Plancess - an inspiration for engineering students to crack IIT-JEE / AIEEE examinations!

Plancess Edusolutions the first Mumbai based company brings success to your doorstep through virtual coaching by video lectures, notes & much more from senior IIT tutors.

Sep 27, 2012 02:09 IST India Infoline News Service

IIT-JEE, BITSAT, AIEEE, MH-CET becoming the most important exams in India the best way to prepare for these exams is to get personalized coaching. If you are a concerned parent worried about your child's future prospects after school then you would be on the lookout of innovative new tools and techniques that might boost your child's performance in IIT/AIEEE exams.

In this world of competition with around 3 lakh students aspiring for 10000 IIT seats it is necessary to get quality coaching, personalized doubt solving, mentoring and counseling at a personalized level. Plancess Edusolutions the first Mumbai based company brings success to your doorstep through virtual coaching by video lectures, notes & much more from senior IIT tutors.

Providing the most innovative and relevant educational products, Plancess Edu-solutions Pvt. Ltd. aims to make it easier for all engineering aspirants to realize their dream of getting into a top engineering college in India. The company provides all the guidance and assistance required to excel in IIT JEE exam with its well-designed study material and detailed video lectures. Under its unique mentorship program, Plancess help students overcome all the challenges faced during the preparation of entrance examsaminations.

Plancess works with a mission to support and enable every engineering aspirant to excel in the most competitive engineering exams in India. While the IIT video lectures offered by the company help students learn from the brightest minds, the study material comes really handy while revising the syllabus. Available at reasonable prices, all products offered by Plancess help students prepare for IIT JEE papers with more confidence. Started by 3 IITians, Plancess fully understands the problems students have to face during IIT preparation and provides relevant solutions.

At Plancess, the students can find a wide range of products that makes it easier for them to develop the knowledge and expertise required to succeed in IIT test. Video lecture series offered by the company can be easily purchased at affordable prices. These lectures are delivered by top IIT JEE rankers and cover the entire IITJEE, AIEEE  & CBSE syllabus. Well-formulated and nicely structured, the video lectures provide an opportunity to students gain a deep understanding on all the topics. 

Based on new IIT-JEE pattern, these video lectures are divided into foundation and advanced levels, help students prepare for board exams as well as IIT JEE exam. The company also provides the study material that consists of short notes covering all important concepts with relevant examples. Prepared by the students currently studying in IITs, these notes come really handy while revising the any topic.

With its one to one mentorship program, Plancess aims to ensure that the students remain motivated and are able to overcome all challenges faced during IIT preparation. Under the program, an IITian mentor is provided as a gesture to those students who buy the complete package from the company. 

Besides answering all the queries of the students, the mentor guides the students and helps them study more efficiently. Having gone through the preparation phase themselves, the mentors fully understands the problems faced during the preparations and are able to provide the most effective solutions.

With low prices, Plancess ensures that students get all the guidance without having to shell out too much money. The students can buy the video lecture series for Rs.150-15,000. They can also pay Rs.45 per hour to learn from an IITian. 

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