Indian Hippy launches its feature hand painted designs

Indian Hippy is an attempt to revive the magic and charisma of hand painted film poster art and support film poster artists through this unique venture.

Dec 22, 2009 01:12 IST India Infoline News Service

Indian Hippy, ( announced the launch of its innovative line of exclusive fashion and lifestyle products that feature hand painted designs inspired from memorable Indian film posters and cinematic icons, available exclusively through its online store:  

Indian Hippy is an attempt to revive the magic and charisma of hand painted film poster art and support film poster artists through this unique venture. Explains Mumbai-based founder of Indian Hippy, Hinesh Jethwani, “In today’s ‘fast-food’ era, digital posters can be printed at the click on a button. The significant contribution made by film poster artists lies forgotten, and the art headed for extinction. Indian Hippy aims to revive the magic of hand painted film poster art through its unique range of fashion and lifestyle products, and encourage the younger generation of artists to ensure continuation of hand painted film poster culture.”

During their prime, the presence of massive hand painted billboards outside theater halls delivered an unforgettable visual treat, pushing the definition of film poster art beyond advertising, and metamorphosing it into a cultural icon instead. With the new generation of artists not seeing value in picking up the trade, this magical art form is now at risk of being thrown into oblivion forever. Indian Hippy aims to change that and bring the old back in vogue. The art remains the same – only the canvas reduced from posters and giant billboards to fashion and lifestyle products. The Indian Hippy team comprises acclaimed film poster artists of yesteryears who have invested several months of effort into perfecting the painstaking process of hand painting film poster designs on small products such as wallets, belts, clutch purses and handbags. 

Besides a range of pre-designed products inspired from posters of popular Indian films, Indian Hippy also offers custom painted products depicting film posters with the faces of the actors superimposed with an individual’s own portrait. “Imagine a hand painted wallet, purse or a handbag with a one-of-a-kind portrait of your loved one(s) that you can carry around, or a chair that you can keep in your home – all styled in film poster format,” explains Hinesh. “Our custom painted products will be the ultimate gifts this Valentine’s season, and we are accepting orders well in advance to ensure delivery through our website,” adds Hinesh.  

Every product rolled out from the Indian Hippy stable is 100% custom made. A unique combination of art and function, Indian Hippy’s purses, handbags, belts and wallets are virtually “mobile paintings” that depict the color, charm and splendor of Indian cinematic brilliance. “The ‘retro’ feel of hand painted posters from the good old days is a stark contrast to the ‘photoshopped’ digital posters of today. Quite simply, it is impossible to replicate this with computers, which lends a unique charm to our hand painted products” concludes Hinesh.

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