Yes, SmartPhones do Impact Financial Lives

Smartphones negative impact is not just present in our personal lives but has seeped into our financial lives as well.

March 14, 2015 2:48 IST | India Infoline News Service
The advent of Smartphone might appear to be the biggest technological blessing to the mankind, but in reality it has worked in the opposite way. One can see anyone right from the Vegetable seller to a corporate person flashing their colorful Smartphones. The lives have become more disconnected under the artificial connectivity of Smartphones, where two people sitting on the same table prefer to either check their Facebook Profiles or send a WhatsApp message than talking to each other. But, Smartphones' negative impact is not just present in our personal lives but has seeped into our financial lives as well. Here are the ways it has disrupted our finances.
  1. Another Gold In Pocket - Ten years from now, people shied away from public places for the fear of losing their gold chains or jewelry. Nothing has changed much as now people fear more about losing their costly Smartphones in the crowd. Moreover, a person just does not lose phone but invaluable data that resides inside it. So, losing a Smartphone means losing money plus mind.
  2.  Who Is Paying The Bill - Smartphone does not come with free mobile or internet service. Of course, everything is to be paid and thus, more smartphones in a family mean merrier the phone companies. Moreover, a person sitting idle at a certain place prefers to access Internet-based services on his smartphone over anything. Such habits are leading to escalating bills for the users ultimately.
  3.  New Model Is So Attractive - The life of a smartphone is limited, but it reduces even further as new models flood the mobile market. Soon a Smartphone that was once bought for its features and look becomes unattractive and old in front of its new counterparts. New versions of smartphones now and then are increasingly affecting finances of a person, who is lured to change his gadget in every few months.
  4.  Mobile Monetizing - Companies now have a new way to mint money from people, which is through Smartphones. Apps and games will first create an addiction for the users, and then they will demand money to let users continue with them. Those are the genius who is taking away money, while Smartphone is helping them and not you.

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