Koenig unveils Happiness Guarantee Promise to customers

Koenig believes in happiness as the first principle of life from which progress, meaning of life and success flow.

Mar 20, 2015 03:03 IST India Infoline News Service

What does one acquire education for? Some may say to augment material success, others may insist to gain knowledge and bridge the distance between being qualified and employable. However, Koenig, a reputed Delhi-based IT company believes that education is lacking in its goal if it doesn’t add to your happiness quotient.

After years of working with major IT giants and providing IT training to a large number of students, Koenig has unveiled a unique Happiness Guarantee promise to its customers. With this Guarantee, Koenig takes upon itself to ensure that all students enrolled at its training centers in Delhi and Bangalore are not just happy with the service but also happier after attending the course because of the progress they make in their career.

At a time when education is being transformed and repackaged into a product by providers, this is a unique and first-of-its kind Guarantee from an IT Training Company that believes that education is the only service that can help individuals achieve long-term happiness.
You may have heard training providers guarantee the best curriculum, and best instructors but have you heard a service provider guarantee the best satisfaction? What is unique about this guarantee is that Koenig has taken upon itself to guarantee happiness which is an inner state-of-being.

“It is milestone for Koenig. For the past many years, Koenig has been trying its best to ensure that our customers are happy. We have now decided to go upfront about it. We now Guarantee Happiness to our customers. This approach is aligned with the mission of our company to Make the World a Better Place. The world cannot be better unless it is also happier. If any service can, education can ensure long-term happiness of people. In fact, education is of no use unless it contributes to the happiness of the recipient,” says Rohit Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Koenig.

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