Five ways to market your business at lesser price

Many a times the costs associated with marketing your business appears too high to accept.

October 27, 2014 4:38 IST | India Infoline News Service
Spreading a word about your business is an important task as without an effective marketing program, your business might not find customers. Many a times the costs associated with marketing your business appears too high to accept. But there are other methods that come easy on your pocket and are simpler in implementation.
Banking on existing customers: If you have a decent existing client base than why not approach them. You could zero down on five to ten clients and arrange an interview, which would cover value based questions. It is recommended that such interviews should be carried out by third parties as clients will tend to be more open and honest about their feedback for your company.
Be innovative with marketing campaigns: You can employ creative ideas while marketing your business. For instance a newspaper advertisement could accompany some form of your product in order to give touch and feel to the prospects. While marketing a business, it doesn't matter what the competitors are doing but what you are doing different to earn recognition.
Publicity: Apart from high priced firms, there are lot of other options available that are affordable for a business to help them do PR. Many companies  could assist you to take maximum leverage out of your each press release or new development. Creating a PR is not complex as it could simply be created as a seperate section on home page of your website. Any new development could be send across to the clients to spark their interest.
Networking: There is a high possibility that your existing relationships are way to your future clients. It is almost a known fact that every single person you know is a medium to several more new contacts. So, brush up your networking skills and find your way to new customers.
Do Not Ignore E-mail Marketing: Extending information about your business through e-mail marketing is one of the cost-effective way of marketing. A to-the-point e-mail strategy sent out to target audience could drive traffic to your business easily. A word of caution though to take care you are not flagged as spammer.

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