Bharath University NCC addresses environment protection techniques

Environment Awareness Rally flagged by University

Sep 30, 2013 03:09 IST India Infoline News Service

Bharath University NCC in association with 1 TN SIG COY NCC today conducted an Environmental Awareness Rally starting from Tambaram MES road to Bharath University, Selaiyur.  Lt. Dr. R. Udayakumar was appointed as the Nodal Officer for this rally. Dr. J. Sandeep Anand, Chancellor, Bharath University, Dr. K. P. Thooyamani, Vice – Chancellor, Bharath University along with Officer in Command Lt. Col. Rajeev Singh, and Subedor Asraf Ali from 1 TN SIG COY NCC flagged the procession. The rally was aimed at generating consciousness for conservation of environment and witnessed a culmination of about 150 NCC cadets from several colleges and schools who participated with full enthusiasm.

Automobiles have long been responsible for the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Simple measures such as avoiding the use of vehicles for walkable distance and making use of bicycles and other public means of transportation were strongly recommended during the course of the convention. Apart from transportation, straightforward acts of responsibility such as planting at least one tree in each locality, maintaining fresh water resources, replacing the conventional system by solar energy, reducing the use of plastics and becoming a part of conserving biodiversity are the ideas behind organizing this rally.

Lt. Dr. R. Udayakumar supported the cause by saying, “We are giving specific thrust for environmental activities above all other developmental activities. We have a dire need for mass tree plantation programme and environmental awareness to increase the depleting the ground water table, changing climatic condition, chronic monsoon failure, air and water pollution, etc. This rally will act as a platform to raise that kind of awareness and make the common public conscious of the impending problems and how we can address them.”

Talking about the environmental initiative Mr. Sundeep Ananth, Chancellor, Bharath University said, "BU will play an important role in emphasizing the need for safeguarding our environment. Our greening effort was lauded by all the enthusiastic participants. The social and environmental responsibility is imbibed deep into the minds of our people and we are taking measures to ensure that a sustainable model is in place for environment conservation".

The Rally was concluded by gathering a collective feedback of the cadets at the Bharath University auditorium. The rally played an important role to learn and understand that the social responsibility lies in the individual discipline of oneself.

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