'Junior Picasso' receives multiple Art Scholarships in London

This recognition award honors the tremendous effort, dedication and preparation Radhey has exhibited in his art and academic studies

Mar 31, 2014 11:03 IST India Infoline News Service

A student of 5th standard at Scottish High International School Radhey Patel awarded a distinguished Art scholarship at three of the best independent schools in United Kingdom, namely Merchant Taylors' SchoolThe John Lyon Schoolin Harrow and Aldenham School. This recognition award honors the tremendous effort, dedication and preparation Radhey has exhibited in his art and academic studies.
Child prodigy extraordinaire Radhey Patel rose to fame a few years ago when, at the tender age of seven, the National Institute of Fine Arts labeled him "child genius." Media outlets were also enamored with his painting abilities, praising the child for his tendency to create arts that, well, looked like the work of established artists.
Expressing happiness on the success of her son Patel, the proud parent of Junior Picasso says: As a young child, Radhey loved to doodle, draw and paint like other kids but his paintings were different. We realized his ability to paint extraordinary things at such an early age where kids don’t think beyond having a fun-filled life. Refrigerators at home served as galleries for his art work and walls as canvas. As responsible parents we are promoting his interest so that in future he should be enjoying his profession rather than taking it as a burden.“

Radhey Patel articulates, "There is never a moment's doubt in my mind that this is what I want to do. It’s a very creative process, getting to express my thoughts and imagination and making the impossible possible. The first thing that pops up in my mind when I wake up is new ideas for art. I have always had a drive to experiment and make unique things with my hands. Art helps me process my thoughts and feelings and interpret them. Art is one of my languages for expression. Making and seeing art excites my brain and makes my day complete.”
In one of his paintings Junior Picasso Radhey dedicated to Nation’s father Mahatma Gandhi titled Transform: Making of a Mahatma attempts to show case how Gandhi, an attorney in South Africa transformed into a Mahatma during the fight for independence. The theme was to create a piece of artwork, based around the word transform - the word suggests something is changing or shifting, turning from one thing into another. I was inspired by the quote of “You gave us Gandhi, we gave you back the Mahatma - Nelson Mandela”.

Picasso and Van Gogh are his all time favorites. And he extensively believes in the theory of Picasso which says that every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.
Radhey’s next challenge is to host an online exhibition of all his work in support of BBC Children in Need and contribute to the wellbeing of other children and help make a difference.
In the words of William Blake Radhey Patel says, “Without unceasing practice nothing can be done, Practice is Art and if you leave off you are lost.”

Testimonials & Appreciations for Radhey’s work-
A letter from Simon Everson, Head Master, Merchant Taylors', states "We think Radhey is full of creative promise and we are delighted to offer him an Art Scholarship"
The Merchant Taylors' School has enjoyed a distinguished history since its foundation in 1561 by the Merchant Taylors’ Company. One of the nine original 'great schools of England' that laid the basis for the 1868 Public Schools Act, its alumni has achieved distinction throughout its history. Amongst the other nine include Eton, Harrow and Rugby.

"Radhey is a gifted student who combines serious study with a range of extra-curricular activities. He has an amazing capacity for fulfilling his responsibilities in a great variety of activities both in and out of school. Radhey is learning to hone his talent, imagination and express his creativity. He shows genuine talent and with continuous exposure has great potential for a bright future in fine art," utters Sudha Goyal, Head, Scottish High International School
NIFA Director, Renu Khera said: "Radhey is painting so far in advance of his own years. There are many talented artists out there, but I can't think of one that's made such an impact at such a young age. I would happily exhibit all his works in the gallery," Khera said.
National Institute of Fine Arts is a national centre for education in arts, fostering the excellence of emerging and established artists and advancing art to create a more human world.
Radhey Patel's latest work will be displayed at the renowned Annual Art Exhibition of NIFA planned for May 2014 in New Delhi until then discover his ever growing collection at www.radheypatel.com

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