Bhanu Bharti’s depiction of BAPU winning accolades from theatre lovers

Directed by legendary theatre director Shri. Bhanu Bharti, BAPU - the three-day long theatrical performance is all set for its second show on November 20th

Nov 21, 2013 05:11 IST India Infoline News Service

His indomitable courage and will power to surmount all adversities were characteristics Mahatma Gandhi was deeply associated with. But even this Apostle of Peace, who baffled a mighty empire through his multi dimensional dedication to non-violence, was a helpless man in his last days.

Shri Bhanu Bharti, one of the finest theatre directors in India, brought together a story of Bapu’s last days for the people of Delhi this month in its first ever English version, with Sunit Tandon playing the protagonist. His acting skills juxtaposed with sheer finesse and Bapu-like persona touched the hearts of many, who turned up in big numbers to attend the first day of the theatrical extravaganza.   

The play that will be performed for three days at Sriram Centre Auditorium, Mandi House every evening starting 6.30 pm from Nov 19 to Nov 21, will bring to light the deep layers in the personality of the man we fondly call the ‘Father of the Nation’.

The man in a pair of round glasses adorned with innate simplicity emerged victorious in most of the battles he fought in life against the foreign aggressors, but during the last days of his life he felt defeated in his most important battle of life against his own countrymen.

“If we talk about humanity, violence has been our constant companion. Even today, it isn’t history, and this is the reason why Bapu will always remain relevant. Our play unfolds against the backdrop of the ignominious tragedy of 1947, the partition of the subcontinent and the orgy of violence that accompanied it. It is in this backdrop that we observe the helpless personality of the man who worked so hard to ensure that the Indian independence was a bloodless revolution,” says Shri Bhanu Bharti, eminent Theatre Director and Executive Director of Aaj Theatre Company.

“When the future of mankind looks bleak, it is then personalities like Bapu become all the more relevant. With BAPU - a saga of truth, compassion and non-violence, we will get to reflect and contemplate on the history of the partition of the country and try to re-explore what went on inside the great mind at that point of time”, added Shri Bhanu Bharti.

With BAPU – an English play, set to roll its second show on day 2, Shri Bhanu Bharti, revered by Delhi for his path-breaking presentations of Andha Yug and Tughlaq, again brings to the capital city the story of the inner turmoil of Mahatma Gandhi with his intrinsic directorial

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