Maharashtra Seamless records a consolidated loss of ~Rs210cr for Q4FY20

The consolidated net loss increased by 113.38% yoy in the March quarter for FY20.

Jul 27, 2020 05:07 IST India Infoline News Service

Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. announced its quarterly results on July 27, 2020. Consolidated net revenue in Q4FY20 stood at Rs588.42cr, which declined by 38.89% yoy from Rs962.95cr in Q4FY19.      

EBITDA stood at Rs103.97cr in Q4FY20 that decreased by 56.01% yoy. For Q4FY19, it had posted EBITDA of Rs236.35cr. EBITDA margin as of Q4FY20 was at 17.67% that declined by 6.87% yoy against the same quarter, the previous year.      

The consolidated net loss in Q4FY20 came in at Rs210.8cr that increased by 113.38% yoy, as compared to Q4FY19, when it had reported a loss of Rs98.79cr. The net profit margin in Q4FY20 came in at -35.82% that declined by 25.56% yoy. The net profit margin for Q4FY19 was at -10.26%.

The share of company closed at Rs223.4 with gain of 0.43% in today’s session on BSE.

Particulars Q4FY20
(Rs in cr)
(Rs in cr)
Net Revenue 588.42 962.95 -38.89
Operating Profit 103.97 236.35 -56.01
Net Profit(Loss) (210.80) (98.79) 113.38
EBITDAM% 17.67 24.54 -6.87
PATM% -35.82 -10.26 -25.56

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