Cruise launches three innovative line of Air Conditioners

With the soaring temperatures, India’s finest home appliances manufacturer, ‘Cruise’ has designed fifteen new range of air conditioners to suit varied home& office environments, and altering weather conditions.

Apr 13, 2016 09:04 IST India Infoline News Service

With the soaring temperatures, India’s finest home appliances manufacturer, ‘Cruise’ has designed fifteen new range of air conditioners to suit varied home& office environments, and altering weather conditions. A renowned company since 1992, Cruise has launched three exclusive products lines namely theVarioQool, EazyQool and ComfortQool Series having fifteen new models, each having its own distinct features. These air conditioners feature immaculate aerodynamic engineering and classy product design, to provide a hygienic and extremely rejuvenating atmosphere for people to relax or work. These variants are smart, highly-efficient, auto-featured and designed to handle extreme weather conditions.

VarioQool Series
In the recently launched VarioQoolSeries which is the premium line of Inverter AC’s with BEE Star Rating, Cruise have launched two models namely VQ3 and VQ5. These feature the new generation Inverter cooling technology& are BEE Star-rated.

The Top-of-the-line Star-rated VQ5 AC features VarioQool Energy Saving & Flexi-Cooling, iFeel sensing technology, and best-in-class efficiency DC compressor. A 3D textured steel strip defines the look for this heavy duty machine.

The Star rated VQ3 AC features VarioQool Energy Saving& Flexi-Cooling, digital hide-away display and high efficiency DC compressor. The design exudes class with a white exterior and black & silver body highlight options.

The prices of the VarioQoolSeries ranges between Rs. 39,000 to Rs. 47,500 and all the models are 3 rated by BEE Star rating. All models use only 100% Copper heat exchanger technology for consistent& efficient cooling performance every day and every year.

These ACs adjust their cooling capacity in response to common yet important conditions of difference between the outside and inside air temperatures and the number of people present in the room, thus allowing air conditioners to run more efficiently while reducing the energy costs by upto 35%.

EazyQool Series
The all new EazyQoolSeries introduces India’s first Limited Edition Designer air conditioners designed exclusively for luxury homes& design-conscious customers. Inspired by modern British Architecture, the new EazyQoolSeries features elegant 3D gloss panels with Ionizer and Advanced Nano Vitamin C Filters which dispenses minute particles of Vitamin-C into the air, keeping it soft on the skin.

Available in Gloss Silver and Charcoal Grey the EQ series is priced between Rs.32,000 to 38,000.

ComfortQool Series
ComfortQoolSeries is the everyday, heavy-duty ACs meant for extreme cooling. These appliances come with 5 years warranty and are motorized with the USPs of Power Cool, Auto Clean and Multi-Airflow functions.

Cruise Air Conditioners feature XL sized outdoor units, for better efficiency and ultimate reliability. For these models, the cooling capacity ranges from 3300W to 6600W, power consumption between 986W to 2100W, and are priced starting from Rs.26,490.

Paras Sirohia, Chairman & Managing Director Cruise Appliances, comments, “At Cruise, we incorporate the policy of starting with the customer and user experience, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it. All our products are designed with thoughtful consideration towards the customer needs and preferences for compact and technologically innovative solutions, ease of use and the upcoming internet-of-things (IoT). New lifestyles, design preferences and fashion trends also influence our environment-friendly home appliances.”

Cruise also has the SlimQool Series which includes India’s most stylish and preferred Portable AC for varied customer requirements in Bollywood & Advertising industry. The company offers the full range of products ranging from residential to light commercial AC’s and HVAC accessories.

The new products are available with our dealers across India and in modern trade, available at Kohinoor stores.

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