, then our efforts need to be intensified and focused on saving their lives.”

The average Indian smoker consumes 8.2 cigarettes a day. By conservative estimates, that’s close to an hour of lifetime that a smoker loses every day. When coupled with figures for man hours, and how this impacts the economy, India seems headed for a disaster, and surprisingly tobacco seems the cause.

Rusan Pharma Ltd. 

One stop solution for De-addiction & Pain Management products in India & Globally.

Rusan Pharma Ltd. is a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company with interests in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of formulations, APIs and their intermediates.

Rusan Pharma Ltd. as an organization can be counted among the very few companies in India and globally which caters to end to end solution in De-addiction & Pain management. Globally, Rusan is the second largest manufacturer and marketer of oral substitution therapy used for treatment of injecting drug users (IDUs).

Rusan is one of the reputed and largest suppliers of life saving drugs (De-addiction, pain management and anti-TB drugs) to various organizations / ministries like NACO, UNODC, UNOPS, Global Fund, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice of countries like India, Europe, UK, Russia, CIS, South Africa, Mauritius, Nepal, Myanmar. Since 1994, Rusan has been in the fore-front of making Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) an acceptable form of treatment in India. Rusan has been working closely with various NGOs, doctors, hospitals, clinics, reputed government institutions such as AIIMS, NIMHANS, funding agencies such as Global fund, DFID and now NACO for scaling up the OST in India. 

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