Investing lessons to learn from Ravana

India Infoline News Service | Mumbai | September 29, 2017 18:59 IST

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Ravana has the reputation of a cruel evil king who went to war with Ram because he abducted Sita and wouldn’t let go of her. No doubt that all these allegations against him are true but that doesn’t deny the fact that he was a good soul once. He achieved a lot many things that are worthy of a mention. He is even worshipped in some parts of the world.
Using science always helps
One of the best inventions that Ravana is associated with is the PushpakVimana. It was basically a flying chariot that helped him commute from one place to other. This shows the use of technology ahead of the times. Ravana may not have invented it but knew how to use it with the power of the mind. A similar advantage is enjoyed by the people of today as well. The power of research is one such vehicle that provides leverage over others in the investing domain. By using right research tools and techniques one can find a way to stay ahead of the competition and reduce the impact of potential market lows as well.
Tapasya does provide results
Another thing that Ravana is credited for is his dedication and faith towards God. He was consistent in his efforts of pleasing God and making Him grant his wishes. His constant prayer and penance had earned him God’s favour, prosperity and strength. On the money front, having a dedicated approach towards your investment always helps. Ensure that you make an investment plan for yourself and follow it religiously. Skipping a payment can only mean aloss in the returns or dividends that you might have earned. Hence, consistency in your efforts will bear good fruit in the long run. 
Greed can put you in trouble
One of the things that led to Ravana’s downfall was his pride and greed. It led him to not just led to his downfall but also cost him his life. It is said that during his dying moments, he even asked forgiveness from Hanuman and Ram. But it was too late.When investing, learn from Ravana’s experience and avoid this mistake. Don’t invest in funds or make changes just from the immediate profit point-of-view. Also, not necessarily that the one with the highest return rate would be the most profitable. Be sure to keep pride at bay while choosing your funds also. Some low cap funds can also sometimes give better returns than some mid-cap or large-cap funds.
Don’t assume immortality
Another mistake of Ravana that everyone could learn from is about making assumptions. Ravana assumed humans and monkeys to be inferior to him. He never imagined them causing him any harm considering himself to be the most powerful. However, it was in their hands that he lost his life. This stands true in the investment world as well. The market is very sensitive and can be affected by the strangest of the things that you can imagine. Therefore, thinking that a particular thing would not affect you would be very risky and silly. Sometimes it might have an indirect effect as well.
Thus, Ravana in all his negativity and wrongs did have certain lessons to give for everyone. And it can be relevant for investments even today. This Dussehra ensures that you learn from these investment lessons and plan your investment strategy accordingly.