Televisions are fast getting replaced with mobile phones and laptops

India’s youth leading the screen time away from televisions on to alternative devices as Titan Eyeplus’ ‘Screen Junkie’ poll reveals the nation’s viewing habits

August 06, 2014 4:36 IST | India Infoline News Service
Indians admit they spend most of their time in front of Laptops and PCs as compared to TV, mobile and smartphones, according to a new survey conducted by Titan’s Eyewear Division. The ‘Screen Junkie Poll’ was conducted online amongst members of the Encircle database – Titan’s customer loyalty program, to understand the screen viewing habits of individuals and their family members across the country.

Nearly 1000 consumers from metros and mini-metros responded to the same. The responses were subjective and qualitative assessments of the screen viewing habits of themselves and their family members. Individuals who spent most of their time in front of a digital screen were identified as ‘Screen Junkies’ and the device they spent most time with was called ‘Screen Mates’.

According to the poll, nearly 60% of Indians spend more than 5 hours in front of a screen during the course of a typical weekday, a figure that reaches 74% for weekends. Also, PCs/laptops and mobile phones are replacing the television as the screens that Indians spend most time in front of; with 42% being addicted to the computer, and 31% as glued to the mobile phone, while 23% remain predominantly stuck in front of the TV.

The Screen Junkie poll also demonstrates how the shift away from the TV screen towards alternative devices is clearly being driven by India’s youth; 42% of those aged over 55 spend most time in front of the television, a behavior practiced by only 10% of those under 25 for whom the computer (for 50% of them) and the mobile phone (37%) are by far the most popular screens.

According to the survey, a staggering 84% of Indians admit to spending more time in front of one screen or another compared to 5 years ago, with female respondents exhibiting a slightly higher increase in ‘screen addiction’ than their male counterparts; 86% female respondents spend more time in front of the screen than five years ago compared to 82% of males.

Speaking at the release of Titan Eyeplus’ Screen Junkie poll, Mr. S. Ravi Kant, CEO, Eyewear Division, Titan Company Ltd explains:

“At Titan Eyeplus it’s our constant endeavor to stay abreast with changes in consumer behavior. With an increasing trend of using multiple digital devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets in addition to the TV, we thought it would be interesting to deep dive into consumers screen viewing habits. The Screen Junkie survey is a first step in this direction and provides interesting insights on screen viewing habits of urban Indian consumers. The pattern of screen viewing has evolved over the years from being limited to television only to accessing multiple screens – TV, mobiles, tablets,” he says.

As per the Screen Junkie poll, 28% of Indians are spending in excess of 8 hours per day in front of one screen or another during the week.  Such prolonged exposure to digital screens directly affects eye health, hence making it imperative to use protective eyewear which can shield the eyes from harmful radiations from digital screens.”

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