IOT increasing level of technological change in the trucking industry

DreamOrbit has been developing IoT architecture around existing Digital Fleet Management Solution …that improves traceability and controllability of in-transit Shipment thus boosting their profits by 10-15%.

May 19, 2016 04:05 IST India Infoline News Service

Transportation and Supply Chain industry and will take the market up by storm. It is estimated that “the global connected logistics market is estimated to grow from USD 5.05 Billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 32.3% from 2015 to 2020.
Across the globe, delivering the right product at right time and location for a right price is a big challenge and the CLIENT will always have a long list of issues worrying him. Competition and pressure to deliver the best is now making the companies implementing new methods and technological innovations to improve efficiency and safety while reducing the overall costs. IoT-powered Trucking Solution will deliver you all these benefits.
DreamOrbit has been developing IoT architecture around existing Digital Fleet Management Solution …that improves traceability and controllability of in-transit Shipment thus boosting their profits by 10-15%.
This Solution utilizes the information from different sensors inside and on the truck and sends it to the cloud platform via internet or messaging server installed inside the truck. The cloud has an Event Processing Engine that is configured to either raise an alert or trigger a response based on the workflows. Using IoT, they can also start providing new add-on services to their customers. Here are few of the features for Trucking Companies that will improve their customer service levels, operations and commercial cost.
Theft Prevention:
The Reed Contact sensor that is placed at the Trailer Door is to alert the Trucking Company of the Door Close/Open Status. The Trucking Software will raise an alert if the Door is opened before reaching its destination. This workflow is configured in the system that prevents theft of important and expensive Shipments.
Shipping Sensitive Cargo:
The temperature and humidity sensor connected to the server will automatically monitor and regulate the temperature inside refrigerating system of the truck. In event of the major cooling system failure too, the Trucking companies are alerted so and an action is taken in time to avoid expensive damages.
Self-Vehicle Diagnostics:
The embedded chips and sensors inside the Truck machinery can be collected and diagnosis algorithm can be run to analyse a Truck’s condition. Any unexpected breakdowns and expensive downtimes are avoided with an IoT – based Diagnostics system.
Dynamic Geo-fencing and Route Planning:
IoT-enabled route planning can process real-time information on weather conditions, road blocks, traffic congestion, width and height restriction of a road, gasoline bunks, parking spots etc. to plan a fuel-saving route. Geo-fencing is modified considering the current conditions and help the truck drivers avoid costly delays.
Smart Driver Management:
The IoT powered Driver Management is intelligent than just managing roster of Drivers or scheduling their pay checks. The truck is wired internally and connected to telematics device that gathers data from engine ignition, truck speed to brake wear and sends it to the cloud.  It is used to monitor various actions of driver’s like – starting time of engine, driving behaviour and its effect on the trucks’ health etc. Online video streaming camera gives added feature of checking on driver’s well-being or performance.  The smart navigation system through mobile App or on the dashboard updates him on route modifications on real-time basis.
Green Logistics is cheaper:
The popular saying goes that “If you don’t measure, you can’t manage” This stands true if a trucking company intends to comply to green initiatives. Internet of things collects data remotely and that too without need of manual data entry from humans. It can be purely machine-to-machine communication that measures emission for the complete fleet. With Big Data Analytics, the trucking companies get actionable insights on their energy consumption. Trucking companies now are creating sustainable emission- curbing projects and lowering the cost of resources spent on delivering same level of service.  Overall, IoT let’s trucking companies do profitable and environmentally sustainable business. 
Legal Compliance with IoT
There are statuary and regulatory requirements from federal agencies like FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) etc. that every Trucking and Logistics company has to meet. The IoT gives your trucking company to access to monitor this data and find out the gaps in their compliance implementation.
Internet of Things might be an emerging technology, but it has already gained an important practical significance. The Trucking companies can start small and understand the improvements IoT-based Trucking Software actually brings to their business. In our experience so far as technology partner to many logistics companies, our customers have reported back 10% to 15% surge in profits, due to IoT powered solutions. 

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