Banks emerge as the most dissatisfying service providers in India

WeSchool launched ‘World Complaints Day’ on February 24, 2013, a unique initiative to help you live better

February 26, 2013 12:13 IST | India Infoline News Service
Prin. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Weschool on February 24, 2013, launched ‘World Complaints Day’. WeSchool believes “Today’s Pain Points are tomorrow’s Opportunities” hence the first step towards it is creating a platform to voice out issues. www.brandabrand.com is a website, where anyone can go and post complaints about a product, service, brand, etc.

The 3,800 plus users on the website are disgruntled and looking for answers. All those who have been turning a deaf ear to their customers till now will find it difficult to ignore the strength of the people unified at the portal for a common cause or a grievance. The sectors that were the most complained about at the portal are banking followed by public transport. The platform also witnessed some unusual complains like the one by Omkar that says, “1 - Nokia really bores me! Same design, same UI from last 7 years. 2 - I-store (for I-phone) is so difficult to use..Very deep learning curve.. 3 - The multi-tasking cell phones are more ready to HANG, than to work continuously... 4 - I HATE SONY ERICSON....as it is only a Music player...Rather than a cell phone..  

Complaints and grievances help you realise your weakness; it gives you a second chance to work and exceed your limitations. Brandabrand.com is a result of the cognizance of this reality.  Born out of the vital human need, ‘To be heard’, it acts as an arena where people can come and pitch their grievances and complaints. 
Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool, said, ‘As a leading B School in the country, WeSchool is always looking out  for challenges to overcome by doing  something innovative that will create a positive impact in the society.

Brandabrand.com is a novel idea to help unearth the latent needs of the common man. It serves the fundamental human purpose by providing a platform for people to air their grievances. It is not just about posting your complaints, but identifying the common grievances and addressing it at individual and group levels. It is an opportunity for us to come together and pave way for solutions for societal good.” 
Prof Kaustubh Dhargalkar, Associate Dean-Innovation, WeSchool, the creator of this innovative digital tool, commented on the success of ‘World Complaints Day’ said,

“Today’s Pain Points are tomorrow’s opportunities. No one has the time to listen to complaints and grievances. It is a fundamental human need to be heard and when there is no room for listening, frustration arises. We need to understand that only by listening to grievances and complaints we can come up with solutions. It is an excellent opportunity to ‘Right the wrong’. Brandabrand.com is created for people who believe in positive feedback and the power of ‘change’. This website is for those, who wish to connect, collaborate and resolve. It is a platform powerful enough to bring significant changes in the society”.

Established in 1977, Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) features among the premier business schools in India.

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