SBI Mutual Fund unveils unique investor education campaign

SBI Mutual Fund plans to showcase SBI Fund Guru extensively across the digital, Radio, print and during the on ground activations

August 07, 2013 10:20 IST | India Infoline News Service
SBI Mutual Fund, one of the oldest and trusted mutual fund brands, donning the mantle of an industry leader and attempting to rebuild overall affinity towards the mutual fund asset class, announced the launch of SBI Fund Guru, its unique, pan-India, multi-lingual multi-media investor education campaign, considered to be the first in the asset management industry in recent times.

SBI Mutual Fund’s unique investor education campaign, aptly named as SBI Fund Guru aims to reach out to its diverse and ever-increasing investor base especially in Tier II, Tier III markets in an effort to create increased awareness and also demystify the nuances of investing in Mutual Funds.

Deepak Chatterjee, Managing Director & CEO, SBI Mutual Fund said, “Savers in India are still reluctant to allocate their investments to Mutual Funds, as they are not clear on the concept. It is the for the Mutual Fund industry to demystify the jargons and misconceptions to inform and educate a wider set of savers across the country. Precisely for this reason, SBI Mutual Fund has taken the lead with the SBI Fund Guru campaign, in educating the investor about the need to invest in Mutual Funds. With India at the cusp of growth, through SBI Fund Guru, we aim to help them realize the immense benefits of part taking in the India growth story through Mutual Funds as an asset class."

“Over the period of 25 years, SBI Mutual fund has helped create wealth for the investors through its superior fund management expertise and sound investment philosophy i.e growth through innovation and stable investment policies. Mutual Fund is the best option available to investors for participating in the domestic capital market for long term wealth creation. Since the level of investor awareness is quite low, through SBI Fund Guru Campaign we would help savers in Tier II Tier III cities understand Mutual Funds better and help them benefit from their investments in Mutual Funds.”

D P Singh, Chief Marketing Officer - Domestic Markets, SBI Mutual Fund said, “The SBI Fund Guru is a warm, friendly and welcoming mascot, who, in a simple way, makes us understand mutual funds as an asset class and in turn help savers benefit from it. Through SBI Fund Guru Campaign, which is a multi-lingual, multi-media campaign, we aim to reach out to a larger audience across the country and help them realize the benefits of investing in MFs in the long term with a series of animated edutainment TV commercials on SIP, ELSS, Asset allocation etc.”  

SBI Mutual Fund plans to showcase SBI Fund Guru extensively across the digital, Radio, print and during the on ground activations. SBI Fund Guru Campaign in essence, creates that identity not just for SBI Mutual Fund, but for the Mutual Fund category itself.

SBI Mutual Fund, through the SBI Fund Guru campaign, plans to penetrate into the Tier II and Tier III cities of the country. “Mutual Fund as an investment option should not be limited only to the top 10 cities. Although mutual funds have been in India for about two decades, their reach in smaller cities is seen to be astoundingly low,” Chatterjee noted.

Traditionally, Indian investors have been wary of investing in stocks, and looking at the global uncertainty and domestic economic subduedness, investors have shied away from investing in Mutual Funds. 

Through an extensive multi-media campaign, SBI Mutual Fund plans to showcase SBI Fund Guru campaign extensively across the digital world, including Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor and during on ground activations.

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