Blippar associates with Avanti Learning Centres to make periodic table Blippable

The key element to ensuring life-long learning for every student is encouraging the right approach to difficult concepts.

May 06, 2016 11:52 IST | India Infoline News Service
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our mobile phones offered a real-world approach to learning and recognized the world as we do? What if a student’s imagination could come to life and become interactive on their mobile phone? Well, it’s going to be true!

Taking a leaf from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of Digital India, Blippar, the leading augmented-reality and visual discovery platform announces its association with Avanti Learning Centres to make the periodic table in all Avanti books Blippable. Disrupting the education industry, like never before, Blippar utilizes its proprietary, best-in-class technology, to help understand, learn and interact with the chemical elements in the periodic table in a fun and quirky way. These books are available to Avanti students of class 9 through 12 preparing from courses ranging from the JEE and State Board exams to Olympiads and critical Scholarship Tests.

Blippar is making the periodic table, the backbone of modern chemistry, engaging and interactive by adding games, a quiz and presenting fun and interesting content in an animated format. Students simply have to hover their phone over the periodic table, Blipp it and bring to life the fascinating world of chemical elements! Students can learn the history of each element, play interactive games and quick quizzes designed to help them learn more comprehensively and retain the specifics about the elements they interact with.

“We are very excited to associate with Avanti Learning Centres and engage students in an interactive way. It is a fact that learning becomes fun and easy with a real-world approach. Interactive periodic table will engage the students with the content in a way that sparks curiosity, experimentation, and creativity,” said Arnav Ghosh, MD Blippar India. “We believe that going forward technology is going to change the way education industry functions today. Visual Discovery will play a very important role in adding fun to the content and enhancing the learning experience. The real world approach to teaching is the future of education system in India”, he further added.

“Our blended learning approach emphasizes independent learning and critical thinking using pedagogical and technological tools. What Blippar has developed is a truly state-of-the-art augmented reality and visual discovery app, and it is exciting to be able to integrate it which our approach to making learning fun. This interactive periodic table encourages a sense of curiosity and exploration while providing deeper understanding of the concept,” said Akshay Saxena, Co-founder, Avanti Learning Centres.

“The key element to ensuring life-long learning for every student is encouraging the right approach to difficult concepts. By making the periodic table blippable we’re taking that approach through this augmented reality app into far corners of the country. We’re excited to be able to do that!” said Krishna Ramkumar, Co-founder, Avanti Learning Centres.

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