City Union Bank reports net profit of Rs58cr in Q2; stock up over 1.5%

The Bank earned a Net Interest Income of Rs475cr as against Rs412cr for the same period as compared to last year.

Nov 03, 2020 11:11 IST India Infoline News Service

Quarterly Results
City Union Bank Limited announced today its performance results for the 2nd Quarter of Financial Year 2020-21. Earlier, during the day, the Board of Directors of City Union Bank approved the working results.

Financial Performance Q2FY2021:

1. Net Interest Income

The Bank earned a Net Interest Income of Rs475cr as against Rs412cr for the same period as compared to last year.

2. Non Interest Income

Non Interest Income of the Bank is at Rs169cr in Q2FY2021 as against Rs195cr for Q2FY 20. The income earned on CEB & Charges decreased by Rs11crs from Rs76cr in Q2FY 20 to Rs65cr in Q2FY21 based on the instructions from Finance Ministry wrt waiver of charges due to COVID impact in Q1 FY21. The treasury income reduced to Rs69cr in Q2FY21 Vs Rs79crs in Q2FY 20.

3. Operating Expenses

The operating expense for Q2FY21 is at Rs260cr and was same during the previous year. Establishment expenses increased from Rs113cr in Q2FY 20 to Rs120cr in Q2FY21 and all other operating expenses marginally decreased from Rs147cr to Rs140cr in Q2FY21.

4. Operating Profit

Thus, the Operating Profit for Q2FY2021 was Rs385cr as against Rs347cr for the same period as compared to the last year.
5. Provisions

The Bank already holds a provision of Rs225cr for Covid-19 as on June 30, 2020 and during the current quarter the Bank has made an additional provision of Rs115cr to meet any future contingency arising out of Covid pandemic. Thus, the total provision in this regard held by the bank as on 30th September 2020 is Rs340cr.

6. Net Profit

The Bank’s Profit after Tax was at Rs158cr in Q2FY2021 as against Rs194cr in Q2FY 2020. Profit Before Tax for the quarter was impacted on account of additional provision made to the tune of Rs115cr towards Covid to meet any future contingency.

7. Deposits

Total Deposits of the bank marginally increased by 2% for Q2FY2021 to Rs41,421cr from Rs40,451cr for the same period as compared to last year. We have not pushed for growth because of covid and to protect the margins along with optimum level ofcredit deposit ratio, the deposit position was kept muted in H1 FY21. However, we will push for growth if situation warrants by way of any surge in advances in the second half of FY21. CASA increased by 7% from Rs9,988cr to Rs10,645cr (Y-o-Y). CASA portion stood at 25.70% to total deposits. Cost of Deposits decreased to 5.54% from 6.25% in Q2FY 20.

8. Advances

Total Advances increased by 6% for Q2FY2021 to Rs35,437cr from Rs33,279cr in Q2FY Deposit ratio stood at 86%. The yield on Advances decreased to 10.21% in Q2FY21 from 10.76% in Q2FY 20.
9. Asset Quality

The Gross NPA as on September 30, 2020 was at 3.44% and Net NPA was at 1.81% (Gross NPA as on June 30, 2020 was at 3.90% and Net NPA was at 2.11%). The Provision Coverage Ratio as on September, 2020 was at 70%. No addition to NPA during Q2FY21 because of standstill clause as per the direction of Supreme Court. Due to that Net NPA stands reduced to 1.81% in Sep-20 from 2.29% in Mar-20.

10. Net Interest Margin

Net Interest Margin stood at 4.12% in Q2FY21 Vs 3.91% in Q2FY20. NIM has increased sequentially from 3.98% in Q1FY21 to 4.12% in Q2FY21.

11. Capital Adequacy

As on September 30, 2020 the Capital Adequacy Ratio increased to 17.36% (With Tier I 16.29% and Tier II 1.07% as per Basel III norms). RWA reduced from Rs32,462cr in Mar-20 to Rs30,912cr in Sep-20 mainly due to sanction of ECLGS & increase in Gold loans during H1 FY21.
12. Return on Assets

Return on assets for the quarter is 1.23% as against 1.62% for the same period of last year.
13. Return on Equity

Return on Equity was at 11.50% in Q2FY2021 as compared to 15.18% in Q2FY2020.

14. Cost Income Ratio

Cost to Income Ratio reduced to 40.31% in Q2FY2021 from 42.87% in Q2FY 2020. The reduction was on account of improvement in Net Interest Income.

15. Moratorium

The Bank has extended the option to all the borrowers to avail moratorium as per the RBI instructions. During June quarter accounts covering an exposure of 1.76% of CC & 26.54% of Term loan, on total 12.45% of exposure did not received even single payment utilizing moratorium fully. That number currently stands at 0.65% of CC exposure, 19.12% of Term loan exposure and 9.03% of total exposure, where not even a single payment received during moratorium period. Out of them, 0.10% of cc exposure, 10.76% term loan exposure & 4.94% of total exposure have paid the demand portion of one monthly installment in the month of September 2020. Of the balance 4.09% of exposure have not paid anything till now, we expect many of them would opt for restructuring since the time is available upto 31.12.2020 for NonMSME and 31.03.2021 for MSME.

Across business lines, upto October 2020, the Bank has sanctioned Rs1967cr and disbursed Rs1,691crs under the ECLGS.

17. Restructure

In terms of RBI Circular DOR No.BP.BC.34/21.04.048/2019-20 dt 11.02.2020 and DOR.No.BP.BC/4/21.04.048/2020-21 dated 06.08.2020 - Restructuring of Advances, the bank has restructured 11 Standard accounts to the tune of Rs79cr in Q2FY2021. As of H1 FY21, the total outstanding restructured Standard accounts was 175 in numbers and amounting to Rs478cr. The Bank hold a provision of Rs14cr against the requirement of Rs13cr towards Restructured Standard accounts.

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City Union Bank Ltd is trading at Rs154.50per piece up by Rs2.05 or 1.34% from its previous closing of Rs152.45 on the BSE, at 11:31am.

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