Tikona Digital Networks launches ‘Direct To Office’ internet

The leading edge DTO internet provides the following benefits through its ‘Internet Leased Line Plus’:

Aug 10, 2010 04:08 IST India Infoline News Service

Tikona Digital Networks (TDN), India’s foremost wireless broadband service provider having an All India Class A ISP license has announced the launch of ‘Direct To Office’ (DTO) Internet under its brand Tikona Enterprise Solutions. DTO offers leading edge ‘Internet Leased Line Plus’ service, which provides a host of intelligent features such as Load Balancing, Assign Speed by user group, Secured Office Wi-Fi, Secured Outdoor Campus Wi-Fi and Dedicated Bandwidth with SLAs.


In today's competitive market, Enterprises need internet to keep their businesses running 24x7, business transactions suffer if Internet connectivity is down even for a short time. Tikona Enterprise Solutions recognizes the importance of Internet and its applications in businesses today. The leading edge DTO internet provides the following benefits through its ‘Internet Leased Line Plus’:


Load Balancing solution, which helps to achieve near 100% uptime by providing much required service provider & media diversity. Internet Leased Line plus compliments existing wireline internet with a wireless solution such that both share the traffic load during normal conditions and act as an auto fall over to each other during service outage. 


Internet consumption is not uniformed across users in an organization; it varies based on employees’ role and usage needs. Currently, internet delivered to offices is a dumb pipe service wherein every user gets similar speed irrespective of the need. Assigning speed by user group is now available as a feature of the Internet Leased Line Plus service which enables differentiated bandwidth allocation based upon an employee’s role and need e.g. A senior executive gets 4mbps as compared to general user getting 512kbps speed.


Secured Office Wi-Fi is a high performance wireless LAN that is powered by OFDM & MIMO, 4G technologies. It offers the highest grades of wireless security with 802.1X and WPA2 features. This solution also allows you to get broadband speeds on your wi-fi enabled mobile devices and save on expensive mobile data charges while in office/campus.


Speaking on the launch, Mr. Heramb Ranade, Chief Marketing Officer for Tikona Digital Networks said, “It is our endeavor to provide our customers with innovative and technologically superior solutions at all times. We recognize that businesses require near 100% Internet uptime for smooth business operations. DTO, Internet Leased Line Plus services aims at providing high uptime along with path breaking features that are being introduced for the first time in India, possibly worldwide.


He further added, “Our services can co-exist with present wireline internet thus ensuring complete investment protection of existing infrastructure. Our service complements the present infrastructure of enterprises and creates an additional layer of redundancy and robustness in the system, besides simplifying the network management and expansion challenges. We will be soon launching other services like website builder, business email solution, office anti virus and collaborative tools to enable enterprises with a capex free smart managed IT services suite. We are confident and firmly believe that our multi product offering will change the way Enterprise Broadband is delivered in the coming years”


Tikona Digital Networks aims to be a key player in the IT services and enterprise internet space and will be providing services ranging from Broadband, Enterprise Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, Data Center Services and Software As A Service (SaaS).


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