Koochie Play launches exclusive outdoor fitness equipment

KooFIT gives people to a chance to work out in fresh air, which has more health benefits.

November 21, 2014 5:04 IST | India Infoline News Service
Koochie Play Systems, who design and manufacture outdoor playground systems, launched 'KooFIT' - a range of outdoor gyms in India that will give citizens a way to stay fit and active without spending on expensive indoor gymnasium membership fees.

The new outdoor exercise equipment was launched at a gathering of architects, consultants, builders and media at Mumbai.
KooFIT exercise equipment has been designed and developed by sports and exercise professionals to provide strength, cardiovascular, flexibility as well as balance & co-ordination training for all the major muscle groups and for all ages and abilities. The use of this equipment makes exercise available to all while encouraging the use of green spaces, healthier living, social interaction and fitness and most importantly getting people outdoors. These units can be installed in a variety of public locations such as residential condominiums, public parks, beaches, school campuses, playgrounds, resorts, hotels, prisons, and many more.

KooFIT gives people to a chance to work out in fresh air, which has more health benefits. It can be installed in parks, residential complexes, resorts etc, and form an important part of any growing city.

A range of equipment including an elliptical trainer, a chest press, lat pull down, parallel bars, and exer-cycles were showcased at the event. The equipments are of low impact, which means they are body weight resistance based - one's own body weight is used as resistance thus greatly reducing the chances of grievous injuries.
"These outdoor gyms are a wonderful addition to the health and recreation facilities," said Mr. Roben Dass, CMD - Koochie Play Systems. "This is the next step for public fitness in our country, and we hope to do all we can to improve the health and wellbeing of our general public. This new outdoor gym equipment gives people the opportunity to regularly exercise in open spaces, using equipment that can be located in public areas such as parks, grounds and beaches."

"When people first decide to make a difference with their physical fitness, they go for a walk," Mr. Dass explains. "And to have these fitness pieces beside a path that they happen to be walking by, people are a lot more prone to get on them and do a little bit of exercise. Increasing health and fitness is an important factor in improving our quality of life while also fighting modern day diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases etc. It is also the focus of current key government initiatives. We are seeing accessible exercise equipment appearing in open spaces such as our parks, helping differing ages and abilities to take some regular physical exercise."

The safety requirements for the permanent installation of outdoor fitness and exercise equipment are addressed by KooFIT. In a similar manner to playground equipment, exercise equipment is installed in unsupervised, freely accessible and public locations and requires stringent safety measures to enable its safe usage.

Some of the factors that influence this include:
  • Longevity of equipment in an outdoor environment
  • Design and manufacture of equipment in consideration of the most vulnerable users
  • Correct positioning of equipment
  • Safe installation of equipment in a correct way
  • Ensuring equipment is free from entrapments, crush points, sharp edges and unrestricted pendulums
  • Adequate testing of equipment to ensure safety and fit for purpose
  • Low cost, low maintenance units
  • Minimal space requirements
KooFIT exercise equipment is certified to meet DIN 79000:2012 - the latest European safety standards. It is one of the few brands in the world to meet these standards currently.

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