Subex’s new patent extends revenue maximization for telcos

Helps telecom operators process data at the edge to mitigate risks proactively.

Sep 15, 2021 04:09 IST India Infoline News Service

Subex has announced it has broken new ground by now extending its revenue maximization capabilities to the network edge. This marks a significant achievement for the company as it will now be able to help telecom operators and subscribers to take actions proactively and prevent fraud faster and accurately by arresting it at the source.

This also signifies an important milestone in the company’s 5G roadmap. Towards this, Subex announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company’s patent application no.

With this patent, Subex moves revenue maximization to the edge, thereby setting standards for operators to proactively identify monetization opportunities. At the same time, it will now move a step closer to detecting and preventing risks such as digital fraud to prevent damage before it happens.

Moving revenue maximization to the edge marks a significant development for the industry as a whole. As the telecom industry accelerates its journey to 5G and opens new revenue streams from the enterprise domain, mobile edge computing will become imperative for operators to make decisions faster, with enhanced reliability and agility.

This has, further, made it mission-critical for operators to move their revenue maximization efforts closer to their subscribers, to the edge to truly leverage the potential opportunities provided by 5G and prevent any associated risks.

Through this patent, Subex will now be able to help operators:
  • Enable better and faster decision-making and risk prevention at the source of the problem
  • Proactively identify monetization opportunities
  • Prevent exposures to digital fraud at the user equipment level
  • Provide seamless customer experience
“The telecom industry has been a key enabler of digitalization, which has only accelerated as 5G becomes mainstream. 5G revolves around decentralization of the network, and today, a lot of computing and management happens at the edge.

It is now imperative for operators to move decision-making closer to the source, i.e., the end user’s equipment in order to ensure competitive advantage. This patent gives us the ability to reach that edge, and thereby enhances the capabilities and effectiveness of our Business Assurance and Fraud Management product set,” said Vinod Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Subex. “The issuance of this patent is another step in our journey to be the world leader in enabling Digital Trust.”

Subex ended at Rs56.75 apiece up by Rs1.45 or 2.62% on the BSE.

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