Breast Cancer: HCG technology to create awareness

HCG Uses a New Technology for the First Time in the World to Create Awareness on Breast Cancer.

Nov 19, 2013 02:11 IST India Infoline News Service

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care, believes that awareness is the key to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. For a city with the highest incidence of breast cancer in India, an awareness initiative has to be done on a larger scale.

Technology today, plays a very important role to create awareness. Keeping in mind that the world is moving towards 3D communication and this is the era of smart phones and social media, HCG, Cancer Centre has ventured into creating the world's first 3D mapping of a building to create awareness on breast cancer.

The 3D Mapping was done on the Jewel De Paragon building on 25th- 26th, October, 2013 between 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. The theme of the 3D animation was the 'Power to fight Breast Cancer is in your hands'. The animation revolved around the concept of creation of universe, the woman being the essence of that creation, causes of breast cancer, incidence and prevention.

This unique initiative will be extensively used on social media to viralate the communication, keeping in mind, the younger generation. Bangalore off late is witnessing women below the age group of 30 being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shreya, an onlooker, said, "This is really amazing. I haven't seen something like this happening in India. I am really glad HCG took the initiative of doing this event as this will go a long way in spreading awareness on a disease like breast cancer."

Dr. B S Ajaikumar, Chairman, HCG Group, said, "The incidence of breast cancer is the highest in Bangalore. Creating awareness is the only way for women to undergo preventive health checkups. With increased awareness, majority of breast cancer cases are diagnosed early, which helps in better medical outcomes. Event of this magnitude will create more awareness, which will help in the early detection of breast cancer."

Dinesh Madhavan, Director, HCG, said, "HCG has been at the forefront in creating awareness on cancer prevention and early diagnosis through path breaking activities over the years. The aim of this event is to create awareness and educate women as there has been a significant increase in the incidence of breast cancer. With the help of technology today, we are creating awareness on breast cancer."

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